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Close Dottie's letter

Dear Friends:

As this chapter of my life with Paul comes to completion, I want to express my deep thankfulness for all your kind notes of remembrance. As I read your comments, tears came to my eyes when I realized how deeply you loved and respected Paul. I never fathomed how powerfully Paul impacted your lives.

I believe those of you at GFS who initiated this blog pulled a fast one on Paul. I know he would have vetoed it, if he had known all the compliments that were to follow.

I have a story to pass on relating to Paul's good memory. At a recent Food Show, Paul and I were going through the isles. I saw a man that I should have known by name. In a whisper I asked Paul "What is his name?" He could not remember until they shook hands. Immediately Paul said, "Hi Bob how are you?".

Once again, I would like to thank you for your love and prayers for Paul, our family and myself. We have all been encouraged and blessed. The Lord has been our constant companion and helper through these difficult months. We have experienced His peace.

Paul would want me to leave you with a verse for you to ponder "whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life." John 5:24

~ Dottie Gordon,

Close Dottie's letter

Memories from Others:

  1. Family,
    Thank you for sharing Paul with us. You must have had some awesome private times with him. How could anyone be as joyous as Paul from sunup to sundown and beyond. Only his life explains it.
    Thank you Paul for sharing with me. Thank you for being so open and Faithful.

    ~ Jon,
  2. My fondest memory of Paul happened this past October. My family was in the office and Paul greeted us in his usual warm way. After talking with him for a bit, my 2-yr old daughter Susan wanted to sing and she and Paul sang “It is Well with My Soul” together. It was both delightful and beautiful. I am thankful for the Godly legacy that Paul leaves for us all, for despite all of the good things that Paul did, Paul’s hope was not in what he had done, but what Jesus did.

    In the letter he wrote to us in March, he reminded us of his security in Christ, “The only reason I can speak so confidently is because of God’s grace. The Bible says that we all fall short of God’s standards. I am only made right with God because the penalty that belongs to me was paid by Jesus!”

    Paul’s words bring another hymn to mind:
    “Not what my hands have done can save my guilty soul;
    not what my toiling flesh has borne can make my spirit whole.
    Not what I feel or do can give me peace with God;
    not all my prayers and sighs and tears can bear my awful load.

    Thy work alone O Christ, can ease this weight of sin;
    thy blood alone, O Lamb of God, can give me peace within.
    Thy love to me, O God, not mine, O Lord, to thee,
    can rid me of this dark unrest, and set my spirit free.”

    To the Gordon family, we know that the pain, though temporal, is still very real and we trust in the “God of all comforts, who comforts us in all our affliction;” but we also say triumphantly, “O death, where is your victory? O death where is your sting? The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 1:3-4; 1 Cor. 15:55-57)

    ~ Dan Simpson, PMT,
  3. I had the pleasue to speak with Paul on a couple occasions. The most recent was at the OV Annual Meeting where I had the great honor to escort Paul, Dottie and other family members from each of the departmental meetings. When I was wheeling Paul from the Sales, Marketing and Administration meeting to the next room, people on the aisles were reaching out to shake his hand. It was evident that people were truly grateful that he was a part of their meeting, maybe even wishing he could stay a while longer. When I wheeled him into the Warehouse meeting, everyone gave him a standing ovation. The same is true for the Transportation meeting. I know first hand that he was happy to be at our Annual Meeting and that he was the one who felt honored to shake the hands of the Gold Club and Team winners.

    Paul will be greatly missed. God Bless the Gordon Family.

    ~ Karen Faust ~ Ohio Valley Divison,
  4. A mental image of Paul Gordon was burned into me early in my career at GFS. It proved to be a defining expression of the man I came to know and treasure.

    It was captured on a snowy late afternoon in the middle of winter almost 30 years ago. After a long day on the road, I was walking across the employee parking lot back to the office when I noticed the players. On one side of the lot a Hi-Lo from the garage was having trouble gaining traction on the snow and ice. From the other side of the lot walked Paul Gordon. A heavy business dress topcoat covered his large frame. His head was lowered for protection from the elements, and he was deep in thought. What happened next has been recalled many times over the years. Within stride, he lowered his shoulder onto the frame of the spinning machine. The Hi-Lo immediately gained momentum to the stunned surprise of the driver. A smile came across his face as he looked back at Paul Gordon, the source of the boost.

    Many periods in my life I felt my “wheels were spinning.” I have received a boost recalling the stored image of Paul Gordon “dropping a shoulder” to navigate through the challenging times.

    ~ Sam Woolpert, Grand Rapids Transportation,
  5. I have worked at GFS for only 2-1/2 years. I had the privilege of meeting Paul when he spoke at our Orientation in (2005). After he spoke and at the end of the Orientation I thought what a wonderful place this is going to be to work for. Paul made me feel so Welcome and Important that day. In the months that passed I would meet him in the hall and was surprised as so many others that he remembered my name. What a Special Gift that is but only one of the many that he possessed. The funeral was a wondeful tribute to God and Paul. It was very thoughtful of (you), The Gordon Family to have a screen set up so that the employees that could not attend the funeral in person were given the opportunity to see it Live in the 420 Building.
    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you Dottie and the whole Gordon Family. My thoughts and prayers are with you now and in the difficult days ahead.
    Paul was a wonderful man with a generous heart. He impacted all of us here at GFS. Even though Paul is gone from this world he will never be forgotten. He will be missed tremendously.

    ~ Diane Hale, Bid Department,
  6. Every time you were able to have interaction with Paul was always very memorable. I was one of the lucky ones to have 1 on 1 time with Paul either at breakfast or lunch and it was always a special treat. I am very blesses to be part of such a great organization.

    ~ LuAnn Gray,
  7. Growing up as a GFS baby has been a blessing. And most likely if you are one you will end up working here too!! =) I started working in the Marketplace at age 16 and one of my first customers while training was sure enough Paul Gordon. He took a look at me and said ” I remember when you were this tall”- holding his hand about at knee level. He said i told you- you would work here one day. After I went home and told my mom about it (just to see if it was a true story)~ sure enough it was. His memory was fantastic! After i had my daughter he looked at her and said here is another GFS employee!
    Something tells me…he’s right. =)

    He’s on a band wagon to Heaven saving us all a seat! May your journey be a peaceful one.

    ~ Lillie Woodwyk~ Chain Accounts,
  8. I began my career with GFS in the summer of 1988. Like many other Brighton Warehouse employees I first met Paul Gordon by the form of a firm hanshake in my own work area. Back then the strength of Paul`s handshake compared to mine seemed pretty overwhelming. What always impressed me the most was his interest in you and the fact he would always end any conversation with a “THANKS we couldn`t do it without you.” I can`t speak for all the veterans here on the Brighton Campus, but I gotta hunch that there are many here that have a special place in their heart for Paul. If there was one thing that stuck out the most about Paul was his ability to share how important it was to remind our customers as well as each employee that the difference between GFS and the competition were the employees at GFS. From answering the phone correctly, to picking the right case, tailoring a 1st class delivery for each and every customer, and most importantly thanking our customers for their business. All of us here at GFS play a key role in the success of our organization and Paul through his story telling would remind us that one role was no more important then any other.
    After receiving and sharing with my own family Paul`s letter that was released about 6 weeks ago I could not help but think to myself what a Powerful Testimony this one man has had to all he has come into contact with for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of my Wife, two children, and myself our family would like to extend our Thanks for the example that has been so freely given. God Bless You Paul as well as you Dottie. Leslie and I will continue to keep you Dottie and the whole Gordon family in our daily prayers.

    ~ Bill Van Atten Brighton Transportation Asst. Manager,
  9. Rest in peace!

    ~ Warehousing - Florida Division,
  10. I first met Paul Gordon in 2007. I arrived in the parking lot at GFS Headquarters early one morning for a meeting with Jim Gordon & Tony Groll. As I was walking up to the front entrance, I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting on the front stairs tinkering with some small mechanical object. He was dressed in dark gray working pants and matching working shirt so I assumed he was a maintenance person for the company. I remember thinking that it was a bit inappropriate for a maintenence man to be sitting on the front stairs doing his job but his loud, “Good Morning, Young Man” quickly disarmed me. We exchanged some thoughts and he warmed my heart with some encouraging remarks. I told him I had to move on so I went inside to present myself to the receptionist inside. It was only then that she informed me that I had just been speaking to Paul Gordon. What a great reminder it was to me about judging people by what you first see and being kind to everyone you encounter - you never know.

    ~ Jim Hunter - Author of "The Servant",
  11. just to let you no this man is a good man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Anonymous,
  12. I was thankful to be able to invite my father to attend the Winner’s Circle trip last fall, after my wife had our 3rd child just a few weeks before. One morning at the resort, Dad and I enjoyed some great stories around the breakfast table with Paul and Dottie Gordon. It was a special time to learn a little bit more about the two of them and feel the great love and appreciation they have for their business family at GFS.
    As soon as I heard, I shared the news of Paul’s passing with my family. I would like to extend our sympathies and condolences to the Gordons in this time of grief. But we also rejoice with them in knowing Paul’s blessed assurance and the enduring legacy of his faithfulness to God!

    ~ Mark Sulka, GLW,
  13. Legacy.
    Each time I reflect on the impact of Paul, and the rest of the Gordon family, I hear the word legacy echo in my mind.

    It’s amazing to work within an organization that inspires me to raise the bar of integrity, character, and faith not only in my professional life, but personally as well.

    I was profoundly impacted by the testimony of Paul’s life. Immediately after the memorial service I made the decision to recommit my life to Christ. Having grown up in the church I found my “first love” falling by the wayside. The next step was for me to end a relationship that was inappropriate beginning again on this journey with Jesus Christ as the primary relationship in my life.

    I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have to work here at GFS, a company truly grounded in Christian principles and values.

    Thank you, Paul, for setting the example for those who come behind you to carry on your legacy of service and ministry. May we all continue to reach out and gently touch the lives of others no matter where we are in our journey so that others may know the One who loves us the most.

    ~ Anonymous,
  14. Paul made a huge imprint on the lives of many, weather you only met him once breifly, or were a long time freind. He will be truly missed. My heart goes out the the Gordon family, but also to the many employees new to the company who never had the opportunity to meet Paul. I feel they are missing out the most. His spirit lives with GFS always.

    ~ Anonymous,
  15. What more can be said about our beloved leader. Paul just had a presence about him, whether he was standing right beside you or in another state. I do remember every food show Paul would come up to me and ask how I was doing from my car accident and ask how my family was calling by their names. I always want to do my best for him and this great company. He will be truly missed, but he has given the correct call to arms for the rest of the family, immediate and the extended GFS family. Dottie this is not good-bye but we WILL see him again in heaven.

    ~ Mike Bush Traverse City Store Manager,
  16. As a high school student I started working in the 50th st. warehouse at the age of 17. One evening I saw Paul walking thru the warehouse towards me and he stopped and said hello to me by name. This blew me away that he would even know my name much less take the time to chat for a minute. YThis left a very positive memory of Paul that I will carry with me always. He really cared about his “Family at GFS”

    ~ Keith Pell,
  17. Paul Gordon was truly a people loving, God fearing, generous man. I remember many nights when Paul would come in to visit with us employees who worked on 3rd shift in the whse. just to let us know that we were important to the organization and share some jokes, a smile, a firm handshake, or a good laugh, Paul knew most everyone’s name and if he did’nt recognize you he would make an extra effort to say ‘Hello” and “Welcome Aboard” and just make you feel special! I remember when one employee mentioned that he did’nt get paid the proper amt. Paul took out his wallet, apologized, and asked how much $ he felt he had been shorted. When 50th was the only DC and people parked in the muddy Consumers lot, I remember Paul parking there in a rain storm and walking through the mud like everyone
    else. I had a great respect for Paul and he’s one of the reasons I still work for Gordon Foods after so many years. God Bless you Paul, you were one of a kind!

    ~ Anonymous,
  18. In 21 years at GFS, I have been truly blessed to have had many great mentors. At the top of that list (which I call my GFS Pedestal), is Paul Gordon. The example Paul set encouraged us to be great ambassadors for GFS, and more importantly, to be better human beings while we are here on Earth. Cindy and I have had the honor of many encounters with Paul & Dottie through the years and have always left them more inspired to help carry the torch of this phenominal company that so many of us have the privelege of being part of.

    While we all mourn the loss of this great man, it is a blessing to know that Paul is with the Lord and that the Gordon Family is in good hands. Paul’s service was the most beautiful one I have ever witnessed. He clearly has left a piece of himself in everyone in the family. Dottie, how proud you must be in the strength, courage, and faith the Gordon Family has exhibited throughout Paul’s illness.

    Thank you for sharing your husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, great-grandfather with us. I’m sure by now, Paul knows the names of all of our friends and family in Heaven.

    Our love,

    Don & Cindy Stacks

    ~ Don Stacks,
  19. I have only been a chaplain with GFS for a short time and did not know Paul Gordon nor his family. However, I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for the memorable way in which the service was planned for Paul. It certainly brought honor to the Lord Jesus Christ and was a wonderful way of remembering Paul’s life.

    ~ Joyce Wheeler, GFS Care Partner,
  20. What a truly incredible service on Tuesday and one that was presented in such a way that left me feeling so blessed to be a part of. Thank you Dottie and the family for allowing all employees the opportunity to share in this. Seeing the grandchildren that I had not seen before deliver messages and loving memories of their grandfather was wonderful. From the moment the Gordon Purpose & Philosophies was presented to me over eight years ago, I have been a changed person. To have the privilege to work for a company whose leaders believe in Jesus Christ and openly share their faith with others is a blessing people outside this company find hard to comprehend. Paul Gordon was a true servant and one who inspired me in many ways. I will always cherish two different Winners Circle events which my wife and I had the honor of dining with Paul and Dottie. In San Diego in ‘04, it was a wonderful evening and one I told my wife we would never forget. Paul was so easy to talk to and so open to share both successes and failures of the past. After that experience, I never thought I would have that opportunity again and when we were in San Francisco a couple of years ago, my wife and I sat with two other couples at a table that had seating for eight. I remember sitting there with two open chairs to my right wondering if Paul and Dottie had chosen the same restaurant selection that we had on the dine-around. Not more than a minute after that thought I heard that booming voice and I saw him coming in the door and he and Dottie walked right over to our table and asked if they could join us. I couldn’t believe how blessed we were to again share a special night with both of them. The memories of Paul will remain in our hearts and will play out in our lives forever. God Bless Dottie & the family!

    ~ John Johnson, CSD,
  21. Like many others that have shared their stories I have been touched in a very similar way on numerous occassions by Paul and since the first time I met him I knew that Gordon Food Service and Paul Gordon were both very special and were to be cherished. When I started at GFS I thought that Paul was a good businessman but quickly realized that it was much more than that after I met him. Paul loved his employees, their families and his customers as much as he loved his own family and it has continued to show year after year.

    We must take what we have learned from Paul and continue to treat each other this way as well as continue to grow the business with honesty, integrity and hard work.

    Paul, we will not disappoint you!

    God Bless Paul, Dottie and the entire Gordon family.

    ~ Dave Westphal,
  22. After reading many of the memories shared by so many it only confirms what was so evident in the first place. Oh how my life is blessed by being part of GFS and by knowing Paul. I have spent 20 years here and ran into Paul mutiple times.Whether I was alone or with my wife he would greet us by name.The impact that the Gordon family has had on me and my family is priceless.
    I remember at one of our tranportation meetings, Paul’s statement, “You are all ambassadors of the Gordon family and you are all needed in the success of GFS.” I have heard that from Jim, Dan and many others over the years. It has stuck with me and I find myself conveying the same message.
    The Gordon family has always placed high value and praise on others. The grander vision Paul lived and conveyed, mirrors the vision that Jesus cast so many years ago, that people matter. His life was a tribute to his faith and love for people. It is an honor to be part of such a great organization and to have had the opportunity to know Paul in person.
    Our prayers and gratitude go out to the whole family.
    In Christ love.

    John and Maria Musselman
    Transportation manager, Tampa, Florida

    ~ Anonymous,
  23. I have always been impressed with this great mans humilty. Even though a very powerful force in the Food Service Industry, he was always so approachable. My first real time I was able to get to know him was at my first Winner’s Cicle at Williamsburg VA. We had to be shipped in by van from Richmond which is an hour ride, yet here was Paul and Dottie piled in with the rest of us sales folks, laughing and talking to us like no other big business owner would. At that time I knew there was somthing “special” about this man and this family. I am proud to have known Paul and to be a part of such a wondeful organization. I mourn his passing but know that he left for a better place solid in his faith. I also know that the faith of the Gordon family will get them through this sad time. God Bless!

    ~ John Riley,
  24. I fondly remember the times Paul would stop by our department to talk about a new project he wanted us to work on. During those visits, he would often compliment our team, sharing his appreciation for the work we do.

    But, my favorite memory is the time our team spent with Paul and Dottie over dinner at Gull Lake Ministries, followed by a pontoon boat ride with Paul for ice cream across the lake…in the midst of an unexpected rain storm. Through it all, Paul laughed and joked with each of us, just as if he was one of our ‘regular’ team members.

    Paul was an inspiration at work, but ever greater is the inspirational legacy of Paul’s relationships, faith, and life!

    ~ Marty Lenger,
  25. We have known Paul and Dottie since 1963 when we visited Berean Baptist Church during our Pre-field ministry before going to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) where we served 40 years and are still going as short termers each winter. Paul’s dad and friend, Harley Thomas visited us on the field in 1966 which was a special blessing. Through the years we have stayed in their home when on furlough while we were in Grand Rapids area whether they were at home or not and have also stayed at Gull Lake with them. They even housed one of our sons for a while when he needed a place to stay after college. We have grown to love them and their family and consider them special friends. They have helped us through the years obtain vehicles from GFS to use while on furlough. They must have included guardian angels, too, as the vehicles have never had accidents and just keep going for miles and miles. He personally put on new tires before giving us our most recent van. Through their influence GFS has also given generously toward building our camp in Bangladesh where many young people and adults have been saved. Through the years we’ve enjoyed boat rides and several ball games together to watch the grands! What a guy! What Godly wisdom! What a privilege to be a friend of such a man! We are humbled after reading all the posted memories. We will miss him greatly. What a privilege to be in U.S. to attend the visitation and funeral of our brother and friend. (We received word of his cancer while in Togo, W. Africa and had just returned to U.S. from Bangladesh and Africa when we received word of his graduation into heaven.) We counted over 10 GFS trucks on the expressway from GR to Chicago after the funeral. Our love and prayers are with you, Dottie and the family.

    ~ Bob and Barb Adolph, Cincinnati OH,
  26. I would like to thank the Gordon Family for the opportunity to work for a company that values the sames things myself and my family do. I will be forever thankful of the legacy that Paul has left behind.
    As I read the letter the we received from Paul Gordon on March 28th, my heart ached but at the same time was filled with hope as his message encourged us all to continue to grow and change.
    I shared Paul’s letter with my parents who have never met Paul. I can’t express to you how blessed they were by his letter and in knowing that my career is with a famliy who shares their own values.

    ~ Tricia Potter,
  27. As I have spent amost my entire adult life at GFS that means that I have spent almost my entire adult life under the influence of Paul Gordon and the Gordon family. I can think of no better way here on earth to be influenced. Paul’s example in all walks of life set the example for us all to strive towards. I consider myself indeed blessed to have known such a great man.

    And Paul…you are so right…General Sherman was a great general even if the folks in Savannah don’t agree.

    ~ Barry Bates,
  28. Thank you, Paul, for your bold faith. For reminding us that it’s not just about selling food, but that there is a higher purpose in all of life. And to the family, thank you for demonstrating these same values every day. You are such a blessing to all of us. Thank you, Kara, for sharing your thoughts at the funeral, how it was Jesus in Paul’s life that we were all so attracted too. May God comfort every one of you and give you His peace as you adjust to this time when Paul is with his heavenly Father.

    ~ Rose Gutschow,
  29. We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gordon at several G.F.S. food shows. What a pleasure to talk with him! Our depest sympathy to his family at this time.

    ~ Harry and Patsy Hill Papa's Deli,
  30. The day that George Marsh hired me, he took me to the row offices upstairs at 333 just to see if there was anyone in that he could introduce me to. Now as a 21 year old, I was pretty impressed already and we met Jack Schultz and a couple of other folks….then around the corner came Paul…within 10 seconds of meeting him, I knew that this where I wanted to be! He truly wanted to know my story of how I had ended up there, that day,at GFS. I still remember how important and Welcome he made me feel that day. Paul’s example of how to truly be a good and humble man has influenced countless people over the years. I feel truly blessed to have known him.
    Our prayers are with the entire Gordon Family; may you find strength in the many wonderful memories you all share.

    ~ Frank Buttermore / Green Oak Transportation,
  31. Paul reminded me of my own Dad who was born in the same era. Confident, Patriotic, a God-serving family man. Those two were a very much alike. I will remember Paul’s firm handshakes, speaking my name and that big laugh every time I saw him. Just being around him made you want to strive to do a better job…be a better person. They don’t make men like that these days. Men like that are the ones whose shoulders we stand on, and who support our children and our children’s children. They were, without a doubt, the greatest generation.

    ~ Don Richerson,
  32. A few years ago, GFS had a contest to see who the Biggest Nascar Fan was. The winner won 2 tickets to the big race on Sunday and passes to the hospitality tent to meet Michael Waltrip and some other drivers. Well, it turns out that I ended up being the Biggest Nascar Fan because I had a ton of stuff with me, including a life-size cardboard cutout of Elliot Saddler. What kids do for free tickets :o) Anyway, when we arrived at the hospitality tent the morning of the race, to meet the drivers, my husband was pretty disappointed that he couldn’t get any of their autographs. He was just like a kid in a candy store with absolutely no money in his pockets. So, my husband approached Paul with a big smile on his face and said, “Since I can’t get the driver’s autographs can I get yours?” Paul returned the smile and gladly signed the GFS cooler that my husband handed him. Thank you Paul, you made my husband’s day. You will be remembered always!

    ~ Cindy Mason, Cash Management,
  33. You’re in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time.

    Tim and Nancy Stroosnyder
    Fry Daddy’s
    Lowell, MI

    ~ Anonymous,
  34. I have worked at GFS for only 6 months. I had never met Paul but I heard a lot of stories about him. I must say that working at GFS has been the best job I have ever had and never intend to leave. I believe the company is what it is because of Paul’s servant-leadership.

    As I sat in the blue building Tuesday, I listened very carefully to what Paul’s children and grandchildren were saying. It is evident that Paul raised his family under God’s principles and raised his business in the same way. It is refreshing to see someone use his influence more than his affluence to communicate love, not only to his family, but also to his employees.

    I must also compliment Paul’s granddaughter Kara on her message. For me, there was not a more powerful message than her last few sentences. To paraphrase, she said that it wasn’t Paul himself that drew you to him, it was the Savior he serves. It is because he followed Jesus’ example that people were drawn to and loved Paul.

    Like I said, I never met Paul and I now see that it is my loss.

    To the Gordon family, God bless you and may He be your comfort during this time.

    ~ Neil Moore,
  35. I still remember how I felt (back in 2002) when Paul Gordon shared his story, (the GFS story), with us during our New Employee Orientation. He spoke with such honesty and warmth; I immediately felt part of the GFS family.

    May God be glorified by the way in which Paul lived his life — with integrity, generosity and severanthood.
    He has been an inspiration to us all and will truly be missed!

    ~ Jennifer Walk,
  36. I will always remember when they implemented the policy that you had to have your badge on to get in the building and when I was coming into work at the 333 bld- who was standing out side the door but Paul waiting to get it!! “I said, you know, I’m not supposed to let you in with out your badge!!” to which he replied, you are right!! I just smiled and said, I bet we can make an exception for you!! Paul was a special person and it reminds me why I am so fortunate to work for such an amazing company. Peace be with you Mr Gordon. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten!

    ~ Cari Hartman,
  37. I was lucky enough to meet Paul last December at the Ohio Valley Annual Meeting and I will never forget that day! Since I joined the company in 2006, it was only my second Annual Meeting and I had brought my Mother as my guest. I introduced myself to Paul and then turned to introduce my Mother and he exclaimed, “This must be your sister, how lovely to meet you!” What a charmer! After our brief conversation, I said to my Mother what a blessing it was to meet such a wonderful man who was so sincere and kind to every single person he met.

    After reading all the messages that have been left, it is obvious there isn’t a soul out there that he did not touch in some way!

    My heartfelt prayers and sympathy go out to the entire Gordon family. Paul was much loved and will be very missed!

    ~ Sheryl Faulkner,
  38. To the Gordon Family may Pauls memory be eternal. A great man that always had a smile and sharp with wit.

    Paul never forgot a face and always asked “hows buisenss are we doing a good job”

    God bless the Gordon Family may God keep you in his thoughts and prayers.Jimmy

  39. My sincere sympathies on the loss of Paul. I had the pleasure of talking to him only once long ago and greatly enjoyed our conversation. He seemed geuninely concerned about the state of our business and how he and his company could help us grow. He also had a great sense of humor! He will be missed by all that new him!

    ~ Mark Brooks - Bavarian Inn Lodge,
  40. Didnt know the man personally, but met him at a food show in Louisville, KY one day. He knew exactly who I was adn the company I was with. It really made me feel like part of the GFS family and I have used them exclusively ever since. Thanks for making a great company and a life long customer.

    ~ Colin McQuarrie,
  41. Mom let me know of your father’s passing.
    I send my heartfelt sympathies to the entire Gordon family, especially Dan who I worked with in the past. God bless you and yours.

    ~ Larry Kage,
  42. In reading my devotions this morning I read a Psalm that immediately reminded me of the life that Paul Gordon lived.

    “Praise the Lord! Happy are those who fear the Lord. Yes, happy are those who delight in doing what he commands. Their children will be successful everywhere; an entire generation of godly people will be blessed. They themselves will be wealthy, and their good deeds will never be forgotten. When darkness overtakes the godly, light will come bursting in. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. All goes well for those who are generous, who lend freely and conduct their business fairly. Such people will not be overcome by evil circumstances. Those who are righteous will be long remembered. They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly. They give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will never be forgotten. They will have influence and honor. ” Psalm 112: 1 - 9 (New Living Translation)

    I have been indirectly influenced by Paul Gordon’s life. My father-in-law became a new Christian shortly before he married my mother-in-law. When they were married they moved to Grand Rapids and attended Berean Baptist Church. Paul Gordon took my father-in-law under his wing and met with him regularly to mentor him in the Christian faith. My father-in-law is one of the most generous, compassionate, and righteous men I know and I believe, in part, it was because of the influence of one of the most generous, compassionate, and righteous men I also know. In turn Paul’s life has influenced another family’s generation of children and grandchildren that are serving God and carrying on the heritage that was passed on.

    THANKS for the faithful life you lived and your compassion are care for all those you came in contact with.

    ~ Nancy High,
  43. Having been ‘away’ for a few years we have enjoyed reading comments about our great friend Paul from many of our long time and dear friends @ GFS over the years.

    We were fortunate to be in town (a God thing) for Monday’s visitation. It was kind of nervous for us to ‘cruise on in there’ - but you know - once a part of the Gordon family - always a part of the Gordon family - nothing too dissimilar than when we make a life changing decision to become a member of God’s family. That is true acceptance. And isn’t that one of the great trademarks of Paul - (and it’s so good to see that the kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters - well let’s just say ” all of ‘em” have been blessed with these “Paulisms’ as well).

    I was struck by two things this Monday:
    1. God is still in the Miracle Business!! GFS - how many years old, still growing, still going, still giving, still serving, still sharing!! The Gordon family and the business is a blessing of God and a true living miracle - that we all have been a part of. Have you thanked God lately for this? Are you doing your part to preserve, protect and perpetuate this LIVING MIRACLE?
    2. I felt like we all got a little taste of heaven on Monday - and I’m sure you all had a real taste on Tuesday! But you know - I’ve got to think heaven is going to be like a GFS event! You’re around friends and family - and you love one another and you just love being there - and you just don’t want to ever leave! Well - we’ll get that opportunity one of these days won’t we!! And Paul - would desire that we all have made that choice to accept God’s free gift of salvation to reserve our spot for eternity! What a privilege and a blessing to have been a part of this!! And Paul would ask one thing and one thing only of us - share your blessing and the joy of Jesus’ good news with others . . .

    With Love to our friends @ GFS & especially to Dottie / Kids & Grandkids. Paul & Karin.

    ~ Paul & Karin Dilcher,
  44. Funny how one humble and loving man could touch so many lives - before and after death. After hearing our last directive from Paul, through his friend Ron Cline, it affected me, inspired me, changed me. The directive being, “I want to see you again”, rang through my head as Ron said it over and over again.

    I thought I couldn’t imagine GFS without Paul - but we’re all still here - working as hard as ever for the company that he loved. Now, the only thing that I can’t imagine is, Not Seeing Him Again!

    I will miss those huge smiles, big laughs, the twinkle in his eye and of course those warm hugs! Having Paul give you a hug when you walked on stage, saw him at a meeting, at a foodshow or in the hall was something I cherished as an employee - you don’t work for many people that you can say that about!!

    I can just imagine it up there right now - Paul looking around, shaking and scratching his head, explaining how much better the entrance of the Pearly Gates could be and how folks could get through so much quicker, with just a little automation! Paul saying, “But change is good, Lord!!” I smile just thinking about it!
    See you later, Paul!

    ~ Cherri Lockwood,
  45. While Uncle Paul was my great uncle and I didn’t see him as often as I see my grandpa John and grandma Nancy, he was always the most thoughtful, wise and caring person that I saw when our families would get together. The laughter, the big smile, and the steady, powerful voice are what I will remember most about my uncle. I remember visiting him about a month ago and hearing all about his trip to Outback Steakhouse and the steak he ordered, and I also remember how much of an interest he took in every person he talked to; I guess as relatives, we were a bit spoiled just to talk to him as much as we did! His energy was unbelievable, and the love he had for those in his three families was tremendous; not only all my cousins and aunts and uncles and relatives, but his church family, and also his GFS family; I know he wants all three families together with him and God.

    ~ David Gordon,
  46. John 15:2 - He cuts off every branch that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.
    A couple of days after my orientaion with GFS Marketplace I was working at the Wyoming Marketplace and heard someone call my name. When I turned to see who it was I saw it was Paul. I have to say I was a bit embarassed because I remembered him stopping by the oreintation but I couldn’t remember which of the Gordons he was, but he knew who I was. A few years later at the the grand opening of the Cascade Marketplace my step-father, who drove truck for GFS in the mid 60’s walked up and shook Pauls hand and Paul remembered who he was 30 years later. Once in a while Paul would to stop by the Cascade Marketplace to pick stuff up either on his way to home or even on his way to the airport (”you can’t visit someone without brining a gift of GFS steaks”). Everytime he did stop in he made a point of saying hi, talking with the associates and just catching up on how things where going with me. He was always a very positive person not looking to point out the negative but build on the positive.
    As I think back on these moments and read other peoples memories I can’t help but to think of the pruning that has been to Pauls branches because the fruit that is being produced is far better than any other fruit we will know.
    May God continue to bless the Gordon family the way that they have blessed us.

    ~ Chris Decker,
  47. Thanks be to Paul for his trust.
    Thanks be to Paul for his humor and laughter.
    Thanks be to Paul for his faith.
    Thanks be to Paul for not judging.
    Thanks be to Paul for his friendship.
    Thanks be to Paul for his inpiration.
    Thanks be to Paul for leadership.
    Thanks be to Paul for his Christian company.
    Thanks be to Paul for his love of God’s people.

    Thanks be to God for Paul Gordon.

    With love, prayers and God’s strength to the entire Gordon family.

    ~ Tim and Sue Mehlberg and family,
  48. Hello Dottie, Dan, Jim, Joyce and Connie….

    What a wonderful privilege it was for Barb and me to be with your family for the celebration and memories of “The Great Man”!
    Your whole family is such a statement about him! Thank you.
    I came away with several things I want to make sure my family has that I saw in your family.
    God has richly blessed you all and I count it an honor to know you.

    Thank you for your strong testimony!

    Ron Cline

    ~ Anonymous,
  49. I used to work for Mr. and Mrs. Gordon in their home about seven or eight years ago. Without fail, every time I was there, Mr. Gordon had that wonderful, infectious smile on his face. He was quick to laugh and he loved to tease Mrs. Gordon. I enjoyed getting to know him a bit in the relaxed surroundings of the Gordon home and I count it a privilege to have known this gentle giant. Even in this time of sadness, what joy fills my heart to know that he is with the Father he so faithfully served. There is no doubt that he has heard those welcoming words…”Well done, My good and faithful servant”.

    ~ Sarah Bennor,
  50. Paul Gordon was a Fruitful Man of Faith. We didn’t know him personally. We know the Man by his fruits. He established a Godly family and enterprise putting service above self-like His Savior, Jesus. We hope to spend some time together in eternity, ofcourse, over a banquet table of devine food.

    Kind Regards to the Family and Many Friends, God Bless You All.

    -Guy & Gloria Richardson
    Art’s Pizza & Italian Oven,
    Advance Employment Services,
    Ctizens for Traditional Values,
    Student Statesmanship Institute

    ~ Anonymous,
  51. I am sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Gordon. Not only the loss of a great innovator in the foodservice industry; but mostly the loss of a great leader and humanitarian. I had the privilege of working for GFS. During that time I knew that the Gordon family had the best interests of my family and my co-workers in their heart and as part of their business model. I have kept a number of memoirs. My favorite is from Winners Circle 1994. I received a postcard about our destination; on the back was a handwritten script from Paul thanking me for my “stellar performance!”. I could not have asked for a greater compliment from a great man.

    God Speed Mr. Gordon

    ~ Anonymous,
  52. Our prayers and sympathy to all members of the Gordon family.

    Even though we did not have day-to-day business interaction with Paul Gordon, his presence is felt in the entire Gordon organization. This company inspires all of us to be better business people. We are proud to be Gordon customers.

    ~ Valley Dairy Restaurants,
  53. Dear Friends

    As this chapter of my life with Paul comes to completion, I want to express my deep thankfulness for all your kind notes of remembrance. As I read your comments, tears came to my eyes when I realized how deeply you loved and respected Paul. I never fathomed how powerfully Paul impacted your lives.

    I believe those of you at GFS who initiated this blog pulled a fast one on Paul. I know he would have vetoed it, if he had known all the compliments that were to follow.

    I have a story to pass on relating to Paul’s good memory. At a recent Food Show, Paul and I were going through the isles. I saw a man that I should have known by name. In a whisper I asked Paul “What is his name?” He could not remember until they shook hands. Immediately Paul said, “Hi Bob how are you?”.

    Once again, I would like to thank you for your love and prayers for Paul, our family and myself. We have all been encouraged and blessed. The Lord has been our constant companion and helper through these difficult months. We have experienced His peace.

    Paul would want me to leave you with a verse for you to ponder “ whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.” John 5:24

    ~ Dottie Gordon,
  54. The first GFS food show I was ever to, Paul came on the bus at the end of the show and thanked all of us for coming. He has forever been in my heart since that day. For a man to own a company as large as GFS and to come on all of the buses to say thank you to each and everyone of us was truly amazing. Ever since I met Paul Gordon I have wanted to become an employee of GFS. I thought if the owner was that nice and thoughtful to his customers, he would really be someone I would like to work for. That was 18 years ago and I still do not work for GFS, but he will always be an inspiration to me.

    ~ Judy Mack Sprenger Retirement Centers,
  55. I first met Paul Gordon when both of our companies were growing in the food service business. Paul wanted more products and I wanted some of those to be chicken. Our relationship grew and it was fun to be able to help service customers. Paul took care of business and one year I presented Paul with the Tyson blue blazer coat that had solid gold chicken buttons - a first for our company to a first class guy.

    Paul we’re going to miss you.

    ~ Don Tyson,
  56. GFS kicked off a promotion last year: “Living It - Every Day/Everywhere.”
    There is no name that comes to my mind more than Pauls when I read the seven captions associated with this promotion:

    1. Giving to Those in Need
    2. Helping a Fellow Employee
    3. Lending a Hand
    4. Sharing Ideas
    5. Helping a Neighbor
    6. Working With Integrity
    7. Serving Others

    Paul left a huge torch for each of us to take a piece of and carry on. It is our obligation as Parents, Friends, Children and Co-Workers to fulfill what Paul envisioned.

    ~ Anonymous,
  57. Paul Gordon was in for lunch a few months ago and even though I have been doing business with Gordons for years I felt I had a famous person in my place and I was telling all my servers who that was. I was so proud to have him in my place and he was so humble. I will miss him and the city seems a little lonier today. Thanks Paul Gordon for showing that businessmen and job creators like you are the good guys and you were one of the best.

    ~ Tommy Brann,
  58. We send our heartfelt sympathies to the entire Gordon family. Paul was a true example of how important it is to use our time, talents, energy and attitude to make our world a better place. Over the past years we have had the opportunity to know Paul not only as a food supplier, but as a friend and supporter, for which we are deeply grateful. Paul and our founder, Erie Sauder, shared a common philosophy and value system, helping us understand and appreciate how deeply his presence will be missed. Please know that the Gordon family, including the extended GFS family, is in our thoughts and prayers.

    ~ The Management Team at Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio,
  59. For so many years I have had the pleasurre of being a GFS customer. I have always wondered at the comment for honesty and sservice the company had. I think of the man who set the example and know that he must be a man of great faith and one who cared about his fellow man. Gods blessings has been with on the compnay and I will be looking to the futurre.

    ~ Loretta Curry, La Premier catering,
  60. Fond memories of Paul will last me for the rest of my life. I will always be thankful for the way he reached out to me in times of struggle. He was an inspiration for my entire career and I truely feel blessed that many years ago he welcomed me into this company.

    ~ Dave Prince,
  61. I only had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Gordon one time, but in those few minutes of saying hello, and taking a picture with him and his wife Dottie , i was truly honored. I told him “thankyou for changing my life for my family and me “. he replied to me and said with a warm smile “no, thankyou”. what a wonderful man. spingfield d.c.

    ~ james sayers and family,
  62. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.”
    Psalm 32:8

    ~ JF LAMER, representant distal-montreal,
  63. Paul’s legacy will be the number of people’s lives he has touched and as a result made better. His love and passion was genuine. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work for him, get to know him and learn from him. He was a true a great leader, leading by example.
    Paul God bless you. I will miss you.

    ~ Vito Manzella,
  64. The fondest memory I have of paul is during our open house in springfield. I was walking my family around showing them the warehouse and introducing them to some of my co-workers and new friends I had made in the first couple weeks of production. When I noticed paul was coming to meet my daughter I new this because his eyes were focused on her. The key to this story is my daughter is hadicapped and is in a wheelchair and paul was going out of his way to make her feel special that night. I new then I was working for a very special person, Thank you for everything you will be very missed

    ~ Dennis Chaffin II, Springfield,
  65. To the family of Paul my deepest regards. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to share warehouses thoughts with your Dad on several occasions when I worked for Super Valu Stores and their Harrrison House Foodservice Group before it was sold to PYA/ Monarch. I later had the honor to visit several of his locations when I was with PYA//Monarch a division of Sara Lee.

    Paul was definetely a leader in the Foodservice Industry and he set the “bar” very high if you wanted to compete with his great organization.

    ~ Bob Schauer,
  66. Things I remember about Paul:

    He parked across the tracks and made the long walk to the 333 building…no special parking for him. He also did not drive a special more expensive car than other managers at GFS even though he deserved to. He was also funny and did not mind being picked on…I remember all of the videos made for annual meetings or other special events that featured the Gordon family. It seemed like he was the easiest to be picked on.

    He was a true servant.

    ~ Anonymous,
  67. I am a grandchild of Paul’s and wanted to share something that my Uncle Dan read during this past Easter when we had all gathered as a family. It was from a daily devotional and it explained grandpa so well. A special thank you to everyone for their continued prayers. We have felt your love!

    “Even to your old age, I am He, and even to gray hairs I will carry you! I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you. The Lord knows the days of the upright, and their inheritance shall be forever. Love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days. O God, You have taught me from my youth; and to this day I declare Your wondrous works. Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come. For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

    ~ Melissa Metzger, Granddaughter,
  68. I have to share this… I have only met Paul 2 times from my hire date of last year and he was very charming, warm hearted and I could tell he was a very loving person. During his Memorial Service I was very touched by the Doxology song and the story of the family singing that every night with him during his time of suffering. This was the first time I had actually heard this song sang and did not know the words but was clinging on to each word while the family sang! I am in Choir at my church and we are leading Worship this Sunday so I went to the church yesterday to pick up my music and would you know the very first song we are singing Sunday is Doxology!! I feel very privileged to be able to share this song with the congregation and able to share this story with you, for I know Paul really means he wants to see us again and I think this is his way of proving what he meant and to touch someone in question with their relationship with the Lord. Isn’t our God an awesome God! God bless you all and Paul until we meet again!!

    ~ Jennifer Knapp (CSD),
  69. When I started working at GFS ten years ago, I was surprised to see Paul Gordon in the hallway, stopping and talking with everyone that passed by. He stopped me, asked my name, what I did for the company and what work I was currently doing. It was obvious he was genuinely interested in who I was and what I was doing.

    I saw him several other times and he always stopped to talk.

    I make it a point to thank the Gordon family when I see them at the Annual Meeting, and for bringing Jesus Christ to the party. Paul made it a point to share his faith and how important it was to the company. Paul, Dottie, my wife and I talked for probably fifteen minutes at the Annual meeting. I often marvel at how, at such a big company, he had time to spend and make an impression on so many.

    Even now, he is putting his faith in action, through these memories of his life, his letter to his employees and his message to all of us at the memorial service and his “passing of the mantel”. The Gordon Family brought tears to my eyes at the end of the memorial service. Everyone at the broadcast location stood and those that were able sang along. I am so blessed to be a part of the GFS family and to have experienced the wonderful example of Paul Gordon’s life here on earth!

    I look forward to seeing you again.

    Matthew 25:21

    ~ Anonymous,
  70. The first time that my wife and I met Paul Gordon he was a member of the Board of Trustees for HCJB World radio. We were fairly new missionaries and along with the rest of the staff in Elkhart, Indiana were invited to join the board for a diner at a very nice restaurant. there was an empty chair next to my wife and this man with a very deep voice came over and sat down. He said to my wife “Do you know why I sat down next to you” she said “no”. He said “I want your pie”. We had a great laugh!!!! He spent the rest of the diner time with us and by the end of the meal he was no longer Mr. Gordon, he was Paul. What a blessing to have known such a wonderful man and true servant of God. Our condolences to the Gordon family on their temporary loss. There is great joy in heaven, one of the chosen servants has come home.

    Tracy & Gitti Forbes (HCJB)

    ~ Anonymous,
  71. I was moved as I read thru the various yet similar experiences that many have had when they have had contact with Paul Gordon. I could relate to every fabulous story of how he touched our lives. And then those closest to him @ the Memorial service reiterated the consistent ways he impacted those around him. It reminds me of how I have fallen short in so many ways, and yet his legacy challanges me to love people more, to be more sincere, and prioritize those things that really matter in life.
    I am so humbled to have the opportunity to work for GFS. This is truly a blessed company.

    ~ Anonymous,
  72. It’s hard to imagine the Grand Rapids Office without Paul’s smiles and laughter!

    This past Halloween when the kids were trick-or-treating, I was coming up the stairs when a gang of children came running towards Paul and he greeted them with a hearty “HO HO HO”, I whispered to him “Wrong Holiday” and he almost fell on floor laughing!

    One of my favorite days at GFS was at a Winners Circle Trip in San Francisco when I helped Dottie take Paul to a Spa Appointment that was in a different Hotel, She said she didn’t want to have to chase him down Knob Hill in a wheel chair! Afterwards Paul wanted to visit Grace Cathederal where we listened to the Choir and toured the Church. When we left the church he asked me if it was “OK” to go have lunch! What a rare treat to spend an afternoon with such wonderful people. Paul telling stories and Dottie winking at me when the tails got a little tall!

    We all are truly blessed to have been touched by such a warm spirit.

    Dottie and family, I hope your faith and wonderful memories will continue to support you.

    ~ Jeff Hanlin, Grand Rapids,
  73. What always stays in my mind is the monthly directors lunches that were in the kitchen every month. We would be in the lunch room and all of the Gordons would come through and stop to talk to everyone. It always made me feel we were special because they took the time to stop to see how we were doing.

    ~ Darla Spoors, 50thst,
  74. The Clay Ave. DC was under construction here in G.R and I was new at GFS. I was hanging over a cat-walk waiting for the conveyor to fire up for the first time. As I stood there, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, someone walking down that narrow bridge of iron and wood- right toward me. I had never seen this person before. He strode up to me and said, “Hi, Darrell. I’m Paul Gordon.” I almost fell off the cat-walk. How did he know my name? Had he taken the time to find out who would be in the building when he walked over, so that he would know the name of each person he came across? I know now that indeed, he must have done just that. Do you know how special that made me feel? That was just the beginning of many wonderful exchanges with Paul and the Gordon family, who are all so gracious. Paul will always rank right there with my own father as one of my heroes. To the family: My prayers are with you as you move through this difficult time and I celebrate with you the joy of knowing that Paul is with our Lord.

    ~ Darrell DeGraw,
  75. God’s love for us is expressed in many fashions, but perhaps one of the most influencial methods is when His love shines through the lives of people. It is obvious that Paul wanted to be used as an instrument to shout God’s love. Paul gave daily examples of how to be a gentleman, leader, family man, giver, and lover of people. His passion for people and desire to serve others can only be described as Christ-like. I am honored to have known Paul and to have felt his influence in my professional and personal life. His example has touched me for a lifetime.

    ~ Craig Woodcraft,
  76. I have an unpayable debt of gratitude to Paul for allowing me to be a part of Gordon Food Service. He must have seen something in me that I did not existed when I was hired.
    A short hand written letter from Paul thanking me for keeping me updated on my son and suggesting we make time in our busy schedules to have lunch, will always be one of my most prized possesions.
    2 Timothy 4: 7-8.
    Many thanks Paul.

    ~ Terry Diso,
  77. Matthew 10:38 says “…and anyone who does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me”. It was obvious from the memorial service that Paul took up his cross of being a businessman, father, and husband and followed Jesus. What a wonderful and inspiring example he has set for all of us.

    ~ Anonymous,
  78. I was honored to become part of the GFS family though marraige. My husband was working in the Marketplace when we were married. He still remembers being a freezer stocker early in his career in Fort Wayne when he met Paul, and 3 moves later with the company and 20 years later how he remembered his name and family. It sounds so insignificant but it had a huge impact on him and still does.

    Our family is Blessed to be part of a Christian company that truly cares and shows compassion for each and every one. Thank you for sharing a Big part of your family with ours. Paul will be truly missed but, all of his memory lives on…

    ~ Anonymous,
  79. I want to thank you Mr. Paul Gordon and the whole Gordon family for giving me the opportunity to work for such a great company.
    I have met almost the entire Gordon’s family at the GFS Marketplace 400 Nascar race of 2006, a fantastic day who will always stay in my memory. A great man, always happy, with an awesome smile, full of knowledge, humble, generous, a caring person. You don’t meet tons of people like him during an entire life.

    To Dottie and the entire Gordon family, you have my deepest and heartfelt sympathy for the loss of Paul. My thoughts and prayers are with the whole Gordon family.

    He will be missed.
    His legend will always live forever.

    Sylvain St-Cyr
    GFS Canada SCM/Distal

    ~ Sylvain St-Cyr,
  80. I never met anyone who when they were in your presence you got goose bumps and every word you would hinge on, except for Paul Gordon. I made what I thought to be a great mistake once, my team missed a Benefits meeting that was very far for us to travel on a work night. People told me i was done at GFS. Paul approached me at a food show a few weeks later, I was very nervous. He said “Bring the product to the customer not the customer to the product”. A few weeks later we had the best benifits meeting.— To Paul and family. Through your accomplishments and achievements my life and my family’s lives are better because of you. I am very proud to be part of the Gordon Food Service family. It is a priviledge to serve and to be part of GFS. Thank you, God Bless

    ~ Randy Pritchard,
  81. Paul,
    Thank you for creating an Environment and Culture that will forever be “unique” in the
    Food Service World.

    A “Great Lesson” can be learned by other Business Leaders as to how they “Give BacK”
    to their employees.

    The “Torch of Excellence” has been passed to each of us at Gordon Food Service.

    We are “Better People” having “Experienced” Paul Gordon!!!

    ~ East Tenn. Comm.Sales,
  82. Heaven received an angel and until we meet again, we have all lost a great friend and mentor. It was a pleasure to get to speak to you at our annual meeting in December, your laugh and humility will stay with me forever. Thank you Paul for all that you have done.

    ~ Krisi Cooper, Pittsburgh,
  83. Paul had the ability to take the complexities out of business, and simplified the organization to where as people could take action, which created contagious energy, all focused around customers and employees…..This is a people business ! Take care of the customers or someone else will ! I must of heard this a hundred times.

    Take care of the employees. I learned you need to know this business , take a person let them learn the business, than move them to where they could lead the organization. Every employee is an important part of the team, show them you care , thank them.

    Faith & family need to be in the center of lifes wheel , if not the wheel wobbles and your out of balance.

    Be humble, before honor there must be humility

    I feel fortunate to have experienced these prinicples that have become my memories of Paul.


    ~ Anonymous,
  84. i can remeber when I started out at GFS. I was working at our Plymouth branch. One Thursday morning I started my route a little late. Just as I was getting in my truck to start my deliveries, a man approched me and asked if i was having problems. I told him no, I just have customers that are not there early. He introduced himself to me and shook my hand. I will always remember that hand shake. I thought he was going to break my hand, and I have pretty good grip. We talked several min. He told me he was happy to have me aboard. It was a few years later that I met him at the annual metting. He remembered me by name. When my daughter died a got a call from Paul at my home telling me how sorry he was to hear the news. It is amazing what kind of person he was. I know he touched us all, and he will missed tremendously.
    My prayers and thoughts go out to his entire family.
    Thank You Paul!!

    ~ Jerry Schemanski Brighton night dispatch,
  85. After tonight’s memorial I felt compelled to express some of my thoughts about Paul Gordon. I have been part of the GFS Family since I was 10 years old. My dad started with GFS back in 1974 and I would tag along with him to work sometimes. I turned 16 and my dad somehow persuaded GFS to hire me part-time. I have worked there ever since celebrating my 25th year with the company just last October. I talked to many people at the reception afterward and was somewhat taken aback that some of the people that knew Paul and the family by the works that he did through his Christian ministry really didn’t know much about GFS Inc. I thought at first how could this be. But I thought to myself and soon realized what I had known all along that Paul Gordon was a man who did not go around bragging about himself or the great company that he had lead for most of his life. His life work really was for Jesus Christ. That’s what he wanted to talk to people about and wanted them to know about.

    Another story that I would like to share is about a year ago Paul asked me to speak at the Ohio Valley division sales and marketing meeting. This was the most proud moment in my career to be asked to speak on the same stage as Paul Gordon. I will never forget this event the rest of my life. One of the funny things about this story is that I was asked to speak but I was not told what to speak about. Being a bit nervous about this I asked my boss who shall remain nameless but sometimes is called the Big Tuna, he says don’t worry about it I’m sure Paul will let you know. I said maybe you won’t worry about this but I’m getting pretty worked up at this point. So I decided to leave Paul a voicemail outlining what I intended to talk about. I told him I would talk about the history of automation at GFS. I received a voice mail back that worried me even further. He wanted me to talk about myself! Now I’m really sweating! It goes to show you that this man did not care about the systems or the physical things of GFS. He cared about the people that made up GFS. He was not interested in a speech about his company; he was interested about a speech about me. Thank you for that opportunity and it something I will never forget. Thank you for all the opportunities that I have had working for GFS.

    Thank you Paul! As many have said Well Done, Well Done.

    ~ Mark, Diane and Family,
  86. When Pamm and I think of Paul Gordon we visualize a happy, warm soul who without hesitation gave of himself. No matter who you were or what you did he made you feel like part of the family. He always had a quick smile and an even more quick comeback. A story that would be a good example this took place on a trip hosted by Paul and Dottie that Pamm and I were lucky enough to go on. One of the activities was deep sea fishing. We went out for a few hours and received a few nibbles, but caught nothing to bring back. Upon reaching shore, Paul paid the tour guide who asked about a tip. Paul’s response was I have a tip for you, catch more fish! A good man will be missed here on earth but will be welcomed in the House of the Lord.

    ~ Pamm and Rudy Booker,
  87. To the Gordon Family, I’ve been with GFS Canada for ll years in sales service. In 2001 I won my first gold club member. We had the opportunity to visit GFS in Grand Rapids. While we were there Paul made a point to sit with us for part of the evening and all the Gordon’s couldn’t do enough to make us feel welcomed. I am grateful to be part of the GFS team and to help carry on your values and traditions. Me and my family are deeply sorry for your loss, Paul will be deeply missed by all. Our prayers are with the Gordon family.

  88. Paul Gordon is a mountain of a man. He is physically gone from us, but his love, care and faith will be with all of us forever. My husband, Bill, works for GFS, but Paul even knew MY name. We would always wait for the Christmas hello, how are you and that great hug & kiss! Those early Christmas dinners were very wonderful when we all fit in one big room and Paul was able to give each a greeting. I love the photo I have of Paul and our son, Phil, at the open house for the warehouse in Brighton. Paul asked me where Bill was? Well, Bill was working 6 days a week with the produce run, so Phil and I came alone. I could see that really made Paul sad. He said he was sorry. I was happy to get a smile from him when I told him that was alright. Phil and I were enjoying the festivities. We will remember Paul always. We are SURE he rests in peace.

    ~ Bill and Mary Alt,
  89. There are many memories of Paul Gordon. The one that plays over and over again for me was when I was at home recovering from major surgery. The phone rang and I heard that deep voice say,”Alex” I immediately knew who it was. He expressed that he was praying for a full recovery for me and to have faith that all will work out. As the pastor stated at his memorial, Paul was precious. He will be missed for many years to come.

    ~ Anonymous,
  90. It was such a pleasure to meet and spend time talking with Paul. Even though we became part of GFS only about eight years ago, Paul and the Gordon Family treated us from day one as if we had been part of the GFS family since the begininng of the company. What a great company, family, and man. Paul will truly be missed on this Earth but is being welcomed in Heaven. The Gordon Family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    ~ Central States Division,
  91. What a priviledge it has been to know Paul. From the first time I met him where he was introduced to us at Neptune Food Service I was truly impressed with what I saw and heard. Paul had a unique gift whereby when he spoke, you knew what he said was TRUTH. Having been through several acquisitions, when the Gordon’s arrived it immediately felt like home. Thank-you for your values, thank-you for your commitment, and thank-you for the trust that you have placed in us to continue the Legacy that is Gordon Food Service. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon Family.

    ~ Bill Hinksman - Multi Unit Sales Manager - GFS Neptune Food Service,
  92. There’s a song I listen to on a local Christian radio station that has the words, “there’s a God shaped hole in all of us” well today, there’s a “Paul shaped hole” in the many, many people that he touched. Thank you God for sharing Paul with us and for the continued legacy that is the Gordon family.

    ~ Mike Kahl, Columbus, Ohio,
  93. Actions say more than words - Paul Gordon truly was one who walked his talk! While working at Gull Lake Ministries, I had the privilege of getting to know Paul & Dottie. God blessed us with having Paul serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Gull Lake and was a great influence and encouragement to us staff. I have alot of memories of Paul, but one stands out during the early summer of 1993. Paul had come into the Fellowship Center to talk with someone in the office. Evidently Paul had been painting his dock at their summer home and it looked like most of the paint had gotten on him! A couple of us at the front desk commented on his decorative appearance and he stopped, looked himself over, said “shhh, don’t tell my wife”, chuckled (that deep laugh of his) and walked into the office. Many times I would hear Paul’s laugh before I saw him. His life was a rich blessing to many! We will miss him at Berean Baptist, but rejoice that he is with the Lord!

    ~ JoAnn Hardie,
  94. I would like to express my sincere sympathy to all of the Gordon Family for their loss.

    My first impression was right after I started at GFS and came to my first Annual Meeting… Paul made a point to come up and thank me for coming since I had only been employeed for a few months…(I thought I should be thanking him) I introduced him to my guest and got seated for dinner.. after the meeting when I was leaving Paul came up to me and once again and thanked us for coming by name. I was so impressed that he would not only remember me by name by my guest also.

    In reading all the messages it amazes me how many people Paul has been able to inspire and motivate, actually touch the heart of everyone he came in contact with. He was the most personable person, leaving everyone the feeling of meeting a true friend from the first time you met him.

    I have read a lot about his shoes in these messages… they are some big ones to fill!!

    ~ Amy Klooster,
  95. I first met Paul at Kabinakagami Lake in Northern Ontario.He had joined Keith Maxwell and a group of about 20 managers from the old Sveden House Smorgasbord chain for a week of fishing and fellowship.

    Paul wound up catching the biggest fish of the week-a Northern Pike that came in at a little over 24 pounds.To say he was excited was a severe understatement!

    Fast forward to 1997 when I decided to ‘hitch my wagon’ to the Gordon’s. I am greeted by Paul at our orientation and reminded him that we had met back in 1983. I did not even get a chance to finish when he said “that was some fish-it had to weigh at least 28 pounds!”Amazingly, everytime I ran into Paul after that, that fish got bigger!

    I would be willing to bet that as he was greeted by our Lord and Saviour, that fish is now over 40 pounds!

    Reading all of the memories everyone has of Paul really drives home how blessed we are all to have been touched by him.

    God bless you, my friend!

    Bob Metzger

    ~ Anonymous,
  96. My father is approaching his 30th anniversary with GFS, so for years I heard recaps of annual meetings that as child sounded glamorous and magical but the stories that impacted me the most were the ones that my parents told similar to those that have been shared by so many people already. Its the admiration and appreciation that my parents had for the Gordon family and company that lead me to become part of this company myself. And even though I’ve only been here 11 years, in that time, the stories have took upon a new meaning as I’ve witnessed them first hand and I’m so blessed to hold those in my heart. I’m so thankful to Gordon family and everyone in this company that their really are no words to express the gratitude that I have. I’ll treasure my personal stories of Mr. Gordon forever and even though we’re mourning the loss of such a great man, I’m inspired by his life and what he stood for. And again I find myself thankful.

    ~ Anonymous,
  97. I worked at Gull Lake for the four years that I was a student at Cornerstone and I remember Paul and Dottie and their family being around all summer long. But one memory from 15 years ago–the silliest memory–sticks out.

    I forget now who the speaker for the week was, but Paul and Dottie invited all of the staff to their cottage to talk to this man and to just relax. And I remember, at one point, that this man who owned this huge company–I think I ate food from Gordon’s for my entire academic career, from grade school through college–and whose name was on the music building at my school, walked over to his freezer and asked if anyone wanted ice cream. Being, as we were, always-hungry college students, the answer was “Yes!” And Paul reached in, pulled out a box of ice cream bars and began tossing them underhand until everyone in the room had one.

    Just a silly memory…but one that has stuck in my brain all this time.

    ~ Kristen Roberts,
  98. Gordon food shows were always a special treat when we would run into Paul. He was truly a man with a big heart whom I will remember for many years to come. To read the many memories printed here makes me appreciate Paul even more. My prayers are with Dottie and the Gordon family at this time of loss. God bless!

    ~ Sr. Janet Marie Smith, SND,
  99. never did meet him directll,but got the chance to lsten to him speak at the ohio valley annual meeting back in december. he was very funny made us all feel proud to be a part of this company.
    gfs has helped me become a better man, thank you paul!!

    ~ mark koyl springfield chain accts,
  100. Gibby and I met Paul I belive for the first time at the annual meeting in 2002. We were celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary that day and Paul came up to us and congratulated us on our anniversary and talked to us about how long we had been married and how great that was for the times.
    It was a short visit but it really meant a lot to us for him to take the time to talk with us.
    Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the entire Gordon Family and employees who loved him and will miss him so much.

    ~ Gibby and Missy Smith,
  101. I consider myself luck to have meet Paul, thanks to a Canadian merger of Finlay Greenwood and GFS. When we meet he was very warm, caring, and asked a lot of questions. How long had I been in the business, what roles had I played, was I married, how many kids etc. I thought that was really nice, as I was one of several hundred people here in Ontario. Can you imagine my feelings when we went to the next GFS food show in Grand Rapids and he walked up , called me by name and asked how my son was doing. How could he have possible remembered all of that from one meeting. Paul continued over the next 10 years to always impress me, along with all the Gordon family.
    I am truly sorry for your loss, my condolences to all in the family. Paul will always remain in my mind as a individual to look up to.

    ~ Randy Smith ICP East,
  102. As a newer person to GFS, I only got to meet Paul at Orientation in Grand Rapids, and at the last few Annual Meetings. I feel fortunate to work for a company that lives the culture that Paul and the Gordon Family created, where people really do matter. At the last Annual Meeting, my wife and I were so taken with Paul and his warmth and genuineness in that he took the time to greet us and talk to us like we were his long-time friends. It is so touching to read all the wonderful comments and tributes to Paul. It is evident that he made a positive impact on everyone he met.

    Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the Gordon Family as they mourn the loss of Paul. His legacy and spirit will live on in the many people that he touched and influenced.

    ~ Scott Tulloch, GFS Marketplace,
  103. I had the pleasure of first knowing Paul as “Erin’s Grandpa”, an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of the gymnastics team for which Erin competed and I coached. A couple of years later, I was blessed to join GFS. I was about 7 months pregnant at the time. Many times in the late (and large!) stages of my pregnancy, Paul would come by my desk to ask if today was the day I would do some cartwheels for him. He never waited for a response, just left me with a smile and the sound of his infectious, booming laughter as he made his way back to his office.

    I was lucky enough to work with and interact with Paul for years. Like many others, he touched me each time with his love, warmth, generosity, humor, humility, and his faith. Although he will be deeply missed, I will cherish the memories I have of him and the lessons I learned from his example. Thank you for sharing him with all of us!

    My prayers and sympathy to all of the Gordon family.

    ~ Tami Jacobs,
  104. I have enjoyed reading all of these wonderful tributes to Paul and the Gordon family. Being an employee of 13 years, I never thought I would be employed for the same company for so many years. Hearing stories about other companies makes me realize how lucky I am to work for GFS. It is a joy to work for a Christian-centered organization. Paul will be missed, but never forgotten.

    To all the Gordons, may God bless all of you. Your family will be forever in our prayers. Thank you for making me a better person than before I worked for GFS.

    “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.
    Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

    ~ Susan and Kurt Heemstra,
  105. God gave us life.
    God endowed each of us with free-will.
    God’s hope and vision of the true greatness that could be man,
    came to life in the radiance that was Paul Gordon.
    He was the perfect vessel.
    His goodness lives in each of us.

    ~ Orrin Sharp,
  106. Considering the number of people who have been here 20+ years, I am just a young buck at Gordon Food Service. I have been here just 10 months now, but I never take a day for granted, and I hope I never will…after many stops along my career path, I know that I am truly “home” here at GFS. It was not too long ago that I went through “New Employee Orientation” with Kevin Jurek and about 20 other new employees. Paul came in on that first day of orientation, and spent about 45 minutes with us, regaling us with stories about the companies history. Paul’s personality was so incredibly infectious! He would laugh harder at his own jokes than we would, but then we would all be laughing because of his laughing! I have many friends here at GFS, and I had the opportunity to contract here for a while before being hired full-time, so I knew how lucky I was to work for such an incredible company. In my current role, I have the joy of hiring new employees. A common question is “What do you know about GFS?” Amidst the answers to that question, I will always hear “I’ve heard GFS is a great place to work.” My immediate response to that is “You have no idea! And should YOU be so lucky to make GFS part of your career, like I have, you will know what I am talking about!” Thank you, thank you, thank you. God’s blessings upon the whole Gordon family during this time.

    ~ Jon Krueger,
  107. J’ai eu l’honneur de rencontrer m. Paul Gordon à quelques reprises depuis les 14 dernières années et à chaque fois, je devenais encore plus fière de faire partie de la famille Gordon en tant qu’employée. Je me rappelle son rire et sa bonne humeur continuelle, sa façon unique de nous raconter les anecdotes de sa vie bien remplie. Il est un modèle pour moi et pour beaucoup d’entre nous. J’aimerais partager mes sympathies à chacun des membres de sa famille.

    ~ Isabelle Lavoie, Distal Québec,
  108. We can’t know why some things happen…but we can know that love and beautiful memories outlast the pain of grief. And, we can know that there’s a place inside the heart where love lives always…and where nothing beautiful can ever be forgotten. If I’ve learned anything down through the years, it’s that nothing beautiful in this world is ever really lost - - - Those we cherish will always live on in memory.

    Paul’s legacy and character will live in our hearts forever with your Gordon Food Service family. God bless you and your family, Paul.

    Debbie Kauffman
    GLED Dispatch

    ~ Debbie Kauffman,
  109. There are so many wonderful memories shared here of Paul. I have one that is more personal than business related. I am the third generation in my family to work at GFS. My grandfather started working for the company in the 1950’s and my father in the 1970’s, myself in 1993, my mom in 1996 and my brother worked a couple of summers in the warehouse. My best memory of Paul is that he came to my gramp’s funeral and spoke about the experiences my grampa had at GFS. This was a totally unplanned event in the middle of the funeral but Paul had us all laughing with the stories he told. I learned many things about my grampa that day and his work at GFS that I didn’t know. What other company leader would take time out his busy day and come to a retired employees funeral and speak just because he wanted to? I know my grampa and Paul are now in heaven laughing together.

    ~ Amy (Erbes) Westphal,
  110. Just knowing Paul as well as I did is a great Blessing in my life. Paul was a role model in every sense of the word. He is the greatest leader I knew- greatly compassionate but very tough minded and focused on doing the best possible. He inspired me to be a better GFS employee, Father and Christian. There were many times that I was motivated by just not wanting to ever disappoint Paul. Thank you for the difference you have made in my life.

    Paul, you will be missed but your legacy will live on forever.

    ~ Kirk Zell,
  111. I remember starting at GFS almost 14 years ago fresh out of college at 22. It was at orientation that I met Paul Gordon and found him to be one of the most geniune people I had ever met. Talking to him through the years has only reinforced that fact of how much Paul truly cared for his employees. Thanks Paul for allowing me to get to know you and your family well.

    ~ John Scanlon,
  112. Paul was a very genuine, driven, and compassionate man - traits difficult to find all in one person. I’ll never forget receiving a call from him on my cell phone while driving to work. I hadn’t been with GFS long, but was impressed that he would take the time to call me personally to see how I was doing and, of course, ask the status of a project ;). I also had the great privilege of spending an evening with Paul and the Graphics team at Gull Lake Ministries. We enjoyed every moment with him, even racing a thunderstorm back to shore via pontoon boat! It is evident in any GFS employee you meet that his legacy is in the hearts of all. Thank you Gordon family for sharing him with us and thank you Paul for all that you did for us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and may there be peace in the comfort of friends and family.

    ~ Michelle Alster,
  113. Being with Gordon Food Service for over 21 years, I have had the pleasure to interact with Paul on many occasions. My wife Jan & I even had the honor of being part of a trip that Paul and Dottie hosted. What great memories I have of that. But the one memory that stands out was when my wife’s father was ill with cancer and it appeared that his illness would prevent Jan & I from going on a Gordon trip. Paul took the time to call me at home to see how Jan’s dad was doing and how we were doing. He also assured us if we were not able to join them on this trip that he wanted us to join them on the next one. His love for his “work” family was always apparent and it’s why working for GFS all these years have been a privilage. I know that Paul is with our Lord and Savior and that we have the comfort to know we will see him again.

    ~ Rob Ritter,
  114. Dear Dottie and family,
    Kim and I have so many great memories of Paul at the Conference. We appreciated his warmth and the time he would spend just seeing how we were and his interest in our involvement with HCJB. Thank you for all the work that has gone into Gull Lake Ministries as a result of your efforts. It has been a blessing to our family for many years. His legacy will live on for years to come. Thank you.

    John and Kim Talmage
    Gull Lake, Michigan

    ~ John and Kim Talmage,
  115. What a pleasure it is to know Paul and the may things he stood for. After telling some of my customers about the news some of them told me they meet him at some of the food shows and told me that he would talk to them like he knew them personly. How friendly and down to earth he was. I told them thats how he is. A wonderful man and family the Gordon’s are. So proud to be working for. Thoughts and prayers go out to all. God Bless

    ~ Joe Poli and family,
  116. The 5th chapter of 2 Corinthians says that we store our treasures in jars of clay, speaking about the fragile nature of our lives and how we are charged to do the best we can to please God before we go to our permanent homes. Every meeting that I attended or each time that I came in contact with Paul, it was evident that his main priority was to be the hands and feet of Christ. He was more interested in the salvation of his employees that he was the bottom line.

    ~ Anonymous,
  117. To those of us that had the opportunity to meet and talk with Paul share something together that will be lasting. He was a kind, thoughtful, and approachable person. I had the honour of receiving an award from Paul almost ten years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. He was truly interested in my career at GFS, and we talked later in the evening about family. Although I am no longer at GFS I will always miss the culture that Paul brought to the sales staff and the entire GFS team. He is respected by everyone in the foodservice industry in Canada and US. His return visits to sales meetings were always looked upon by everyone as a treat. He was a positive influence on myself and all those around him. He will be missed and remembered by all. May God bless

    ~ Harry Anderson,
  118. My first introduction to Paul came in 1978 when I was hired into the Payroll Department at Gordon’s, I actually was first introduced to his booming laughter, and then to his smiling face. I don’t think I ever saw him when he didn’t have a smile and a kind word for me. My daughter Mary also worked for Gordons while training to accomplish her dreams and got to know Paul quite well while on the mail runs. Mary and I will always be thankful that we were allowed the prvilege of knowing him and will forever remember the wonderful man that was Paul Gordon.

    ~ Jan & Mary Hamming,
  119. As a son-in-law, I can sincerely attest that Paul was everything one could want a father-in-law to be. He included me in his family like I was one of his own sons. Continually involved in all aspects of our lives and those of our children, he was a constant source of joy and encouragement. Paul always reflected Christ’s character, providing a legacy for each of us in living our lives in a manner “worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in every way,” (Col 1:10). He taught through example and deed, though when requested he readily shared his wisdom with full transparency and honesty, and always with self-deprecating humor and wit.
    Though Paul was undoubtedly a genius in business, he wasn’t much with a hammer, baseball bat, or anything requiring coordination. So we all knew he was happy to step aside and let us do our roles as husbands and fathers, while he provided encouragement and support – lots of it, and loudly!

    Even in his death he included us in the struggles and pains, the planning and preparations, the blessings and indignities of separating the spiritual from the physical body. We’ve had wonderful times to reflect and give thanks for countless memories of close times together, of love and acceptance, of joy and inspiration for a life well lived. The reminders of that life, through the thoughtful inputs from each of you on this blog, are a source of encouragement and joy for each of the family members. Thank you for your words.

    ~ Ron Williams,
  120. Dear Gordon Family-

    I met Paul for the first time in 2001, when I first started with the company. I had the pleasure of getting to know Paul on a flight to Columbus, Ohio. Paul Dilcher seated me next to Paul on the trip so I could answer any questions he about the project. Paul asked me several questions so he could be well prepared for the meeting. But we also talked a lot about our families. What struck me most about Paul was his kindness and his love for each person he met that night. Later that night driving home, I remember thinking to myself how can such a caring person also run such a large successful company. It took me a while to realized how he did this, but he led his life the way Jesus wants all of us to live our lives. His intense Faith in God, Family and his fellow man lead him to not only to be successful on this earth but to be successful on his journey to be with Jesus our Savior.

    Thank you Paul for touching my life and many others.

    ~ Anonymous,
  121. It isn’t often in one’s life that you cross paths with someone that has such an amazing impact on you, and Paul Gordon has certainly been that for me. When my husband Bruce joined GFS almost 10 years ago, I had no idea what an incredible journey I was in for as a spouse. When Bruce was Person of the Year several years ago, we journey to Spain with Paul and Dottie as his award trip. Spending time getting to know each of them may have been, for me, the highlight and greatest gift of the trip. Paul had the ability to reach into your heart and grab it. One cannot help but to completely adore and admire him–as a man, leader, father, spouse and follower of God. I will completely miss the sparkle in his eyes and boom of his laugh. He has left us with many preciuos memories that we can all keep in our hearts. Thank you to Dottie, Dan, and Jim for sharing him with all of us. Each of you and your families will continue to be in our prayers and have our support.

    ~ Melissa Withrow,
  122. Prior to becomming a GFS employee in January of 1994, I worked for Maple Leaf Foods for almost 24 years and was alarmed and concerned when I learned that our Food Service Division was being sold to a U.S. Company that I had never heard of. What a scary decision after so many years…transfer out of Food Service and go back to my old location at Maple Leaf or hang in there and hope that the new company will retain me as an employee. There were “armies” of GFS representatives visiting us in Ontario from Grand Rapids showing us videos and singing the praises of Gordon Food Service. This company simply sounded too good to be true…are there really organizations out there that care that much about their employees? I was not 100% convinced that the values of this “new” company were not mere words on paper until I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting and spending a short while with Paul Gordon at the GFS Ontario open house in Milton. For all of us that day, it was love at first sight — he played with the children, had his picture taken with many people, and was genuinely interested in everyone he came in contact with — and seemed to really enjoy the ice cream! What a wonderful man! My thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon Family who, over the years, have inspired me to always want the best for this company and its valued employees. Thank You, and God Bless.

    ~ Janice Tonna, Canada (aye),
  123. I’ve only been with GFS for 11 years, that may seem like a long time to some, but not at GFS. I have come to understand why we have so many 20 plus year veterans at this company - its the GFS Culture that has been so wonderfully nurtured by John & Paul. I didn’t realize at the time I started what a blessing I had rec’d when I was hired, this is a truly special organization and made that way through the efforts of the Gordon Family, and especially Paul. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have had lunch with him a couple of times, him making the effort to get to know me - because he cared so much about people. I will never forget his humility, kindness, charity, and infectious laugh. Thank you Paul for your living testimony of human kindness and most importanty your walk with Christ. I so apprecited your boldness in sharing your faith in Jesus Christ and now you are welcomed to your Heavanly home in the arms of your Saviour. My thoughts and prayers are with the rest of the family - may God’s grace & comfort carry your through until you can all be together again. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has put in Paul’s charge when we all get to Glory.

    ~ Anonymous, May 13th,
  124. Along with the hundreds of others that have shared their feelings about Paul Gordon, we too want to extend to you the Gordon family our heartfelt sympathy in the Homegoing of Paul Gordon. What a legacy he has left. Our granddaughter was so blessed to have been the dietician at GF and loved working there until she was married and moved away from GR.Also our nephew works there and his feeling is the same.May God’s comfort give you the strength to carry on until we all meet at our Father’s feet. What a day it will be!!
    Love in Him, Betty and Bob Kregel

    ~ Anonymous,
  125. I had the honor to speak with Paul several times over the years and my wife also had the same pleasure. After each conversation we would walk away happy and proud to be part of the Gordon family of employees. We’d also walk away with the understanding that we had just talked with a very special person. We both will miss Paul, but we know that he is already with our Lord.

    Early last fall, I was shopping at Forest Hills Foods about 5:30 on a Friday when I heard someone behind me bark “Shouldn’t you be at Work?” I knew who it was even before I jerked around to see Paul staring at me (first) and then smiling at me (second). I approached him wondering if I should mention my name or reference what department I was in to help him out. Then he said “how’s your sister doing?” and I quickly realized how foolish I would have been saying something. (My sister Patti was one of the first female CDS’s with GFS and she also married a CDS). It was just a brief conversation, but one that I’ll long remember. And when I pulled out of the parking lot, I absolutely thought about returing to work vs. going home to relax!

    ~ Mike Pavek,
  126. Tanya and I had the pleasure of meeting Paul on a GFS trip in 1989. He was truly one of a kind person, displayed genuine care and concern for all his employees. He approached Tanya as a member of the GFS family, called her by her first name and also asked about all for our 4 children by name, and than continued to thank us for all we did for GFS and truly made us feel like we helped make GFS make a difference with all of our customers. We thank Paul and the rest of the Gordon Family for helping us be the family we are today by sharing their values and beliefs on how we all can serve each other. May God Bless Paul, Dottie and all the Gordons.

    ~ Duane Baldwin,
  127. There are so many good things that one can remember about Mr Gordon . For me it was always his welcoming smile, firm handshake and genuine concern for whoever he was talking to. I continue to be amazed at how he and his family always make you feel important . A genuine individual who I feel privileged to of met . Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon Family .

    ~ Cliff and Corinne Baker,
  128. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Dottie at this years annual meeting for the first time. What an experience!! He was truly a great man and touched many lives throughout his life on earth. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Gordon Family. God Bless all of you and the entire family..

    ~ Dave Best, Charleston, WV,
  129. The first time I met Paul Gordon was in my orientation. He introduced himself and asked about my family. He was genuinely interested. His stories he told were so great. Paul was such a people person and I will always remember him. His family is in my prayers. I am thankful I had the chance to meet Paul Gordon.

    ~ Cindy K.,
  130. We would like to extend our condolences to Dotie and the rest of the Gordon family. God rest and keep him. He will be missed.

    ~ Tom, Larry, and Kevin Walter Tasty Catering,
  131. I first met Paul Gordon in 1996 and was inspired by his sense of humour and the way he cared about people. He makes people feel special and was a great leader.

    My thoughts are with the Gordon Family.

    Céline Lemieux, HR director, Distal Montréal.

    ~ Anonymous,
  132. To the Gordon family:

    We would like to express our deepest condolences. Paul was an extraordinary man with an extraordinary heart. His dedication and compassion impacted those around him more than he ever knew.
    We have known Paul for several decades. Throughout this time, Paul became more than a business associate but a revered friend. Some of our fondest memories were spent at the countless golf outings, food shows, and dinners.
    We are truely blessed to have known a man with such genorisity and kindness.

    God Bless
    Andreas, Harry, and Danny Dionyssiou
    Kip and Harry Proestos
    The entire Rudy’s Hot Dog Family

    ~ Anonymous,
  133. Paul always brought with him a sense of humor. I will never forget the day he emerged from the Sales Office in the backroom of the Merrillville GFS Marketplace store and exclaimed “Oh Boy, I didn’t know we built a warehouse in Indiana.” The store had received 3 full semi-loads during Graduation Season due to a few errors in transmitting orders.

    It has been my pleasure to work for GFS for the last 10 years. Paul will be dearly missed. Our job is to continue to carry on his vision of being the preferred foodservice supplier. My thoughts go out to the family. It is comforting to know that he is finally home and God willing we will all see him again someday.

    ~ Sandy Wright - Indianapolis,
  134. I met Paul at food shows and saw him at soccer games when my daughter played with his grandaughter. He was a class act and Brann’s is proud to do business with Gordon Food Service. To the entire family my sincere condolences.Jim {son} is a great man and and I enjoyed working with him back in the day. Hi Jim. I will say a prayer for you and the family.You are a great family with an outstanding reputation as a business and as great people.

    ~ Johnny Brann /Brann's Restaurants,
  135. I first met Paul at the grand opening of the GFS Marketplace store in Strongsville. I was handling the preparation and serving of the food for the evening and Paul walked up to me and asked if he could have a sample. At the time I didn’t really know who he was but I suspected that he was the owner of the company. It was easy for me to see his warmth, kindness and humility by the way that he treated me, a stranger working for his company. I remember chatting with him for a few minutes before the doors opened that night. It is easy to see that he was the model to follow for the rest of the company as it always flows from the top down. May he rest with joy in the presence of the Lord. God bless your family and your company as well.

    ~ Andy Zarzour-Old World Deli,
  136. God has blessed us with the Leadership that Paul has taught us and we will continue to carry out his visions.
    I believe Paul will look over us each day and continue to guide us in the eyes of the Lord.

    God bless you Paul Gordon.

    ~ Anonymous,
  137. Paul Gordon was a man who knew how to make people feel special. He had a genuine warmth and love and the amazing ablilty to remember your name! We enjoyed spending time with Paul and the other members of the Gordon Family at Winners Circle in Savannah this past fall and spent one morning touring that wonderful city with him. He was a real trooper!
    We have been part of the Gordon Food Service family for almost 18 years now and what a blessing it has been to us. All aspects of our lives have been enriched and we will miss this amazing man. To all the Gordons - you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    ~ Ronald and Jean Kornowa,
  138. When I found out I could go online and share a story about Paul I couldn’t help but remember the time he drove Kirk Zell, a rookie sales rep at the time, from Saginaw to Caro, Michigan for a sales meeting back in the early 80’s. Now for those of you who dont know how Paul drives, he’s more interested in talking with you, getting to know what’s going on with your family and finding out what’s going on out in the field than paying attention to traffic and ditches large enough to swallow a small bus on the side of the road.

    You’d have to hear Zell tell the story (ask him about Pauls vision for order entry during that ride) but lets just say the look on Zell’s face when he got out of the car was so terrified we not only laughed for years but decided to draw straws (short one wins) on who was going to have to ride with Paul the next time he came to visit.

    Thanks for the laughs Paul. I’m so glad I got a chance to see you last October at the food show. Your vision, wit and warmth will truly be missed by all who knew you.

    Gods blessing to you and your family.

    ~ Tom Heidger,
  139. Our memories of watching this wonderful, energetic, vibrant Christian man lead whether in our church, the Bible Conference, his home, with youth, his own children or whatever, we would say that his example was that of an outstanding Christian man. Thank you Dottie for being his faithful wife through these many years and an example to many of us of a godly woman such as in Proverbs 31. Thanks to you both for your kindness to us a number of years ago when our son was very ill as well. It has been our privilege to have known and shared life as believers in this world. May the Lord continue to be with each member of your delightful, sensitive, loving family in these days ahead.

    ~ Emo and Rose Ellyn VB,
  140. I used to have candy on my desk which he frequented often for the candy. When I didn’t have any candy he would let me know how disappointed he was with me cause his candy was gone so I would go on my lunch and get some and then put some on his desk with a note saying candy back in stock. Then when customer service was moving all over the place at the 333 building he couldn’t find me so I made my foot prints and started at his desk to my desk with a sign saying this way to the candy.
    I was blessed to have known such a great family and to have worked for a great company.

    ~ Anonymous,
  141. Dear Gordon family,
    It is obvious Paul Gordon has left a legacy of love for the Lord and His servants. Our sympathy is with you at this time and we look forward to being reunited one day in heaven. May God grant you His peace and comfort you in your loss. Our prayers are with you.

    ~ glenn and Bev Scott family,
  142. I met Paul Gordon for the first time in January 2000 at a New Employee Orientation in Grand Rapids. After listening to him speak to the group, I knew I had made a good decision in joining GFS. He exemplified what we all should strive to be: honest, humble, charitable, humorous and genuine.

    I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Gordon again this past summer when he visited Bridge Brand. Although he was not feeling well at the time, he was still full of quick witted comments and a sense of humour.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon Family. I know you will all miss Mr. Gordon very much.

    ~ Tricia Federkow, HR Manager, Bridge Brand Winnipeg (formerly GFS Ontario),
  143. Dearest Gordon family,

    I am very fortunate to have met Paul and have my memories of him. I will be forever be grateful to him. He treats our company as a partner and a preferred supplier. I have had the honor of meeting with Paul in Jakarta (Indonesia) on 25th October 2003 and in Grand Rapids (US) on 5th Sep 2006.

    I would like to send my deepest sympathy to the Gordon family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God comfort you.

    God Bless Paul and the entire Gordon Family.

    Our sincere sympathies,
    Great Giant Pineapple, Indonesia

    ~ Josep Lay,
  144. I will never forget Paul Gordon and his spirit. What an inspiration to all who have ever met or known him. As with others in this long list of memories, it’s hard to think of just one. He was always smiling and would remember your name even if he only met you once. An amazing God-given talent. I guess one thing that alway stands out in my mind is the generosity of Paul and the Gordon Family. I remember early in my 16 years here at GFS, I was asked to fix a spreadsheet on his assistant’s PC. In those days, there was no network, you had to go the the person’s PC and look at it. As it turned out, the spreadsheet contained a list of contributions that the Gordon family had made to various charities, churches, and organizations. I honestly can’t remember a single name or organization because that’s not what was important to me. What stuck out in my mind was how LONG the list was. We have all seen those that donate generous sums of money and then name the building, park, school, museum, or whatever after themselves. Paul donated very generous amounts of money very quietly and consistently. Paul always viewed it as doing God’s will and didn’t need to hear accolades or gain earthly stature. Quite the opposite.

    There is no doubt in my mind that he heard those words “Well done thou good and faithful servant” when he met his personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    While we are sad at losing this great man, this is truly a day for CELEBRATING knowing that Paul is free from his earthly pain and suffering and is now resting peacefully in his eternal home.

    Thank you Paul for being such an inspiration and influence in my life.

    ~ Al Contreras,
  145. I wanted to take a moment to thank the Gordon Family for sharing Paul with the rest of us. Paul touched many lives. He always made every person he came in contact with feel they were just as important as he was. The way Paul lived his life is an example for the rest of us to pattern our lives after.

    When my husband and I were looking to adopt, we has asked Paul if he could give us some ideas of what to expect when traveling in China. Paul not only gave us the information, he also took the time to follow up on the adoption agency that we were thinking of using and recommended that we choose another one. If Paul had not taken the time to talk to us, we probably would not been able to adopt the two wonderful children we have.

    Thank you and God Bless

    ~ The Wheelers,
  146. Joining with so many others, my colleagues in Russian MInistries and I want to express our condolences to the Gordon Family and to praise God for Paul’s life. He will truly and greatly be missed, but his faithfulness, kindness and gracefulness will remain as a blessing and challenge. With my late husband, Peter, i remember being with Paul and Dottie many times at Gull Lake and also with Paul in Russia. Wherever our paths crossed, Paul’s warm and memorable smile, humility, kindness and generosity were unchanging.

    ~ Anita Deyneka,
  147. Dear family and friends of Paul Gordon,

    With sadness in my heart I received the word that Paul is no longer
    with us. It is with joy in my heart, however, to realize that he is
    now with the Lord and that his generous spirit is continuing to
    impact thousands of churches and families around the world. I first
    met Paul Gordon at Gull Lake Bible and Missionary Çonference after
    coming to the U.S. from Russia in 1990. I was very impressed by his
    vision and passion to support so many ministries, and for his desire
    to educate many families about the importance of missions. Today
    hundreds of churches have been planted and thousands of Christian
    leaders in the former Soviet Union have been trained because of
    Paul’s compassion and strategic generosity demonstrated through
    Cornerstone Trust and Gull Lake Bible and Missionary ministries.
    Paul was a great instrument in the hands of God, helping to expand
    God’s Kingdom throughout the most needy territories of the former
    Soviet Union.

    While traveling with Paul in Russia and Ukraine soon after the
    collapse of the Soviet Union, I discovered for myself how
    compassionate and generous he was in meeting the needs of the
    church. Personally, I am so grateful to Paul and Dottie Gordon for
    their generous support which enabled me to receive my training at
    Moody Bible Institute and which paved the way for my current
    involvement in leadership training ministry. My colleagues, friends,
    and family who met Paul–both in Russia and in Wheaton, Illinois–
    will always remember his great, deep voice and his motto, “We are
    here to expand God’s Kingdom.”

    Whenever I see a truck passing me with the familiar red letters
    representing Gordon Food Service, I praise God for the Gordon family,
    for their great testimony on behalf of God’s family, and for Paul
    personally, who faithfully fulfilled his mission and passed it on to
    his children and many colleagues.

    Thank you, Paul. We will see you at the gates of glory.

    Sergey N. Rakhuba
    Russian Ministries

    ~ Sergey N. Rakhuba,
  148. Dottie and family,

    Our sympathies are with you during this time. Thank you for the encouragement and support that you have been to us throughout these years. Paul was one of my favorite people at Berean. His humility, generosity, joy, and friendliness was contagious to be around….

    I remember one time while running one of our inner-city youth programs, running into him while he was dropping off some books at the church. At the time, I was in the process of dealing with a student who had just threatened the life of another kid in our programs as well as threatening me. Once the youth left the church, Paul asked me a couple questions, put his arm around me, and encouraged me in my ministry.

    As God has surely blessed you in many ways, in response you have blessed so many people, ministries, missionaries, etc…

    Serving Christ in the ‘hood,

    Joel and Sherilyn Shaffer, Urban Transformation Ministries

    ~ Anonymous,
  149. The first time I met Paul was when Tom Snively and I took my employer, Erie Sauder (Founder of Sauder Woodworking and Sauder Village) to visit the GFS facilities in Grand Rapids. We met Paul, who at this time in his life was “semi-retired”, in his office and he and Erie immediatley hit if off. Well of course, Paul wanted to show Erie the facilities and our first stop was at the conference room where Paul, without kocking, walked us into an upper management meeting that was taking place, proceeded to introduce us to the enitre top team and take over their meeting for about 10 minutes. The top team was very gracious and as we left the meeting, Paul said to us with a huge smile and hardy laugh, “don’t worry about that, they are used to me interupting”.

    Since that time I had several more opportunities to get to know Paul and Dottie for which I am truly thankful. Paul was truly a living example and testimony of his faith in Jesus Christ and a witness for each of us. There is no doubt that when Paul met his saviour he heard the words, “well done good and faithful servant”.

    ~ Andy Brodbeck,
  150. Dearest Gordon family,

    Both Bill and I are very thankful to have known Paul. He was a great man, with allot of talent! Both of us have been with the company since the merger of Maple Leaf Foods and the Gordon Family! I remember Paul saying “People make a company”, we truly believe that this came from Paul’s heart!

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Gordon Family!

    ~ Charlotte , Bill Baptie - Milton,
  151. We are so thankful for the opportunity to know the Gordon Family and what you stand for! We are the blessed ones as your family has been a “gift from God” to our family. Rejoice, as Paul surely is at this time!
    Thank you again,
    Steve & Chris Beard

    ~ Anonymous,
  152. One of my most memorable instances of Paul occurred after working for Gordon Food Service for a little over a year. My wife and I were at the profit sharing dinner for new employees. We were sitting at a round table before dinner; Paul walked up and asked if he could dine with us. Of course we invited him to take a seat, he was buying. Paul sat down and talked to us like it was a family dinner. He explained that he had recently returned from a trip to Russia and told us about his many excursions on the trip. My wife and I were very impressed that the President of Gordon Food Service would take the time to sit and eat with us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Gordon family. May Paul’s philosophy continue to drive Gordon Food Service. Thank- You Paul

    ~ Brian Feringa,
  153. To the Gordon family,

    I am truly thankful for the example that Paul set with his life and hope that I can honor him by leading to the best of my ability in years to come. He was and continues to be a true inspiration.

    My sincere sympathies,

    ~ Mike Ferguson,
  154. Dottie and family…..we are rejoicing with you in Paul’s homegoing…to think he is breathing celestial air..yet we are sad for your loss. Mark’s dad went home after a 5 year struggle with cancer about 6 months ago…so we understand the mixture & mystery of JOY & SORROW!

    Today as you welcome friends and family we are praying for God’s peace, strength & joy to flow through each one of you! More so…for tomorrow’s celebration…that many will come to know Jesus personally through Paul’s life & testimony!

    Much love to you Dottie and to Jim & Bonnie - please feel a bug hug across the email waves!

    ~ Mark & Debbie (Kuyers) McGoldrick - Atlanta, GA,
  155. I as a small restaurant owner was also fortunate to talk to Paul Gordon on a couple of occasions at on of there great food shows…He seemed to be very down to earth as everyone in the GFS company is…I have been a GFS customer for over 35 years and it has been a real pleasure doing business with them…My thoughts and prayers are with all the family….

    ~ Andrew Brown, Fenton, MI,
  156. My husband and I were upset to hear the news of Paul Gordon’s passing. Him and his wife were wonderful people and treated everyone good. My husband is a GFS employee and we can’t say enough how the Gordon’s treat everyone that works for them and their families. None of the Gordon’s ever acted above anyone and Paul was no exception. He would come up to and talk to my husband on the floor at the warehouse along with any of the Gordon’s passing through. We talked to Paul and his wife several times over the last few years at the meeting including sitting with them at one of the shows last year and what a wonderful couple. He will be deeply missed.

    ~ Michael & Sharon Heath,
  157. There are so many wonderful stories to accompany a wonderful human being. One of my favorites - At a foodshow last year, I gave Paul a handful of vitamins - Flax & Fish Oil (which I would do from time to time) - He would just say “What’s this? What are these for?” I’d simply say, “Paul, that’s the best thing for you, right there”. After he’d swallowed them, a sales rep standing next to us said “Now, Paul, it’s time to tell you what those were really for” He was laughing so hard, he spilled his bottled water all down the side of my pants.

    ~ Kim - Credit/Nat'l Accts,
  158. My wife Lisa and I had the distinct pleasure of vacationing in Cabo San Lucas for a week with Paul and Dottie in February of 2007. I will never forget the trip, nor will I ever forget the generosity of the Gordon family, one of the things that stuck out, and I will never forget, we were all on a deep sea fishing charter, and both boats got skunked, no fish! When we made it back to shore, the guys on the boats were hammering us for “tips”, and it was made clear to us all, no tipping, everything was included.
    So, as Paul made his way off the boat, he heard these guys getting after us for tips, and said ” Tips…. I got a tip for ya, next time you have two boat loads full of people out there, help them catch a fish” and immediately followed his quip with that big hearty laugh that he had. What an amazing trip, thank you Paul and Dottie.

    ~ Rick Reed/ Central MI,
  159. Dear Gordon Family,

    This is a voice from the past. I still remember the many times that you had the teens from Berean over at your home back in the late fifties and early sixties. And of course I remember the trips we took as a youth group. Plus Paul was my Sunday school teacher for some of those years.

    I’m sure Paul will be missed, but please know that he had a profound impact on my life as a fatherless teen. Now almost 50 years later, I am serving the Lord as the General Director of Baptist Mid-Missions Spanish literature ministry, Editorial Bautista Independiente, in Sebring FL.

    ~ Marv Stephens,
  160. In the summer of 2002 I had the distinct pleasure of a special ride-with request. Yes a day to spend with Paul Gordon visiting customers in the Toronto area. A day in my life I will never forget. Paul Gordon exemplified the meaning of family, faith, business and goodwill to all. His appreciation for his customers and employees, the sharing of a joke a smile a firm handshake influenced my life.
    Thank You for being a great role model.

    With respect and admiration

    ~ Jim kapetanos and Family,
  161. We would like to send our sympathy to Dottie and her family. May the Lord comfort you at this time.
    Your are in our prayers.
    Andy and Joyce VanderKlok

    ~ Anonymous,
  162. I have many fond moments from over the years. What I admired most about Paul was that he remembered your name, even if you only met him once. He was always kind and ALWAYs had a smile on his face. He was a great man and you felt that from the moment you met him. He made you feel at home whenever you seen him. I feel very blessed to have known and worked for such a great man. He will be missed.

    My prayers are with Paul and the entire Gordon Family.

    ~ Melissa Beckett,
  163. I have very fond personal memories of Paul Gordon. When I came to Grand Rapids for orientation, he was there shaking hand with everyone. He actually took my orientation photo. I am surprised we got a photo because he had me laughing so hard.

    Paul Gordon was a very consistent man. He was the same person everytime I saw him. Whether at a Tiger’s game or a foodshow, he had a firm handshake, a warm smile and a positive word.

    ~ Jackie Pineo,
  164. I want to extend to the Gordon family my deepest sympathy in the loss of Paul. It was not that long ago that I lost my father and the pain was very real and deep. Two things guided me through the loss of my father that there is not doubt in my mind all the members of the Gordon family have as I did. One was the belief that my father, as Paul is now, in the precence of our Almight Lord and Savior and without any physical pain. This belief has always brought a smile to my face knowing that my dad, as Paul is also, in a much better place and knowing happiness as he never knew it on earth. The second is the faith that one day in the future the Gordon’s, as I will also, will see Paul again and we will all know the peace and happiness that our Savior has for us. Cling to the Lord and know that He is in control and all will be well.

    ~ Doug Miller,
  165. What else can one say after reading all these notes about Paul. I have been here 15+ years. I been in 3 different departments, worked in GR and outside of GR, but the story is all the same. The Gordon Family Philosophy does not change. Paul, as well as the other family members, made sure of this. With all the changes, that took place in our Company over the last 15 years, The Gordon Family Philosophy– the Foundation in which Paul and John led us in life and work, did not.

    I am very fortunate to have met Paul and have my memories of him. I will be forever be grateful to him I while I try to follow his example allowing me to be a better Christian, husband, father and worker.

    God Bless Paul and the entire Gordon Family. You are in my prayers.

    ~ Anonymous,
  166. Though I met Paul Gordon a number of times over the past 10 years my first and shortest meeting stands out the most. I was attending my first annual meeting in 1998. I had forgotten my camera and walked quite a distance back to the parking garage serveral blocks away to retrieve it.
    As a approached my car, Paul Gordon pulled in a parking space a few yards away. I was really impressed that the Chairman of the board who could have parked anywhere he wanted chose to park a any space he could find just like me. He said hi as we passed and that brief meeting still stands out to this day.

    ~ Kevin Wright,
  167. Dear Gordon Family:
    Author, Henri J. M. Nouwen said, “Our death may be the end of our success, our productivity, our fame or our importance among people, but it is not the end of our fruitfulness. In fact, the opposite is true: the fruitfulness of our lives shows itself in its fullness only after we have died. But the beauty of life is that it bears fruit long after life itself has come to an end.”
    John 12:24 says, “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”
    The real question before our death, then, is not, How much can I still accomplish, or How much can I still exert to be successful? But, How can I live so that I can continue to be fruitful when I am no longer here among my family and friends? That question shifts our attention from doing to being. Our doing brings success, but our being bears fruit.
    Certainly, Paul Gordon be missed, but as long as he is remembered in your heart and through your life, he will never be really gone. And one day, we’ll come to understand the full impact of his life when we reach eternity.
    I pray that you’ll continue to find God’s peace in a most difficult time. Even though I was a part of GFS for a short time, actually between ministries, I still draw upon my experiences taken from those years. Mr. Gordon was an encouragement to me and he will continue to bear fruit by the legacy he leaves.

    ~ Ed Gratton,
  168. I would like to send my deepest sympathy to the Gordon family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God comfort you.

    ~ Pat Ausema,
  169. In the 37 years my husband has been with GFS, Paul Gordon HAS BEEN Gordon Food Service to us.
    Paul always had a smile and a handshake for each and every employee and spouse, and usually knew them by name. We had the pleasure of dining with Paul at one of the GFS annual meetings many years ago. I had anticipated that I would really need to watch my table manners with the president of this company, but was pleasantly surprised that I could just be myself with Paul. He made us feel like we were great friends or family; he was so down to earth.
    Our deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Gordon family. Paul was a great man!

    ~ Cheryl Schadler,
  170. I had the priviledge to meet Paul at my first Annual meeting back in 2000. I had worked for the company a total of 2 1/2 months. My wife was with me and she told me that, that is a very thoughtful man to take a few minutes to talk w/ a new employee and ask how I liked working in Maintenance. I will never forget that few minutes and his deep infectious laughter! I also pray for the Gordon family each morning on my way to work, as well as my Supervisors. It is an Honor to work for such a Blessed company and such a caring family. I will keep the Gordon family in my prayers for a long time to come. The right words cannot be found at a time like this and so many have already been said. May God richly bless you all for your dedication to all of your employees!

    ~ Al,
  171. There are many great things you can say about Paul Gordon but the most special to me was watching him engaging with others and watching his “Servent Leadership” in action. His caring, leadership, laughter, and love for life and other people will always stay with me and I feel fortunate to have known him at my time at GFS. God bless the entire Gordon family.

    ~ Dave Appleby,
  172. It has always amazed me what a blessing it is to work for Gordon Food Service. You ask employees where they work and typically you will get a comment like “it is a wonderful and caring company”. Well, that truely comes from such a loving and caring family that truely does put employees first. Paul Gordon walked, talked, and breathed a deep and genuine appreciation for every employee at GFS and he was never too busy to stop and ask how you were doing that day. My husband and I were blessed to travel with Paul and Dottie to Mexico last year and they never stopped for a second making each and every person on that trip feel special. He is truely one of God’s angels that blessed each and every person that he met here on this earth. Thank you again Paul for everything, from everyone whose lives you touched.

    ~ Stacy and Michael Bolf,
  173. I’ll never forget the day that my manager at the time told me that a company out of the U.S. called Gordon Food Service was looking at buying us (Maple Leaf Foods in Ontario) and they were sending up a management team to work with some of us. I was a sales rep on the road at the time and when I was told that several “Gordons” were coming up, I said “Who are they, the owners?” My manager said that yes they were. Before GFS purchased us, our the owners were just names on a paycheque, but all that changed when GFS entered our lives. That was 14 years ago and the company that Paul and his family have built and the values that they live by have coninued to permeate our culture here in Ontario. I feel blessed to have met Paul on several occasions. He always made me feel cared for. His legacy will live on through all of the folks who he has touched with his servant leadership approach and we will honour him by living the values that he built GFS on. Thought’s and prayers go out to the family from Brendan, Lisa, Megan and Margaret MacNeil.

    ~ Lisa MacNeil, GFS Ontario,
  174. It is hard to find the words or just one story about Paul Gordon. I started GFS in 1975 so Paul Gordon has not only been my employer, but he has also been another father figure in my life. He and his company have not only helped me grow professionally, but also personally.

    I have so many wonderful memories with Paul that I do not even know where to begin. I guess the one that will always stick in my mind is one night back in the mid 1980’s. Dottie and Paul had just come home from a relaxing vacation. We had a serious computer problem around 3-4AM. It was not unusual for Paul to come in to the office to see if he could help (no matter what time it was). Paul rolled into the office in his nice three-piece (mind you, it is about 4AM) however, he had on tennis shoes. He said that he could not find his dress shoes because Dottie had not un-packed yet and all he had was his tennis shoes that he wore home on the plane. I told him, no worries, by tomorrow; everyone will be dressing like that and he had just started a new fad.

    There was not a day that went by that Paul did not take the time to say hello and some kind words if he was walking by you in the office. He sets a great example for all of us on how we should be professionally, personally and spiritually. He was honest, kind, led by example, loving and had great integrity. I feel honored and I am a better person to have known Paul Gordon for 32 years.

    ~ Christina Marckini,
  175. This is indeed a man of the highest standard. You’ve left a wonderful example. I’m certain God said “well done my good and faithful servent” as you stand before him. God bless and comfort to his family.

    ~ Anonymous,
  176. It’s hard to find words to describe a man as extraordinary as Paul Gordon. He made the world a better place. I’ll always remember his humor, his grace, his strong work ethic and most of all how he lived and embodied his faith. What a great example for us all. My life is richer for having known him. God Bless you Paul.

    ~ Patty Sullivan,
  177. Paul & The rest of the Gordon Family… Thank you for the happiness & security our Family has. GFS is truley one of a kind!
    God Bless

    ~ Anonymous,
  178. A warm smile. A friendly,firm handshake. Calling you out by name. Making you feel you are an important,needed, part of the GFS team. That is how I will remember Paul.

    Thank you for setting a great example for us Mr Gordon!
    I hope we will continue to carry your legacy as you would expect us to.

    ~ Mitch Smith,
  179. A Customer from one of the many schools serviced by GFS, I met Paul Gordon at my first food show as a Director, in Grand Rapids, about 22 years ago. Had a very brief conversation with him and was very impressed, but what just blew me away didn’t happen till the following year. At my second food show in Grand Rapids, I had a sweater on over my name tag so I know he remembered me. He called me by name and knew I was from a school in Ohio. He was nothing less than an AMAZING man and will be truly missed. God bless you Paul as you have so many others!

    ~ Sherry Kitson and Staff,
  180. Not surprisingly, everyone has a Paul Gordon story and they all revolve around how much he cared about them as people. My personal story came 10 years ago and while I won’t go into details, I found it even more amazing that, when I repeated it to a group at orientation back in February, Paul chimed right in as if it happened yesterday! We all hope to learn lessons from life but I think that many of us are learning even more from the passing of a life truly well lived and loved! It is because of you, Paul, and the impact that you had on an entire organization of people that will leave me with nothing but fond memories of the 10 years that I spent as a part of your family. Thank you, and God’s peace and blessings upon your family.

    ~ Paul Stabile Jenison, MI,
  181. When I was a young confused teenager, Paul Gorden spent time with me via the youth group that he worked with and I always remember him as a very kind and helpful man and this helped me through these times. He is a man to be remembered.

    I was sorry to hear of his passing, but I know he is in a better place.

    ~ Paul Strawbridge,
  182. I would like to express my condolences to Mrs. Gordon and all the family. I know that you all will miss Paul terribly, as will many others in your community and in the foodservice industry. I, for one, was honored to have known Paul and grieve his passing. I often speak of him with pride when I am asked about people I have worked with and for during my career.

    I was the Regional Sales Manager with Lamb Weston in the late 70’s to mid 80’s and had the fortune of personally dealing with Paul; for some reason French fires were on Paul’s radar. I was always glad to have Paul summon me from the meeting with the buyer to his office. He was as much a southern gentleman as I would hope to ever be.

    Paul paid me a great complement one time by accepting my invitation to attend a Lamb Weston meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks. I was proud to have him and Miss Dottie attend. As you might expect, Paul paid his own way. He gave us a slide presentation on the distribution business in China. I know you all have probably seen the slides on his tripe to China. I’m certain he was trying to make a point during this presentation, but for the life of me all I can remember is the laughter…

    Paul helped make my career; I went on to become the VP of Sales for Lamb Weston, then started by own business. I regret that I have not seen Paul since I left Lamb Weston, but like so many others whose lives were touched by him, I am happy to have my memories of him.

    ~ Tom Davis/Marietta, GA,
  183. I had the privilege of being able to work with Paul once each quarter on GFS’s new employee orientation for the last 4 years. I always looked forward to those Monday mornings! Paul would generally be there early so that he could meet all the new people as they filed in for the day. It seems like we always got started late because he was still visiting with people after our scheduled start time!

    You would think that I’d get bored hearing the same man speak four times each year for four consecutive years. However, each talk he gave was different because it centered around the people in the room and what they wanted to learn about their new employer. Each one of those talks was a learning experience and a true blessing for me.

    My mother always told me that when you visit someplace that you’re supposed to leave it in better shape than it was when you got there. Paul Gordon has surely left his earthly home in MUCH better shape. My thoughts and continued prayers are with the Gordon’s. Paul has certainly been an inspiration to me.

    ~ Kevin Jurek,
  184. Paul hired me as a sales rep for Detroit in October of 1975 and he has been a profound influence in my profeesional, pesonal, and spiritual life ever since. I have not worked directly for GFS in over 10 years but the wall above my desk in my current office is all memories of my 21 years there. In the center is a framed note of encouragement Paul wrote to me in September of 1981. My hope and prayer for the leadership at GFS is that you will continue to write notes of encouragement to those who need it to honor Paul’s memory.

    ~ JR,
  185. Thank you , we will miss Paul, He is a wonderful person, very giving. God bless you all during this time.

    ~ Anonymous,
  186. I have been truly blessed to have known Paul for more then 14 years. I have always admired him for his great humility, honesty, integrity, and his love of our Lord and Savior.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Gordon family. May God’s love heal your sorrow and replace your heartache with warm and loving memories of Paul.

    ~ Tim and Millie Terry,
  187. I will always think of Paul as a man that loved his God, his family, and his work. His life was an ongoing testimony of his Christian faith, and I am sure many that knew him are following his path becuse of their relationship with him. It was important for Paul to win in business but more important how he played the game. I beleive that GFS success has been because of these virtues.

    ~ Anonymous,
  188. I met Paul 9 years ago when he came in to the equipment room, which is now MarketPlace Heads Quarters HR, and was introduced to us. He shook my hand exchange names. Not meeting him for almost a year he passed me in the hall and said, “Hi Doug, how are things going?” He remembered me and that touched me. The simple things in life go a long way. God Bless your Family!

    ~ Doug Messick,
  189. When you met Paul, he didn’t just look you in the eye…he looked into your soul! His infectious laugh made you forget anything that may have been bothering you. When he shook your hand, as he did whenever you saw him, he would grasp you with both of his hands or put his other hand on your shoulder. Sure, he remembered your wife and children, but he also asked what they were doing because he wanted to know. They were his kids too in the GFS family.

    His life is a testament to his faithfulness to Christ and the Scriptures. He lived a full life and imparted a special gift to all who met him. He would not want us to grieve. He has shed his earthly body and entered into the presence of his Lord and Savior. He has entrusted us to “Carry on”.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Dottie, Dan and Jim and the whole Gordon family in your time of loss. God bless you.

    ~ Dan & Mary Cutting,
  190. I was fortunate enough to attend Winners Circle a few years ago. I took a dear female friend of mine for a fun filled weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.
    After dinner we decided to grab a couple of cigars and head to a comfortabale lounge area to sit, chat and have a smoke.
    Paul Gordon found us in the lounge enjoying our cigars and he apparently thought that was hilarious. He could not stop laughing.
    A week or so after we all returned home and for me the cigar event was forgotten…I received a cigar in company mail along with a hand written note from Paul.
    When you thought the company was getting so big you would be forgotten, Paul always remembered you.
    He made you feel like you were an important part of the organization.

    ~ Judith Miller,
  191. My family and I would like to send our condolences to the Gordon family. We are also praying and thanking the lord for sending the Holy Spirit to comfort, bless and stand by the Gordon family in this time of grief and sorry.

    ~ Tim, Theresa, Erica and Matthew Kimmick,
  192. Simply put, Paul was a man after God’s own heart. He walked the walk, he talked the talk, and lived his life daily in the shadow of God’s wings. In reading his final letter that was sent out to all employees just a few short weeks ago, tears filled my eyes as he very openly gave all the credit and all the glory to God. What an impact this one man has made on so many people that knew him personally and those who only knew him from a distance. As we strive daily to live in the image that God wants us to live, we all fall short, but God’s grace is sufficient. I thank the Lord for Paul’s faith and family values, and I believe that the many blessings GFS has experienced, is a result of this man, Paul Gordon, a true man after God’s own heart! Today, Heaven rejoices as a servant has come home.

    ~ Todd VanDuinen Family,
  193. We all met Paul Gordon and Family when they aquired the Henry Lee division , Although we never had the chance to work directly with him , it is an honor to work for a company with the philoshy and cornerstone values that Mr Gordon put in place and built Gordon Food Service company on . His has left behind a
    great legacy . Thank you for all you have done , you have changed many lives and you will never be forgotten . Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family .

    ~ Inventory Control Florida Division,
  194. Mr. Paul Gordon, He was one of a kind!

    Aithough, Paul was the president of the company he always treated you as a close personal friend. When ever he was out on the warehouse floor you could hear deep laughter heading your way. One of the things I remember the most about Paul was that he would always call you, your spouse, and your children by name. It seemed that any time there was a conversation with Paul he always used the words we, us, and ours never I.
    We will carry on his spritual, family and company believes.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much!

    Thion Charity

    ~ Thion Charity,
  195. I have worked for Gordon Food Service for over 5 years and I feel very thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Paul and know him, just a little bit. He spoke about the GFS family and company at my orientation. He struck up a conversation with me at a regional meeting in Indiana and was very interested in me and where I came from before starting with GFS. He then proceeded to tell me about his Grandfather and how he went back to being a pastor after Paul’s dad Ben got into the picture. I felt very priviledged to have him share some of his history of his family and he made me feel like I was the only one in the room when he talked to me. I thank God for this giant of a man who was just a kid who grew up around groceries all of his life. He truly eminated many good things and I know his legacy will live on through me and others who work for GFS as they think about his example and what he expected from his people every day. Compassionate, tough, loving, hard-working, relational, results-driven, godly, never giving up and a great man, this was Paul Gordon. Thank God for his life and legacy.

    ~ Kirk Severs,
  196. I have had the honor of talking with Paul and Dottie several times over the years at Annual Meetings and have been impressed with them and the entire Gordon family. I am thankful that God brought me and my family into contact with Paul and his family. We have been more than blessed. I mourn for our loss but I celebrate Paul’s life and the lives that he has touched during his time here on this earth. Peace and Blessings.

    ~ John Willoughby,
  197. Just wanted to say what a wonderful and kind man Paul Gordon was. I would see Paul only at the annual meetings and he would always remember my name and smile and say “how are you Bob” although I would only see him about every other year. I can still see Paul dressed up in the ZZ Top outfit and singing “We got Food” and playing his guitar. I also remember the “Whazzzup’ skit with the Gordon family. It was hilarious. Paul exemplifies what generosity is. My wife and I were so saddened to hear of Paul’s passing but we know he is on the right hand of the Lord and looking down on us all. He will be missed. Our prayer are with Pauls family.

    ~ Bob and Kay Woodling,
  198. It was always a treat to visit with Paul Gordon. He had a way about him that no one else had. He made you feel like family. I always looked forward to his speaches. He always had something great to say, but he also made you laugh all the way through it. I think he was one of the most funniest men I ever knew. This past year, in December, at the Annual meeting in Columbus, he was at the top of his game. He was cracking one joke after another and at one point he just stopped, turned around, looked at the screen behind him, and laugh at himself. I feel honored that I was able to know such a great man and that I work for such a great company. I will truly miss Paul and the way he made me laugh. Thank you, Paul and God bless you and your family at this time.

    ~ Vera Bretz, CDS Cleveland,
  199. Our family’s memory of Paul will be of his engaging personality and his larger than life laugh. When Paul would speak to us, he truly made us feel special. The philosophies and principles that Paul believes in have created an organization that we are proud to be associated with.

    ~ With great respect,,
  200. Sometimes, every so rarely, a person touches your world in such a way that you are indelibly marked by their persona. Paul Gordon was such a man for me. When I came to work for GFS over 10 years ago, it was at one of my lowest points in my life, and GFS and the family took a chance on me. At that time, I didn’t know what it was to work in an environment where principles like the Cornerstone Values were lived each day, and didn’t just hang on a wall. I learned what Culture meant, where Teamwork happened, and that Everyone Was Important. I learned that Christian Values and Business did mix and work together causing the greatest of all synergies. Every time I had the privilege to talk to Paul over the years, he impressed me so because he truly listened. He cared about others and what they had to say. He embodied GFS Culture.

    Last year our team had the honor of getting our picture taken with Dottie and Paul on the last day of Winner’s Circle. That photo is displayed in my office and is one of my most prized possessions. I look at it often, but when times might get a little rocky, and see that infectious smile of Paul’s, it encourages me to press on. For each of us, to truly honor Paul, is to continue to keep his legacy alive by living and teaching the Culture that he professed and lived each and everyday to others.

    God Bless you Paul….you will be missed but never forgotten. We will carry on your Legacy as best we can.

    ~ Bill and Kathy Tschida,
  201. I enjoyed the few times I chatted with Paul over the years — he was an interesting person to talk with — sincere but with a sense of humor! I appreciated his friendliness.
    I rejoice with you that Paul is enjoying the glories of heaven but also grieve with you in losing the presence of someone you so very dearly loved.

    ~ Gloria Baker,
  202. I fortunate to have worked a supplier to GFS for approximately 25 years, and in that time I have made many trips to GFS offices, facilities and shows. Throughout those years it has been that ‘infectious’ smile, that welcoming handshake, those kind and gentle words of wisdom, the hearty laugh, and the feeling of ‘belonging to the GFS Family’. Paul never forgot a name or a face, he never forgot his roots, and he never failed to make us all feel like we were the most special person that he ever met. In short he was a wonderful man, and always a touch of class! What a role model for all of us in the industry to follow.

    ~ Rick Mier, Sugar Foods Corporation,
  203. What can one say that hasn’t been said already?

    “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labors”

    Your labors have produced good fruit, Paul.

    Thank You!

    ~ anonymous,
  204. What a wonderful tribute and a beautiful way to celebrate the life of Uncel Paul. Uncle Paul touched so many lives. He loved so many people, and was loved by so many people. This picture of Uncle Paul truely captures his smile, his laugh, and his love of life. He always had a way of having “fun” and having a good laugh, which I can still hear now! He was such a warm and generous person! Uncle Paul’s service to the company, to his familiy, and his loving Savior will be inspiration to so many and will live on forever! I can picture him now dancing at the feet of his Savior, Jesus in heaven!

    ~ Rachel Borich (Des Moines, IA),
  205. forgot to add my company name below can you please add thanks Val Chumney Michaels and Associates

    ~ val Chumney Michaels and Associates,
  206. One of my fondest memories of Mr. Gordon was back in the late 1980’s and we were attending a GFS Golf customer / vendor golf outing in Indianapolis . He had ripped him pants and approached me and asked if I had a needle and thread, I did not and told him that unfortunately I never had learned how to sew and I suggested that he use a stapler to mend his pants , He proceeded to find a stapler and and we all laughed about his mending job all day .

    Over the next twenty years that I been working with GFS , every time time I saw Paul in the offices or out in the field the first question he usually asked if me was *If I had learned how to sew yet * and we always shared a good chuckle.

    Such a wonderful person he will missed by many. My sympathies to the entire GFS family.

    ~ Val Chumney,
  207. I don’t think Paul ever did anything small. One Christmas, Paul and Dottie along with some of their children and grandchildren journeyed to Ethiopia. Along with a keen interest in seeing what God was doing in that part of the world, they came prepared to bless each one they met. Our kids still talk of the surprise Christmas party Paul and the family threw for all the Ethiopian missionary kids. That kind of thoughtfulness, generosity, and celebration of life earmarked every aspect of Paul’s life. He loved His God with great abandon and loved all the people God gave him throughout the world. Not only did he exhibit those qualities in his fun, gregarious way he accomplished the amazing feat of passing those traits on to his children and his grandchildren. I can’t imagine what kind of celebration welcomed him into Heaven, but I do know their gain is truly our loss. As we rejoice over a life well lived, we are also asking the God of all comfort to be with Dottie and their entire family.

    With love,
    Joe and Kay Harding
    SIM/Sports Friends, USA & Ethiopia

    ~ Anonymous,
  208. My heart is filled with memories of all the Gordon Family. It is very difficult to put into writting any of them. Words just don’t seem to come. The tears fall freely each time I try to express them on paper. This would seem strange to an outsider, but reading the many outpouring of memories and thoughts from the individuals that have known Paul Gordon, I am not alone. He has made an impact on so many lives. For this, the Gordon Family can be proud. This is his Legacy. We as individuals have been driven to care about this company and this family as our own due to their caring for us.
    My husband Jon and I have been sharing memories together over the last several days of this amazing man. We are laughing one moment and then the tears. Our prayers are with the Family. May God bless you all. For he has Blessed us with each of you.

    ~ Cheryl and Jon Satterfield / Florida,
  209. We will both miss Paul deeply. We still remember the first time we met Paul. Ron had been working at GFS all of 2 months at the time when we attended our first annual meeting. When we got there, everyone had already gone into the meeting room. As we were rushing to get in, Paul stopped us and greeted us (in that wonderfully unique voice!) as if he had known us all our lives. In spite of the meeting starting shortly, it felt like talking with us was the most important thing for him to do. We were touched by his genuine warmth and caring right from the start. Since then, we’ve both enjoyed each opportunity to talk with Paul and to hear from him through the many videos (both serious and humorous). No matter what, his strong faith and commitment to the Lord always came through, and has been an inspiration to us.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Gordon family.

    ~ Ron & Cathy Hull,
  210. I came to work GFS in 1995 and had the oppurtunity to meet Paul and Dottie during a Winners Circle trip, my wife Lynn and myself got the biggest kick out of watching Paul walk the room taking pictures of everyone with a little throw away Kodak camera, laughing and smiling with everyone. He always took time out to talk to all of us. He truely ” walked the walk”. His faith in the good Lord above was amazing.I could go on and on about what Paul Gordon meant to all of us. I would like to thank Paul and the rest of the Gordon family for providing me the oppurtunity to take care of my family. May God bless Paul, Dottie and the rest of the Gordon family—-you will always have a special place in mine and Lynn’s heart.

    ~ Pete Sargent CDS,
  211. The first time l met Mr. Gordon was when the Gordon family first purchased Neptune Foodservice,at the time l was a DSR and was introduced to him in one of our hallways by Frank Geier. At that point not truly knowing the man our the Gordon family l thought to myself well chances are that will be the first and last time he will ever recognize me (how wrong l was). Some time had passed and Mr Gordon’s next visit to the West Coast we crossed paths again and with no one to prompt his memory he with that Mr. Gordon smile stuck out his hand and said “Mark Marshall how are you doing” with the number of people he would meet in a day never mind a year l was amazed. At that point l started to truly understand the commitment to people that he had.
    To the Gordon family my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    ~ Mark Marshall, Vancouver BC,
  212. Paul Gordon- Servant Leader. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work for the Gordon Family for over 17 years. What other billion dollar company can you walk up to to the head of the Family and start a conversation? I think my favorite memories are the skits that Paul, John, Dan, Jim and John jr. used do. ZZ Top, Wuz Up ?, to name a couple. Paul, there’s no question in my mind my precious Son Dean met you at the gate last Tuesday and said ” Hi Mr. Gordon. My Dad works for you. Welcome to Paradise!

    ~ Scott LeCompte- Indianapolis,
  213. I met Mr Gordon at a food show in Chicago. I was very new to the Gordon Food Services family of customers but I could tell right away why Ty Troy, the person that handled our companies account, was as pleasant and accommodating as he was. You could tell the culture that Mr. Gordon created had influenence everyone that represented his company. Though I had nothing to do with our company joining the GFS family, I can say that I would recommend GFS to anyone who ask.

    I can remember telling Ty Troy about the “Feed the Need” program that we have at our church. We were trying to find out how we could take advantage of food that would be wasted at GFS. In short, Ty had the opportunity to share our vision with Mr. Gordon who didn’t think twice about donating to our program. Im sure many others have benefitted from acts of kindness simular to this one.

    My prayers go out to the Gordon family, and the Gordon Foodservices family. An “Angel” has finished his work and gone home!

    God Bless..

    ~ Dennis Allen,
  214. My memories of Paul go back over two decades. Like so many others in the Food Service Industry I am far better both professionally and personally for having known him. May we all strive every day to be a little more like Paul Gordon. Imagine how better off this Industry and this world would be. May God bless and watch over the Gordon family as they cope with the loss of this gentle man.

    ~ Mike Roach,
  215. You will be deeply missed, Paul. I remember sitting down in the 420 conference room for my group orientation. Paul was the last speaker of many that came in and spoke to us about GFS. After his presentation, the meeting adjourned and Paul proceeded to make his way around the room, meeting everyone that attended. He made his way over to me and asked where I was from, what market I would be working out of, as well as who was our greatest competitor. I introduced myself and told him that Bunn Capital was the main competitor in our market, as they had been around for many years and was local. Paul looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you think we should buy them”? I’ll never forget the chuckle we both had over that! So many great statements can be made about Paul, but the one that resonates with me is genuine. He had a way of relating to people and truly cared for everyone he touched. God Bless and Thank You Paul!

    ~ Fred A. Morgan Milwaukee/Madison Region,
  216. I was working nights at GFS going on maybe my first year there and Paul came down to the packing area and struck up a conversation with me, I was amazed when he asked me how each and every member (calling them by thier first names) was. I thought to myself I didn’t think he even knew who I was? I had lost my previous job to a union strike and I knew from our conversation that my career at GFS was very secure. 24 years later I’m still grateful to Paul and all the rest of the Gordon family for providing me the opportunity to have employment that has allowed me to take care of my family.

    ~ Bob DeLano,
  217. Dear Gordon family,
    All of us have such wonderful memories of Paul. I have many but will share my first and last.

    My first - 1977 - right out of college. My room mate had been Maggie Day, Paul’s neighbor and Joyce’s friend. Paul taught me the business as a Dad would. Little did I know how fortunate I was and how special
    he was. I left GFS in 1980 - took me till 2004 to “come back home”. I am so blessed to have been warmly welcomed back by Paul.

    My last memory is the summer of 2007. My dad was dropping off paperwork at GFS for me. From our lobby I saw my dad and Paul walking and talking together - about WWII, retirement age etc. I told them they were my 2 favorite guys. And so I remember Paul - figuratively and literally standing beside my dad.

    With much love a,d admiration

    ~ Mari + Rick Wielopolski,
  218. Your warm smile, firm handshake, and hearty laugh will be missed. Even though I have spent very little time face to face with you I know that I am a better man just from knowing you. You have inspired so many people in so many ways I can only hope that from that inspiration that I may inspire one person from what I have learned from your lrgacy.
    My family prays that Dottie and the entire Gordon Family will find comfort in each other, and knowing that we all will meet again in the home of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Memories are one thing that death can not destroy.

    ~ Duane Luecke Central States Division,
  219. I have many wonderful memories of Paul Gordon, but one especially stands out. It was the day we unplugged the mainframe on January 24, 2008. Paul, being the innovator that he was, challenged us over 13 years ago to achieve this goal and the day had finally arrived. He was so excited and appreciative of everyone’s extra effort and perseverance to make this happen. I will never forget his smile when we finally unplugged it. The day wouldn’t have been the same without Paul’s presence. Thank you, Paul for your patience and ongoing confidence in us to achieve this goal. I will deeply miss your humble spirit and Godly example you set. God has truly taken home a wonderful man. My prayers are with the entire Gordon family during this difficult time. May God be especially close.

    ~ Steve VanderMolen,
  220. The entries in this blog are amazing, and if you knew Paul you would agree with each one. We were touched by his warm personality, strong faith and support of missions to spread the Gospel throughout the world. His eagerness to attend church in his final days was a strong testimony for others to greet our next life with great expectation. He will be missed.

    ~ Patrick and Lori McGovern,
  221. I was saddened to hear of Paul’s death.I first met Paul in 1967 at General Motors Institute in Flint, where I was in charge of food service and Paul was making sales calls. When I went to Ferris State U. in 1977, the relationship grew. I’ve fished with Paul in the Gulf, golfed with him at Ferris(not his area of expertise),and loved the man for his humor and ready laugh. He was always looking 10 years into the future to see what was coming,and how Gordon’s could be ahead of the curve. His modesty,his rumpled suits,his ready laugh, his pride in GFS, his family,and his faith in his Lord, made him special. I shall miss seeing him at the Gordon shows. HE IS IN GOD’S LOVING ARMS, we shall meet again,What a great reuion That will be.

    ~ Walt and Pat Luecke,
  222. I first met Paul at my orientation in 2001. He asked where I was from and replied, “Ann Arbor.” He immediately asked if I’d been to a certain Indian restaurant there, which he said was one of his favorite, and I responded I hadn’t been there. Ann Arbor was the second thing he remembered about me, the first was my name. A company that employs over 10,000 employees, he’d see me maybe twice a year, and he remembered my name and home town. Wow.

    The second thing I remember is my wife’s face lighting up whenever she’d see Paul at our outings, and his smile (well, smile isn’t an accurate word, it was more “joy.” Just amazing to see.) at seeing her. To be a man to care that deeply for so many people, and then in turn so many people caring about that man, is something that is nearly impossible for me to comprehend. Over the years that I’ve seen him, I can’t picture him not smiling. The picture of him on this web site is so great.

    It is really amazing how such a great “businessman” was such a great “man.” Thank you for everything you’ve given me and my family, Paul. We’ll miss you and your smile always.

    ~ Patrick Shaw, Great Lakes East Sales,
  223. Paul Gordon’s story in GFS is only a part of his huge life. His commitment to the world and to sharing the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ with all peoples has been his driving passion. At SIM we count it a privilege to have known Paul for many years, to have him serve on our US Board and to be challenged by his life of service.

    Our prayers are with Dottie and the rest of the family. For people from Scotland Psalm 23 is almost like our natinal anthem - may the truth of these great words of David encourage you and support all the family at this time.

    ~ Malcolm (& Liz) McGregor - SIM International Director,
  224. My thanks to Paul who led, by example, with excellence in integrity and godly principles in business as well as in employee relationships.
    Dottie, you and your family are in my prayers as you walk the journey similar to that of my family just 2 months ago. God is good and the assurance of a reunion in heaven is our consolation.

    ~ Adele Ripley,
  225. Paul Gordon was part of my business life for 30 years. During that time he was always generous with his time and counsel. He was as kind to a rookie in the business as he was to the senior executives–sometimes moreso. His word was his bond and his friendship was a treasure. I’ll always remember him standing in the lobby at the GFS Food Show for hours talking to his customers. He seemed to know all of them–by name, and he never appeared to get tired. We were all fortunate to know Paul and we’ll all miss him.

    ~ Bill Van Duzer, Heinz FS retired,
  226. He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you?
    To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8
    What words could better discribe the life lived by Paul. He showed us what being a Man of God can mean in ones life. Paul followed His Savior’s example that the key to leadership is to serve, to show respect and value for everyone his life touched. Thanks for all the lessons learned over these past 20 years of our relationship both as a customer and now as an employee.

    ~ Ned Graf,
  227. It is with great sadness that I heard of Paul’s passing. I will always be grateful for the 30 years that I worked with him and the many lessons learned. Through many positions with the company, including 10 years in the office working closely with him and the last 20 years in the sales force, he was always there giving guidance and support to make you the best you could be. We all have people in our lives that we can say made us better and he was certainly one of those for me. He was a special man and will be greatly missed. Our sympathy and prayers are with the Gordon family.

    ~ Jim and Judy Ryan GFS 1966-1998,
  228. Whether it was sharing lunch during a training session in Grand Rapids or just listening to Paul tell stories, you always walked away knowing you learned something. My thoughts and prays go out to Paul and his entire Family.

    ~ Scott Sitkowski,
  229. I didn’t have as many opportunities to interact with Paul as others, but one story I love to tell people that ask me about the company is from last years food show in Grand Rapids. It was my first food show and we were able to break out from our District for about an hour while we were there. Ted Finco (Marquette Store Manager) and I were walking through the show and saw Paul in his wheelchair. He motioned and was wheeled over to us. Without hesitation he knew who we were and what store we were from. The touching part is the way he forced himself to stand up as far as he could to shake both of our hands and thank us. It is rare for someone in Paul’s position to be that respectful and sincere toward his subordinates. He was an inspirational and kind human being that we will all miss greatly.

    ~ Cory Kuchenberg (Escanaba Marketplace),
  230. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked closely with GFS as produce vendor overthe last 10 plus years.
    At the end of my first GFS foodshow we were cleaning up and as I was taking some produce out of a cooler, I turned around and there was Paul, looking intently at some of my company’s diced roma tomatoes. I thought Oh! Oh! What’s wrong? He called over Ty Troy, the produce category manager at the time and said “Ty, remember when we used to do these and they mostly looked like tomato soup? These sure are a lot nicer”. Ty introduced me as a new vendor and Paul shook my hand and welcomed me to GFS, thanked me for being there. I will never forget his warmth and heartfelt sincerity. Was fortunate to meet him briefly a number of times over the years and he always seemed to recognize me and thank me for my support of GFS. Paul touched everyone he met or even knew of him.

    ~ Darryl Apger Freshway Foods,
  231. Paul Gordon had such an influence on my life and my faith. Every time I saw him he had such a unique way of making me feel like a million bucks. His deep hearty laugh will echo in the walls of GFS and our hearts for many years. Witnessing his sons Dan and Jim interact with people and lead these past years, I am encouraged that Paul’s love and care for people, faith, humor and his legacy will continue in the family and leadership at GFS. Paul set high standards but through his example, we can follow after his steps and reach for the same goal that he has made attainable for us all. My prayers are with the Gordon Family

    ~ Anonymous,
  232. When I started with GFS almost five years ago, I went to Grand Rapids for new Marketplace assistant manager training. The first speaker of the day was to be Dan Gordon. When the orientation was about to begin, Paul Gordon strolled in. He went to the speaker stand and said “Dan was supposed to be the first speaker this morning, but you know how those young people like to sleep in!”. The next morning, we had an early tour of the Marketplace division and various offices. We were lead up to the Gordons’ offices and the only person there was a secretary. On our way down the stairs, Paul was coming up. After greeting us, he asked how everyone was doing up in the offices. Someone replied that he was the only Gordon we had met that morning. His reply: “Looks like another lousy morning on the golf course”. I never witnessed Paul’s business savvy first hand, but his humor throughout the several times I met him over those few days was inspirational in the fact that he seemed to find a bit of humor in various situations.

    ~ Kevin Roecker, Peoria MP,
  233. I’d like to share with everyone my Paul Gordon moment. I was running my Friday route as usual at
    Bowling Green State University. One of the receivers said you just missed Paul Gordon. I said THE PAUL
    GORDON from GFS? So as the morning went along we kept missing one another. I was at my last stop &
    had just finished when 3 huge cargo vans pulled up and all these people came piling out. So here they all
    come walking up the sidewalk. BGSU reps-Pat Thomas,Tom Snivley-GFS corporate office reps, and Mr
    Paul Gordon. As I introduced myself I said “It’s very nice to finally meet you Mr Gordon”. He quickly replied “Please RJ call me Paul”. So then after some conversation, somebody there had a camera and said “Hey RJ why don’t you and Paul stand next to YOUR truck with the GFS logo in the background and I
    will take your picture”. I quickly replied “It’s not my truck it’s his truck. I just drive it.” Paul’s reply was
    “That’s pretty funny.” I still have that photo today and I took it one step further. I sent it back to Paul’s
    office and he wrote a short note and signed it for me. The next Friday at BGSU, everyone who met Paul
    told me what a nice and pleasant man he was to them. My reply to them was “That’s Paul”.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.
    RJ Hessel Toledo-Maumee/Sales Serviceman.

    ~ Anonymous,
  234. Paul Gordon was the greatest leader I have ever known. His devotion to his relationship with Jesus Christ, his family and all the men and women he served at Gordon Food Service is legend, and all of us who knew him are infinitely better because of it. That’s it. I’ve got to go. Paul wants us out and in front of customers.

    ~ Peter Uhl,
  235. I didn’t know Paul all that well, but what I did see at the GFS Annual Meetings is that he spoke with his heart. I see that has been passed down to his son Jim. I am sure it will continue to be passed down to future generations. What a great legacy to leave - that is to speak with your heart!
    I’m so sorry for your loss.

    ~ Chris Neiman (wife of Jerry Neiman - IS Dept),
  236. The Bible says love is seen in our behavior toward one another. It’s easy to say we love Jesus and even include it in written statements; but it is in our actions that real love is seen - and when people see real love, they see God. I am convinced, therefore, that every person who had the priviledge of meeting Paul caught a glimpse of God. People mattered to Paul, there’s no denying that. And it didn’t matter who you were, or who you weren’t, he loved you just the same. I think this is because Paul had learned that love is the flavor of life and life is simply tastless without the flavoring love adds to it - which is way he “sprinkled” love on everyone he met. My life was greatly impacted because of the way Paul lived his life and how he extended continual love, concern, and acts of kindness on the behalf of myself and my family. I loved listening to his stories, especially the one of how he was just going to run into the office for a quick second to grab something off his desk so he parked in the handicapped space. When he came out, there was a parking ticket on his windshield. He couldn’t believe he had gotten a ticket for parking in a lot which he owned. :) Paul was like a grandpa to me and treated me as if I were family for I think he considered all GFS employee as part of his family. I will miss him greatly, but his legacy will endure. It is my prayer that I, too, will live a life of love - adding flavor to everyone I meet. Thanks, Paul, for showing me who Jesus really is and for loving me for who I am.

    To the Gordon family - our thoughts and prayers are with you and we are truly sorry for your loss. Having just lost my dad three weeks ago to cancer, we know the pain you’re experiencing all to well. Keep his memory alive in your hearts and let his words and example continue to lead you until you are reunited with him again. :)

    ~ Mark and Moriah Cameron, Mishawaka, IN,
  237. I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary with GFS next week.
    Ironically, 10 years ago next week after my third day with GFS as a sales associate I met Paul Gordon for the first time while setting up a small regional food show. I never anticipated or expected to be meet or be acknowled by the owner of the company at this point in my short career, perhaps a formal introduction maybe.
    However, in less than 30 minutes of his arrival I hear this deep baritone voice call my name and turn around to Paul with his hand extended and his signature smile introducing himself. We spent at least 30 minutes talking mostly about my family and past. I was never fortunate enough to get 30 minutes of
    1 on 1 time with him again, but over the years at food shows & meetings, he somehow managed to acknowlege me by my name and have time for brief conversation.
    I now work in the marketing dept. where I have had the privledge to witness the passion & culture Paul instilled into another great orginazation and industry leader known as Markon.
    A true icon to the industry who has touched so many who he never knew.
    I am deeply greatful for what Paul & the Gordon family have provided me and my family.
    Our thoughts & prayers will be with Ms. Dottie & the Gordon family as we celebrate the ultimate example of life he shared with us.
    He will be missed, until we meet again.

    ~ Chris Willett-CSD,
  238. A man of character, humor, compassion and most of all love for the Lord Jesus Christ! He often told me he was just pragmatic! In truth, he was a man of conviction and values who loved God, his family and people. My 8 years at Gordon Food Service changed my life. His mansion will be very large in his new home. God bless you Paul! You ran the good race! You were that good and faithful servant!

    ~ Steve Ensley,
  239. I met Paul Gordon at a volleyball match. What a wonderful grandfather to come to Tennessee and to many other states to watch his grandaughter Courtney play collegiate volleyball for Lee University. My favorite memories were hearing him yell very loudly from the stands and especially when it was really quiet. The national tournament would not have been the same without him there to cheer us on. I never knew how important Paul was to so many people so I am in awe reading all of these great memories. To us he was just a proud grandad making his grandaughter feel special. What a magnificent christian and a wonderful example for us all. Lee Volleyball loves you and our prayers are with you Courtney, Dottie, and the rest of the family.

    ~ Andrea and Kevin Hudson,
  240. I have always had the deepest repect for Paul Gordon. He was an incredible family man, a man with the utmost integrity, an intelligent business man, and he had a profound love for the Lord that was evident to anyone who knew him. No matter what Paul always seemed to have time to talk and he was genuinely interested in what was going on in your life. He was deeply loved and will be deeply missed.
    To the rest of Gordon family, may God sustain you through this difficult time. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you. He was truly an amazing man.

    ~ Aaron & Meredith DeRidder- New Tribes Mission-Papua New Guinea,
  241. I had the honor to be chosen to go on a trip to Utah with Paul and Dottie Gordon. What a wonderful person he was, so full of life and happiness. He made us all feel so special. Like paul, I also had a battle with cancer and he came to me with open arms wishings me the best and inspriation to carry on with god at my side.
    He was such an inspriation to me at that time. Iwill never forget his kindness and his true concern for others. Paul was a special person in so many ways. I enjoyed spending time then with him and dottie, and
    always looked forward to his visits to our store in Maumee, ohio
    I know his family will truly miss him, but you will never know, just how much his GFS family will miss him.
    My prayers and well wishes to all his family. As Paul watches over us, we will miss you dearly Paul!!!
    My deepest and best wishes to his wife Dottie, you were truely blessed with a special man as your partner in life.
    He may be gone from here on earth, but not in our hearts.

    Take care and God bless and watch over the Gordon family.

    Nancy Friend - Maumee Store

    ~ nancy Friend -maumee ohio,
  242. Being with Paul Gordon was like being part of something special, quick to laugh and joke. He never took himself too seriously. We all
    knew his priorities God, Family and GFS.. We will miss him greatly. I trust our memories of him will be a comfort to us all, until we see him

    ~ Kevin and Meg Cusack,
  243. I never had the good fortune of meeting Paul Gordon but over the past 40 years that I’ve been in the food service industry (chef,owner, manager,CDM) in one capacity or another, I’ve alway’s heard only good things about him. He must have been a man of great integrity and character to develope such a great company. Gordon Food Service is well known for it’s business principles of quality, honosty and trust, and that, I believe, is a direct reflection of Paul himself. I have been very enriched over the years from doing business with GFS, and still feel the pride and satisfaction today of doing business with the wonderful Gordon family and it’s team (family) members.

    ~ Chef John Rumney, Grand Rapids, MI,
  244. How we thank the lLord for Paul Gordan. The joy of staying in their home and watching the deer and the fun at the lake when he let me use the scadoo that did not have the license will never be forgotten. He was such a compassionate visionary. A huge encourgement to need struggling doubting Thomas like me. My condolence to all the family and especially Dotty.

    ~ george verwer,
  245. The Good Book defines greatness as the ones who served the most. By that definintion Paul Gordon was a great man. I have fond memories of being stranded in Michigan over a Christmas holiday in the early 1970s and spending Christmas day with my college buddy Dan Gordon and his gracious family. I have the legendary destinction of being perhaps the least talented worker ever to work at Gordon’s warehouse. Years later I accomapnied Dan and Paul to a dinner show in Las Vegas to see impressionist Rich Little. The Gordons were in town for a trade show. I still remember the deep rich, laugh of Paul at some of the funny rountines. As fate would have it,years later I was a part of the entertainment at one of the Christmas banquets with Kenny Rogers. I remember being proud to hear Paul quote scripture during his remarks before the show. I was glad for Kenny Rogers to hear where a great business leader was coming from. There may be people who have impressed me more than Paul Gordon, I just can’t think of any. What an example for all of us! He raised the bar pretty high. When I am traveling through the midwest I get a smile on my face every time I see a Gordon’s truck, knowing the intregrity and the rich legacy that goes behind that name. I am proud to have know the man. His influnce will continue to touch me.

    ~ doug dean,
  246. I wish I could say that I knew Paul Gordon well, but that was not the case. There were only a few times that we chatted in the hall as he was on his way to a meeting. In just those couple of times though, I found him to be one of the most endearing people I have ever met. Since he had to leave us I am glad to know that he is now at peace and has made it Home.

    ~ Lorie T.,
  247. Mr. Gordon touched countless lives and truly made a difference during his time on earth. From his business life to his countless acts of charity, he represents the ideal person. There is no way adequately express appreciation for all that he has done. My family and I offer our sincerest condolences to the Gordon family.

    ~ Anonymous,
  248. It was a special blessing and honor for us to have known Paul Gordon in the last ten years.
    We met him for the first time in Lichtenstein and were so touched by his humble and genuine warmth, his wonderful sense of humor, his love and care for his wife and the other members of the Board. His interest in our small country Bulgaria and God’s ministry there was so genuine, that he visited the country later and we shall always remember that. We have been in his home and have experienced the wonderful hospitality of his wife Dottie. We shall never forget his joy to take us on a motor-boat ride on the lake. His encouragement, his care, his way of making every one feel special, his generosity, his deep faith in God made a deep impact on us and an example to follow. We are thankful to the Lord for such a well lived life for His glory!
    Our hearts go out to his dear wife Dottie and the family during this time of separation and may God’s peace and love be with you.

    Nick and Grace Nedelchev, Sofia, Bulgaria

    ~ Grace and Nick Nedelchev,
  249. In 1987, I had been President of Kraft Foodservice in Santa Ana, California for 6 months. In my first six months as President I had learned exactly how much I didn’t know about foodservice distribution. I received a phone call from Paul, saying that he was on vacation in Los Angeles visiting his daughter and grandchildren. He asked if he could come down to Santa Ana and tour our facility and visit about the foodservice business in Southern California. What followed was one of the most memorable and delightful afternoons of my career in foodservice. In five hours he shared a lifetime of knowledge with me that I will never forget. He patiently answered hundreds of questions from a rookie President, and acted as if he would have sat there all night. Story after story, example after example, he was a gifted teacher. He asked as many questions as he answered, which to this day still brings a smile to my face as it was obvious that, in this industry icon’s mind, he never thought he new enough about the business, and was always searching for a better way, a better answer. His passion and enthusiasm for family, friends, and business were contagious. To this day, I refer to that afternoon as my Doctorate in Life and Foodservice Distribution.

    ~ Michael J. Duggan, Dot Foods,
  250. I worked for Gordon Food Service from 1978-1980, both in customer service and in helping to set up the very first retail outlet on site in Grand Rapids right at the headquarters. I first got to know Paul and Dottie through Gull Lake Bible Conference, where I worked four summers in a row while in college/grad school. After those four summers at Gull Lake, I started to work for GFS, and sometimes I would ride down to the lake with Paul on the weekends to spend time with friends. He was an amazing man. He loved GFS, he loved Gull Lake, he loved people, and he loved the Lord. When I shared my plans with him to leave GFS and become a short term missionary, he told me to go out and raise as much financial support as I could and then come back and see him. I did that. I was able to raise my monthly support but was still short a fair amount of money for my airline ticket. Paul wrote me a check for the balance of what I still needed. Not very many employers will send off a departing employee with their blessing and a donation! I’m sure he will be greatly missed by his family, friends, former employees, and others whose lives he touched. Blessings to the Gordon family!

    ~ Leeann Riederer Yamakawa,
  251. My wife and I have been employed by Gordon Foods Service for about two years now. In that time we both got to meet Paul and the family. I am proud to say I work for the company and everyone I talk to gets to hear of the company, the family, and the legacy. Each and every day we go to work we are proud to strive to keep the integrity that the Gordon’s have brought to the company. When I first met Paul at orientation, he was introduced and he introduced his “driver”. I thought to myself “Oh, just another overpaid higher up at a big company”. Paul was then playfully hit by Dottie and she introduced herself as his wife. From that comment through the next hour I started to realize what kind of company I got myself into. My wife and I will proudly commit the rest of our working careers towards the goals that were started by Paul and the family. Thank you Paul for your service to the company, the world, and our Lord. Now lets continue to GFSify the world.

    Clay Ave Selection
    GFS Payroll

    ~ Anonymous,
  252. I went to winner circle with my son in 2006. When I meet Paul Gordon, I knew that he is the type of person with a big heart. I only talked to Paul for a few minutes and he remembered my name forever. I thought that was amazing. His laugh and smile brings so much to life and happiness to my son and my family. I told my son, GFS is a great company and that work hard and try to be like Paul. When my son told me that Paul was ill, I prayed. I am sorry to the Gordon Family for your loss. Paul Gordon will always be in my prayers. GOD BLESS. I know that my son is Proud to hitch his buggy to yours. Thank You Paul.

    ~ Huang Family ( Wayne, NJ ),
  253. God led me to partner with GFS 19 years ago this April and what an honor it’s been. GFS was just entering Chicago and I was offered the opportunity to introduce the city I loved to the company I would eventually give my passion and energy to. I didn’t yet have a company car my first week (April 1989) with the company but my supervisor asked me to “pick Paul Gordon up at O’Hare Airport and drive him to Fort Wayne for the Spring Food Show”. We joked about how crazy Chicago drivers were (he was talking about me) and we connected for the full 3 hour ride. It was that unique and simple connection that has lasted a lifetime, has permeated friends and family as I boast about this company, and has fueled my desire to honor the Gordon family all these years.
    I’ve told anyone who would listen that Colossians 3:17 has guided my career, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” It’s been a priviledge to witness this through the life of the Gordon family and particularly Paul.
    Thank you Dottie and to all the members of the Gordon family. Please know that you have our loving prayers and gratitude for all you’ve been and done for us.

    ~ Larry Erickson - Louisville, KY,
  254. St Jean sur Richelieu.P.Que. Canada May 9th,2008

    It is with deep sorrow that we were inform of the passing of Mr. Paul Gordon.Like a lot of people I was one of the lucky one’s to meet Mr. Paul during my working days with GFS Mtl. and Distal. Paul Gordon will be missed;this men had always a good word for every one that he met.A great “CHIEF”he was. This thrue gentlemen will always be in our memories.Ours prayers are with all of you.

    ~ Jean & hélène Dubois,
  255. 15 years ago I started with GFS and attended my first sales meeting with Dan Cox as my manager. Before the meeting began, I struck up a conversation with a very enthusiastic sales rep. He had a twinkle in his eye as he talked about the company and the people he worked with at GFS. I shared with him that this was my first meeting and he asked me all sorts of questions to help me be more at ease.

    When I saw my manager again, I pointed out the sales rep I was speaking to and said, “After talking to him, I know I made the right decision to work for this company. You can tell he loves GFS after so many years.” Dan smiled slightly and said “That’s Paul Gordon.” It was at that exact moment Paul stole my heart.

    ~ Sid Pearce,
  256. Paul Gordon is best described for me as a gift, a present from a gracious Giver. He was a smile, a laugh, a hug, a tear. He was success and humility. He walked this earth somewhat silently but left footprints on souls…the number only God knows. As a grateful receiver, I want to thank his most precious family for sharing him with me. And I thank our loving Savior for the example He gave me in Paul and the challenge He hands me today to follow Paul’s lead.
    With my deepest sympathy,

    ~ Linda Keegstra (GFS 1994-2005),
  257. Our deepest sympathy to the Gordon family and the whole GFS family. Paul played a important role for myself in the many paths my life has taken and for my family in our belief and trust in God and His plan for us. God bless, and thank you Paul! You will always a part of my family, and your family will always be in our prays.

    ~ David & Melanie Vize,
  258. It has been a true pleasure knowing and working for Paul Gordon. I am honored and blessed to have known such a great man. He is a true legacy. With his strong mind, love of Christ, and knowing the true meaning behind Servant Leadership he will be missed a great deal. My heart is overwhelmed with the amount of laughter,joy, and pride he has brought into our lives.

    I am honored to “Hitch my ride” here at GFS. Thanks Paul!!!
    Paul will truly be missed.

    ~ ~Anonymous,
  259. I think this site says it all. Paul was a man who was not afraid to share his love for Christ and lived it daily. He has left his footprint and an incredable legacy for all of us. I have been Blessed to have known him and Proud to work for him. God Bless

    ~ Todd and Pam Williams,
  260. I was lucky enough to work at GFS in the early 70’s and got to see Paul Gordon almost daily. He was a wonderful man and as so many have already said he never forgot a name. You always felt by his presence he was a special person and made this world a better place to live. He was a great sport and at all of the Christmas parties we enjoyed the skits that included him. Thanks for all the great memories and I know the Angels are getting ready for a great Homecoming.

    ~ Jane Tharp,
  261. The greatest comandant is this. You shall love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. The second it like the first. You shall love your neighbors as yourself.

    Jesus said “as you do to others so also you shall do unto me”.

    To Paul I would like to say WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFULL SERVANT

    ~ Anonymous,
  262. One thing that I’ll always remember about Paul is his unique memory. He always called so many people by their first names and we know he knew a whole lot of people. He always called me by name and that was without me wearing a name badge. Our prayers are with the family.

    ~ David & Kathy Dobry,
  263. I was walking down the isle, at the last food show in Louisville, looking for the next booth when Paul stopped me in my tracks, introduced himself and asked who I was where I was from and if there was anything he could do for me. We talked for several minutes, going from one subject to another. Over the course of the day I ran into to Paul several times, he made a point to joke with me each time. I knew right away Paul was a very special person. The smile he gave you and the overwhelming feeling of kindness that surrounded him made me feel very fortunate that I was able to meet him. I send my sympathy to his Family and Friends as I am sure there will be an emptiness in each of them.

    ~ Becky Allan,
  264. Mr. Gordon and Goordon Food Srvice has always been a role model for me since I was first getting into food service. My company chose to attempt to emulate Gordon Food Servcie. Most every deision we made included the comment, “What would Paul Gordon do?”. He has obviously made many good decisions in his life and he has touched and positively influenced many people in his life. He will be missed. My family and I will keep him and his family in our prayers.

    ~ Ed Furbee,
  265. Paul Gordon was one of the greatest Christian men I have ever had the opportunity to know. He showed his love for Christ in the way he treated people, the way he ran his busines and the way he enjoyed life. I was so impressed when he delivered a devotion on Psalm 16 at a business meeting - - not only because he believed strongly enough to deliver it, but because of the quality of his personal interpretation of the meaning of the Psalm. It is taped to my computer monitor and I read it regularly. Today it has special meaning: “Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, because you will not abandon me to the grave” (Psalm 16: 9)

    I love you, Paul and the example you have set for us.

    ~ Terry Kjellsen,,
  266. I have had the thrill of meeting Mr Gordon just a few times and he made me feel as if I was the most important person at GFS - from the sounds of things he gave that feeling to millions of other people.
    I consider it an honor and a privilege to have known such a great man, to work for and with such a wonderful company and group of people who are allowed to openly express our feelings and worship Our Lord. I only wish I had been able to talk to Mr Gordon more. My sincere sympathy to his family, close friends and GFS family for losing a truly fantastic person. I hope he realized how much he was loved. Thank you for sharing your husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather with us, we are all thankful for your generosity.

    “A life well-lived is a precious gift
    of hope and strength and grace
    from soneone who has made our world
    a brighter, better place.
    It’s filled with moments sweet and sad,
    with smiles and sometimes tears,
    with friendships formed
    and good times shared
    and laughter through the years.
    A life well-lived is a legacy
    of joy and pride and pleasure,
    a loving, lasting memory
    our grateful hearts will treasure.”

    ~ Anonymous,
  267. I had the honor of being chosen to go on a GFS trip last year to Los Cabos, Mexico and while the resort we stayed at was gorgous and the views of the mountains and ocean were outstanding, my true reward was to be able to spend a week with Paul and Dottie. From talking to other people, I knew that Paul was a special person, but to actually spend time with him and to observe first hand how he lived and loved life was a blessing that God bestowed on me. I just wish his life would have intermingled with mine more than it did, but at the same time I have to give thanks for the week I got to be with and interact with him. He truly was a unique and inpsirational individual and he certainly touched my life.

    ~ Rick Morgan,
  268. I am personally blessed to have known Paul and worked for this great company for 45 years. It is an extraordinary blessing to work for the Gordon family, who exemplify their Christian values, as well as the Cornerstone values, as a foundation to building GFS on. Paul Gordon was a genuine caring and loving person. His unwavering faith and love for our Lord and Savior have been an inspiration to me over the years. His legacy of deep faith will always be remembered and admired, as well as his genuine caring heart; and may it always continue to be the focus and center of GFS as well. Paul was a very special man and will be deeply missed, and someday we will rejoice together in Heaven. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to have know Paul and the wonderful memories I have - they are precious and I’ll never forget them. To the entire Gordon family, you have my deepest and heartfelt sympathy for your loss. I will continue to lift you up in prayer to our Heavenly Father.

    ~ Sharon Boerema,
  269. Hello

    My name is Brent. I did not have the pleasure of ever meeting Pual. I was a waiter for 26 years and i was very aware or GFS products. I was very surprised when we opened a GFS product with it’s very gerneric packaging and was amazed at the Quality. I am sad at the Passing of Paul Gordon though i never had any interaction with the company. I just knew that a man that offfered products of the Quality of GFS must have been a man of Quailty himself.

    ~ Brent Bakka,
  270. My (and my wife’s) favorite memory of Paul is from a annual meeting about 4 years ago (the one that had the carnival rides). My wife and I had a great time and we had seen Paul and Dottie several times throughout the evening, and about 11:45pm we were finally tired enough to call it quits and head back to the hotel. As we were leaving the party we came across Paul and Dottie near the exit talking to a few other employees laughing and telling stories. We stayed for another 15 minutes or so and Paul had us in stitches telling some great stories. The whole time Dottie stood there patiently holding both their coats. When Dianne and I left Paul was still there talking and had drawn more of a crowd. Each year at the meeting my wife made it a point to find Paul and he always greeted her as if she were part of the family.

    ~ Randy Bushman,
  271. So blessed to have worked with GFS close enough to have met Paul Gordon. Our interactions were brief, but always memorable. One memory was him attending a speech I was asked to give to a bunch of GFS Operators at a Food Show. He came up to me afterward and said, “you hit them from the left, you hit them from the right… Good Job!”… and he walked away. He always made me feel like I was “on the team” which made you fight even harder for GFS.

    My thoughtful thanks to Paul Gordon and all the Gordon’s for the humble example they set for everyone.

    ~ Paul Rossi, Tyson Foods,
  272. My deepest sympathy to the Gordon Family. I have worked for GFS for 10 years now, and only had a couple of opportunities to talk with Paul, but each time it was a special moment. He had a great way of relating to everybody, and making you feel like you were part of a big family. He will be sadly missed as the “Icon” of our family.

    ~ Greg Lazzell,
  273. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Gordon Family

    ~ Nathalie Bessette, Claude Marchand and Nadia Courville - Distal Boucherville Canada,
  274. I first met Paul Gordon in the hallway of Gordon Foodservice in the late 80’s. I had just graduated from college and had just been employed. When I bumped into him, he Welcomed me to the company by name. I was surprised and then shocked when he inquired about where I had come from in West Africa.

    Incredibly, Paul’s involvment in missions had taken him on a missions trip in 1976 to Lagos Nigeria where he and several others stayed in a small missionary guest house that my Mom managed. What amazed me was that more than a decade later, he not only remembered the trip, but the name of my mother who was his host.

    When she visited the United States later that year, Paul graciously invited her and I to lunch. I will never forget the generosity of Spirit and genuine warmth and care that he showed for others. May His soul rest in perfect peace.

    ~ Lola Audu,
  275. The day of my father’s funeral a few years ago was a difficult one indeed… but before it started I was so encouraged to see Paul & Dottie walk in. Their presence there truly comforted me and that they took the time to join me and my family in remembering my sweet dad impacted us greatly! This display of concern and compassion for us was extended to all those with whom he connected. What a blessing and honor it was to have known such a kind, humorous, and humble man of God. My heart goes out to his dear family and friends during this time, and may they sense God’s overwhelming peace and love today and in the days to come.

    ~ Deb Timinskis,
  276. I have been so wonderfully blessed to be a part of this company (ministry) for almost 17 years. For many years I thought of it as a job and a great one at that. A job working for a caring and inspiring family. A few years back Jim talked about the fact that Dan nor he or any family member owned the business. They were just taking care of it and making it better for the next generation. That in fact the business belonged to our Lord and Savior. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Paul several times in my 16 years here and he truly is a disciple. While we will all miss spending time with Paul here on earth we take comfort in knowing his is watching over us. We take comfort in knowing he has left us with tremendous stewards and care takers lead by the family he raised. May God Bless all of us especially Dottie and the family as we mourn the loss, celebrate the life and rejoice in the rising.

    ~ Kevin Kolenda,
  277. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Paul Gordon’s family and friends.
    I feel it is a honor to be a part of Gordon Food Service. A company that puts GOD first.
    My prayers to the Gordon Family at this time of loss.

    ~ Freddie Ball London, KY,
  278. One of my memories of Paul was when we went to my one of my best friend wedding. I was in the wedding. My husband and son, not knowing Paul, sat next to him and Dottie. My son, just a little tyke was playing with Paul’s glasses. He had totally enjoyed sitting next to Paul. We feel blessed that we have known a man with Paul quantities.

    ~ Anonymous,
  279. I struggle to find the words today to convey how I feel when I think of Paul Gordon. In my entire life, there has never been a man I’ve respected more or one that I feel has lived out his life in a more Godly way. Countless times since meeting him in 1988, I’ve been blown away with his consistent example of lifting up others and God instead of himself. The more the Lord blessed him with, the more he gave to others and the less recognized for it he wanted to be. What an HUGE example he’s been to us all when it comes to giving.

    I’ll never forget how much I would smile looking at his scuffed dress shoes when he would bring me a personal project to paint or design. Here was a very financially successful man conducting business with what I’m sure were comfortable, but very worn shoes. Most men in his spot would “dress the part” but this was not him. He was not concerned with impressing others with clothes or money, and because of that, his sincerety, warmth and caring left an amazing impression on everyone he met. I used to think and still do today, that those shoes may have been worn out, but what a strong message they sent to those around him. I just loved what he stood for. He got it right.

    One of the most special parts of Winning Gold Club for me was walking up on stage and getting a hug and handshake from Paul. You see my respect for Paul is immeasurable. His values, honesty, humility, generosity and warmth were so consistent throughout his life. To have a man like that reach out and give you a bear hug that made you feel like you were one of his own was priceless and not something I’ll ever forget. The amount of people he’s touched has to be incredible and I know his reward in heaven is unbelievable for there are so many things he did and people he touched that we probably don’t even know about.

    I’ll never forget how honored I was when Paul and Dottie attended our wedding. As just two employees out of thousands, it meant the world to us that they would attend. I’ll never forget seeing that big grin on his face when I looked out or again, the bear hug afterward. He probably never really knew just how much it meant to have him there.

    We’ve often talked with our young daughters about Paul with pride, explaining his values and how we know the reason God has blessed GFS as a company (and our family through it) was directly because of his “faith in action” way of living and running his business. He will always be remembered with our utmost respect and much fondness as he has made a huge impact on our lives as a person and through GFS.

    Dottie, you must be so proud of how your husband lived his life. It is a tremendous honor to be able to say we knew him and have been greatly touched by his life. Our prayers are with you and your family.

    ~ Phyllis & Scott DeVos,
  280. On February 4, 1980, my first day working in the warehouse for Gordon Food Service, my supervisor took me upstairs to introduce me to Mr Paul Gordon. I very nervously put out my hand to shake his and said something like “Hello Mr Gordon, my name is Wayne Vander Molen, thank-you for giving me the opportunity to work for your company.”

    He looked me straight in the eye’s, smiled, and said “Mr Gordon?….that’s my Dads name………..call me Paul.” He then broke into that wonderful chuckle he was so famous for.

    I was certain right then and there that I had found the employer that I wanted to spend my career with. I am so happy and thankful for the continued opportunities this company has provided me with through the years.

    To the Gordon family….. please know that you are loved and appreciated. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Your deep loss is heavens greatest gain.

    ~ Wayne Vander Molen,
  281. To the entire Gordon and GFS Family, my deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers are with you all. I was fortunate to get to know Paul during new employee orientation sessions for the Marketplace division while I was employed with GFS Marketplace in training and development.

    A long life well lived; a truly incredible rich legacy passed on to all who were touched by this remarkable man.

    May the many wonderful memories of Paul comfort you during this sad time.

    With deepest sympathy,
    Pam Bolt
    Orlando, Florida

    ~ Pam Bolt,
  282. I was fortunate to meet Paul in February of this year during an event at the 420 building in Grand Rapids. We ate lunch together. He was so full life!!! He continuously thanked all the employees around him for their hard work and commitment to GFS. He was very proud that GFS profit sharing had risen to such a high level. I could tell he truely enjoyed watching his employees prosper as the company grew. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I feel blessed to have known this man. The Gordon Family Philosophy will forever be a part of his legacy.

    ~ Doug Anderle,
  283. My wife and I met the Gordons when they aquired the ID Division. The best memory of Paul and the rest of the family is how they took everyone in and treated them like part of the family. Paul would always greet you with a smile and a hand shake. He has left a legacy behind and will truly be missed. It has been an honor and pleasure to have known Mr. Gordon.

    ~ Michael and Tammy Messer,
  284. We met Paul and Dottie roughly twenty years ago on a GFS trip and thought – who is this man that carries more books in his luggage than clothes? With a charming personality that makes everyone around him feel truly special. That discusses our global economy (in 1989!) in one breath and asks about the well-being of your children in the next. That joyfully embraces life in every conversation and activity. That shares his faith thru words and more importantly, actions and good deeds. We will always be grateful to him for his kindness, care, and Christian example. The prayers of our family are with you at this time.

    ~ Chris and Scott Hicks,
  285. Deepest sympathy and condolences to the the Gordon family. A genuine Food Service company that makes a difference to its valued employees and customers.

    ~ B.McGivern DSR Neptune Vancouver.,
  286. In the early 1980’s as a young buyer at GFS, I wanted to go to Seattle to check-out some innovative new seafood products. Paul said, “Great, I’ll go with you!” This caused me to have two sleepless weeks of worry. How could I possibly answer all his questions and expectations for building the business and justifying such a trip. The trip turned out to be the most enjoyable and profitable learning experience that I ever had. He put me at ease immediately and made sure we had fun. Just last summer, I saw Paul at a local restaurant after being gone from the company for eleven and a half years. I just wanted to introduce myself in hopes that he might know who I was. Before I even got close he shouted out my name, walked to me with his cane and slapped me on the back. He said, “Remember how much fun we had when we went to Seattle”. I was again put at ease, amazed and uplighted by his kindness and encouragement. He taught me to make a better effort to remember and encourage other people that I come in contact with daily for reasons far beyond being professional or profitable!

    ~ Jim Linton, GFS 1978-1996,
  287. We had the privilege to meet Paul and Dottie on a Cornerstone trip through China in 2004. Ever since then, we have thought back many times to what a privilege it was to get to know and travel with that extraordinary couple. Such boundless enthusiasm - and energy (and never a complaint). Their delight in meeting the Chinese people in the numerous cities we visited. And to see the response of the Chinese who just loved them because they could truly see the love of God shining through their lives.
    Paul truly was a giant - because he had learned to be a humble servant of God. And he had a strong woman by his side that God richly blessed Him with as a true Proverbs 31 wife. We loved watching them with their children and grandchildren, and were so happy to be included in the “Cornerstone Family” for even a short time.
    Praise God for two such faithful servants. May God’s peace and comfort rest upon Dottie and all the family at this homecoming for Paul.

    ~ Bob and Carol Hamrin,
  288. Paul Gordon had a way of making anyone feel realy confortable in his presence. He was a wonderful example of God’s love and grace no matter where he went. He truely lived by the Word. I will always be greatful to him for the beautiful way he displayed the influence of the Holy Spirit in his life, and that I am free to do the same here in Bulgaria and in My ministry in Europe and Iraq . I will miss him a great deal. I will never forget His way of comunication and life full of joy and intusiasme . I wish to spend more time with him and get from his wisdom.
    May the family feel the assurance he felt as he went home! Bulgarians have a great respect and memory with Him.
    Nick Nedelchev
    Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute

    ~ Nick Nedelchev,
  289. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the Gordon family.
    My prayers go out to your family, may God Bless and keep you all

    ~ Tangela Burns,
  290. I have a quote on my cube wall from Roy Lessin that says:

    “Just think. You’re here not by chance, but by God’s choosing. HIS hand formed you and made you the person you are. He compares you to no one else - You are one of a kind. You lack nothing that HIS grace can’t give you. He has allowed you to be here at this time in history. To fulfill HIS special purpose for this generation.”

    I read that almost every day and each day it means something a little different. As I read it today.. I thought.. Thank heaven He compares me to no one else! :)

    Paul was a great man and truly inspriational. Each year at the annual meeting when the Gordon’s share their faith, I think “wow, what if just one person is saved tonight because of what they are sharing or how they do business”…. How incredible that would be!

    ~ Anonymous,
  291. It has been a true honor knowing Paul. Paul was a man that so many knew, honored, and loved. We were all truly blessed to work for such a great man and company. It brings warmth to my heart listening to all the stories everyone has shared this week. Paul has brought so much joy into our lives. From packing the first trailer out of

    ~ Anonymous,
  292. As members of the GFS Family we were fortunate enough to have met and talked with Paul and Dottie on many occasions since 1994. On one of those occasions was a Winners Circle trip to the Grand Canyon. Paul and Dottie joined us on our walking path around the Canyon. The Grand Canyon is impressive enough on it’s own, but with Paul Gordon beside you giving you his deepest thoughts on how God created this Canyon for all of us to see in wonderment. Everyone was silent and listening to Paul’s voice echo out over the Canyon walls; it just filled my heart with warmth and my eyes with tears. Paul took a photo of Kevin and I that day on his own camera and later sent a copy to us. I believe with my whole heart, that it was the person behind the camera that makes that my favorite photo.

    Paul was constantly teasing Kevin and I about being his family from the UP….”How many day’s ago did you leave home to get here” he would tease whenever we traveled to a Grand Rapids event…..as if we had to come by snowshoe!! As we go on with our days, it will be with a heavy heart but with a loving smile on our face as we remember our friend and mentor. Thank you to Dottie and your children for sharing your father with all of us.

    ~ Kevin and Milinda MacQuarrie,
  293. My first meeting with Mr. Gordon was in East Bernstadt, KY. I was the only female in senior management at ID. We had just been bought by GFS, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon entered the room and Paul crossed the room shook my hand and said I’ve heard all about you and it’s a pleasure to have a lady that’s not an RD but a true business person on board. (I realize he meant nothing derogatory about RD’S but he was paying a complement to me, I will always cherish.)
    Mrs. Gordon said “I’ve told him for a long time we need some good women in this company!” Mr. Gordon will be missed by everyone he ever met; he truly left a great impression on everyone, not only making you feel good about yourself also making you want to make other feel good.

    ~ Cathy Sand,
  294. Proud to have been a player on the GFS team back in 80’s - It was an exciting time of emerging growth - before the Marketplace stores really took-off, before the Canadian market opened, before DC’s popped up across the country. I recall the first announcement of the coming state-of-the art Clay Ave distribution center and first witnessing the revised skyline with the massive building and glowing GFS logo lighting the night…they were exciting times that preceded the even more exciting growth that continues today. I recall my days at GFS with great fondness and am greatful for the experience to have worked with amazing people. Chosen by Paul, role models could be found in virtually every office in the 50th St. complex - he simply had a way of inspiring greatness. A corporate culture based on Christian principles is truly a rare find, and an environment to be cherished in today’s world. I met Paul on several occassions as I worked on several communications projects for his beloved Gull Lake Bible Camp. He was always kind, gracious, humble, appreciative, and his big laugh and genuine grin would light the room. He was the real deal - proving that a truly successful businessman is one who has his priorities straight. If a man is measured by what he leaves behind, Paul is truly a giant. Condolences to Paul’s family, and the entire GFS family of employees, suppliers, and associates. Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain.

    ~ -Anonymous,
  295. Absent from the body — present with the Lord.

    For more than forty years I have valued and cherished Paul’s friendship — he has been a dearly beloved friend, mentor and co-laborer with both Rose-Marie and me; on May 6th she was there to greet Paul into the eternal presence of our Lord. Regrettably, I am in Romania and unable to convey my condolences to Dottie and the Gordon family. If I was on the North American continent, I would certainly make the trip to Grand Rapids to greet them personally. May the words spoken by Jesus in John 11:25, 26 be the words of assurance to each member.

    With sincerest prayers,

    Carl H. Smith

    ~ Carl H. Smith,
  296. I was blessed to get to know Paul while doing New Employee Orientation for GFS. My favorite memory with him was when he would stop by training classes, that I was teaching. He would come in, take a seat, and start participating just like one of the class members. He would stay about an hour and then he would leave. As he left he would always say it was nice meeting all of you, I just wanted to see what was going on in Training. He made us all feel very special during those visits.

    ~ Charise Bos, Training and Development Department,
  297. What can possibly be added to these incredible tributes to Paul? Just sincere gratitude to have met such a man. When I came to work at GFS, after many years in the broker community, Paul went out of his way to welcome me and make me feel as if I had always been part of the GFS family. I never saw Paul without that wonderful smile on his face.

    He will be remembered for his faith, love and generosity, but also for the loving family who will carry on these qualities. And they will find out that Paul will be there for them when they most need him and least expect him. My deepest sympathy to the Gordon family.

    ~ Mary-Kay Camp,
  298. Paul was a true child of God. While Paul is no longer with us, His life legacy is one that all of us should take notes from. Thank You Paul!!! and God Bless

    ~ Matt Mayle,
  299. I have had the privilege of working for the Gordon Family for nigh onto 44 years. I have never had the misfortune of working for another employer. I, like so many others, have experience first hand the love Paul had for his employees. I will miss him dearly.

    ~ Bob Tuinstra,
  300. I am a new employee in the past 2 months, and I regret that I did not have the opportunity to meet Mr. Gordon personally. In my brief time here, I am impressed with the company culture that has been built and the genuine love and respect that GFS people have for the Gordon family and the company. It is a rare thing in today’s world.

    I look forward to working here for many years to come and hopefully contributing in some small way to enhancing the environment at GFS. Mr. Gordon will surely be missed, and many prayers are on the way for the Gordon family during their time of grief.

    A partner in His service,

    ~ Jef Fite, GFS Marketplace,
  301. I had the privilege to get to know Mr. Gordon while working for his attorney. He (and the entire Gordon family) were always so kind and their faith and generosity always inspired me. Mr. Gordon was my very favorite client, always greeted me with a smile and kind words. He will be greatly missed but his legacy will live on through his family, GFS employees, and all those whose lives he touched.

    ~ Jill Ver Lee,
  302. I only met Paul Gordon once but even in that meeting he left indelible mark on me as he was so engaged and interested about me, my business and Ireland! Paul’s and GFS influence is so widespread as I was able to spend 2 months at GFS on an internship from Ireland and got to see at first hand the incredible family it is. Paul was an incredible man of faith and just reading the tributes has been touching. It was so beautiful to see how he was not only a great man of business but first and foremost a man of incredible faith and warmth. The whole GFS family are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time but no doubt you will all remember the good times. I am honoured that I have been able to spend some time with such a fantastic group of people that make up GFS, Paul’s legacy is one of touching lives across many continents.

    Till we meet again

    ~ Andrew Lynas (Ireland),
  303. What separates a regular man from a good man? When a regular man can choose to do the right thing, the good man knows he must. When a regular man sees those better off with envy and those worse off with indifference, a good man sees only humanity. When a regular man can simply nod his head and wait for his turn to speak, a good man listens.

    What separates a good man from a great man?

    A great man inspires a regular man to become a good man.

    ~ Adam Bakker, GFS 2000-07,
  304. So many memories and opportunities of talks with Paul who shaped our spiritual, personal and professional lives over the years. One such memory was on 01291987 @ 8:30PM 24 days after I was hired. Judi and I had just welcomed our son Justin into the world and received a phone call from Paul Gordon. He spoke to Judi for 30 minutes asking how she was doing and more importantly, how our new son was doing. To this day, I have never forgotten that phone call and what an impact it made on our entire family. Paul had the ability to spread his message to every layer of the family and friends of the family and will never be forgotten. Dottie, Dan, Jim, John Sr. and the rest of the Gordon Family our prayers are with you.

    ~ Paul, Judi, Kelly and Justin Dow,
  305. Paul was such a gracious man, whose passionate interest in and support of Christian ministry overseas was a tremendous encoragement to so many, especially to me!
    Paul, you will be greatly missed! But I hope you will now get a chance to meet at least some of the millions whose lives you helped change for the better!

    ~ Terence Ascott, SAT-7 (The Middle East),
  306. I have worked for gorden for 6yrs althought i never met Mr Gorden he will be missed thanks for all you did. Steve Snyder brighton dc

    ~ Anonymous,
  307. I wish to thank God for the influence of men like Paul Gordon in the business community.My son Andrew had the privilege of “interning ” with GFS after univerity and before coming into the family business in Ireland. It had a tremendous influence on him as a person and how a business can be run profitably yet with integrity.He kept talking about a “culture” and having read these tributes I begin to understand more fully that it is the people like Paul Gordon who made and still make the “culture” .Thank you to the Gordon family for their input into lives and businesses that encourage others to “do business differently ” . The prayers of the Lynas family are with you at this time
    Norman Lynas -North Ireland

    ~ Anonymous,
  308. Bless you, my heart and prayers are with you, I can’t hide the fact that your e-mail brought tears to my eyes that ran down my face. Please send my love and condolences to all your lovely family it was such an honour to know Paul a mighty man of God and I look forward to time in heaven.

    We will never be able to stand unless we are firmly fixed in the word of God! All people are born with a natural faith, but God calls us to a supernatural faith that is a gift from Him.

    “Being rooted and grouned in love” Ephesians 2:11-22

    ~ Robert Glover OBE-Beijing China,
  309. I started with GFS in 2004 and really didn’t know what I was getting into (especially coming from the fitness industry). I’ve never experienced such a warm and friendly working environment at previous employers, but am so blessed to have landed here at GFS! I am thankful for the opportunity to work for such a great organization.

    Personal memory…
    The Chicago Loop office was one of the last sales offices that Paul got a chance to visit this past December. We spent the morning listening to Paul tell stories about how business was back in the 60’s and 70’s, etc. My favorite story was about how Paul decided to get into the “frozen pea” business and what he learned about freezer ventilation (or lack thereof!).

    Looking back, I realized that I had a front row seat to: culture, heritage, hard-work, faith, family and history. He will always be an inspiration for me as I continue to grow with GFS.

    God’s blessings to the Gordon Family during this difficult time.

    ~ Eric Kittel- CDS, Chicago Metro,
  310. To the Gordon Family,

    Paul has touched so may of us by giving us oppotunities to better ourselves, fed our familys while providing shelter and being part of a great company that will contiune it’s values. If God has a foodservice distrbution facility in Heaven, Paul is helping out at GFS - God’s Food Service

    Paul, any positions open? Will be appliing soon, just don’t know when.

    ~ GFS Alumni - Shamrock Foods Arizona,
  311. Every time I think of Paul I shall hear that magnificent voice of enthusiasm and warmth — the the oft punctuated laugh.

    In 2003 on an around the world mission trip I reveled in his optimism. Though walking was not easy for him, he could be found in the vanguard of every activity.

    I shall always remember his swimming in the Dead Sea and laughing as he floated — enjoying the unique properties of that Biblically famous body of water.

    His passion to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ permeate every ethnic group, every rank of intellectuality, every echelon of of culture shall always elicit my highest appreciation.

    His lifestyle reflected the words of the apostle about always abounding in the work of the Lord.

    He and Dottie, his “elect lady” enriched my life.

    “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

    ~ John Edmund Haggai,
  312. The first time that I met Paul was at the official customer and employee BBQ that welcomed Neptune Food Service into the GFS family of companies. We had ordered temporary tattoos for the party and I was one of the people in charge of sticking them onto everyone who wanted them. I looked up and Paul sat down in the chair beside me, undid the cuff on his shirt, rolled up his sleeve and smiled at me, saying it was his turn. And on went the temporary tatto. I thought it was great that he got right into the spirit with everyone.

    I had the pleasure in years to come to spend some time with Paul on a Winner’s CIrcle trip and at some other occassions at Neptune. It is so true the sentiments that the posts echo here on this site about Paul. He was a truely a real and thoughtful man, who lead by example and touched everyone who came into his path. He will be remembered with a smile in so many hearts.

    To the Gordon family, my thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Many some solace come to you through the many wonderful stories that so many people have to share about such a special family member. And may you remember him always the way he was.

    ~ Danna Dunnage - Neptune Foodservice Inc,
  313. I was working in the transportation dept at the Brighton DC with around 30 employees with less than 2 years of experience (due to growth). We try to explain the Cornerstone Values and what GFS is all about and why it is different than most companies. But who can explain better than Paul himself. We put a call out to Paul to see if he could attend a safety meeting with 60 of the Brighton drivers. He was happy to attend even though at that time he was having a hard time getting around (hip). When the time came for the meeting, even though his hip was hurting, Paul chose to walk up the 3 flights of stairs to the meeting room and not take the elevator. This set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Paul stayed for the whole meeting. He spoke for 30 minutes about his history and what made GFS strong. That 30 minutes was one of the best inspirational moments for me at GFS. You have to picture it….60 Drivers silent for 30 minutes… that is not something that just anyone can pull off. Everybody walked away from that meeting with a true understanding of the purpose of Gordon Food Service. I am sad for the future GFS employees that will never get the chance to shake his hand or here his boisterous laugh. Paul you will be missed by all! We have been blessed.

    ~ Travis Gemmell,
  314. I have been employed with Gordon Food Service for 9 years and although I never had the pleasure of meeting Paul I feel as though I have lost a member of my own family. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon family.

    ~ Matthew Farr,
  315. Before I was hired into GFS I was invited to attend a Saturday morning sales meeting in Lansing with Ty Troy. While there, Ty introduced me to Paul Gordon who seemed like a giant to me. Little did I know until I started with GFS, what a giant of a person he really was. When I saw him six months later I was so amazed that he greeted me by name and asked about my family. I couldn’t believe that in a company that big he would even care who I was let alone remember my name. There are people in life that make a lasting impression on us and Paul certainly did on me. I will never forget Paul Gordon and all my fond memories of my time at GFS.
    May God Bless the Gordon Family.

    ~ Les Johnson, Northern MI Sales,
  316. I had the honor of working for Gordon Food Service for 13 years. I remember being so impressed when I first joined the company that GFS would express their beliefs in God in their Purpose and Philosophy. Once I met members of the family, I could see it was not just something written but truly believed. I was able to get to know Paul and the rest of the family over the years. A co-worker of mine once asked me if I knew why GFS existed. I am sure I said something like to service our customers or something like that and he replied, Paul has GFS so he can do the charitable deeds throughout the world. That has stuck with me ever since.

    Over my 13 years, one of the honors I had was working on the GFS Marketplace 400 NASCAR race sponsorship. I remember how much fun Paul had representing the customers and employees of GFS when he gave the driver’s command. He truly loved life.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Gordon and all of Paul’s family as they mourne the loss while celebrating the man. The world is truly a much better place because of Paul Gordon and the man he was and what he left behind. God Bless you Paul Gordon!

    ~ Dan Johnson, Kentwood, MI,
  317. During my 15 year career at Gordon Food Service I had the priviledge many times of seeing Paul the Matriarch of Gordon Food Service. He had a smile that never stopped. He was strong and he gave us his strength everyday.
    My most recent memory of Paul was at the summer picnic in 2007, it was getting towards the latter part of the picnic and I was getting ready to leave when I looked over and Paul had parked on the west side of the park which meant he would have to walk all the way over to the other side of the park in order to eat lunch and visit with everyone. The entire park was full of sticks and I was worried that Paul may fall so I went over to him and had him grab my arm while I escorted him to the lunch line. On the way we stopped quit often so he could take his cane and point it someone and talk to them no matter how far away they were. It took us about 20 minutes to make it over but he was so gracious for me escorting him over and I felt so good about doing it. He was a man that could never make a quick trip or a quick stop to talk because he always had so much to share.
    He was a special man with a special company and he had a special way of making you feel you were a part of his special family!
    To all the Gordons you have my deepest sympathy he will be missed by everyone.
    Thank you for letting me know Paul I learned what a strong person is, it is Paul Gordon.
    God Bless you

    ~ Jayne Paffhausen,
  318. I have been reading the many tributes to Paul — so thoughtful, so warm, so moving. I feel very fortunate to be associated with the Gordon family and the people of Gordon Food Service, both of whom are Paul’s living legacy, now and forever.

    ~ Joe White,
  319. Paul
    Thanks for the many blessed years you gave Sherri and my famlly.It has been and honor and a blessing to share so many great years.You have given us many merories over the 15 years I have known you. I know you are with the Lord and you gave me as a employee on how to take each day of life and be very greatful with what we have.
    You will be missed but I know some day we will meet again with our Lord and Savior.
    God Bless You and The GFS family,
    JIm Laughner

    ~ JIm Laughner,
  320. I first met Paul at his Grand Rapids office in the mid 70’s. I was at the time working for a distributor in Washington, DC and was in Grand Rapids for a tour of the Bilmar plant. At the end of the tour of the plant I had some time before my flight and Mr. DeWitt asked if I would like to see the Gordon Foods operation.

    Even then Gordon Foods was one of the largest distributors in the country and I could not miss that opportunity. Mr. DeWitt called Paul to ask if I could come over. When I got there Paul acted as though he had nothing better to do than to take me around his facility. I left that day with an impression of the man that never changed

    Over the years I had the good fortune to be mentioned in a few articles in ID Magazine. Every time that happened I would get a note from Paul offering both congratulations and encouragement to do well. He never failed to greet me by name at industry events for many years

    His business legacy is well documented in the industry and certainly formidable by any measure, I am fortunate to know that his personal legacy exceeds anything accomplished in business.

    ~ Jim Cremins, Raleigh, NC,
  321. To the Gordon Family

    My deepest sympathies to all of you. Paul will be dearly missed. It was a pleasure to be a part of the GFS business family and Paul’s integrity and graciousness at GFS was a blessing to all those who did and still do work there. Continue the legacy!

    Terry Boer

    ~ Anonymous,
  322. In case I can’t make it to the service I wanted to share a story about Mr. Gordon on this site. Gary and I took our family to church one typical Sunday morning when Gary ran into Mr. Gordon in the hallway. He noticed that Mr. Gordon had on two different colored shoes and said “Mr. Gordon, you have on two different colored shoes.” Looking down at his unique pair of shoes Mr. Gordon calmly replied, ” I have a pair just like them in my closet at home.” It didn’t phase him a bit and we got a good laugh out of it. He was a “common” man that had no airs about him and he will be missed by many. Earths loss is Heaven’s gain. Blessings and peace to your family at this time of sorrow……and joy in the truth of the Word of God that gives us trust in our Heavenly Father.

    ~ Gary and Denise {Whittum} and family,
  323. My company gets product from GFS, and I just happened to be looking up something & noticed this tribute page. I had no knowledge of Paul Gordon, but after reading the things written here, I wish I had known the man. My prayers to family & friends.

    ~ Anonymous,
  324. God only knows how many people have been impacted by Paul’s message and by seeing him lead by example. The fact that Paul and John were willing to put their views in writing provided a compass that many of us referred to often. There were many times we really needed it!

    ~ Anonymous,
  325. I never knew of Mr. Paul Gordon personally , but the letter he sent to all of us in March said alot about the way he felt about life,family and the lord. It was very touching the way he said goodbye to all of us at GFS.
    Because of his sucess and determination is why I have a job that provides everything I have today.
    I know the best way to honor his memory is to do my best in my job , to help GFS be better and bigger in the future. My prayers are with the Gordon family.I know he is in Gods hands and rejoicing in the lords glory.Don’t reflect on the feeling of loss;but hold the memories close. I beleive that is the way he would want it. My wagon is hitched until I retire. God be with us all.

    ~ R. Barrientos,
  326. What a pleasure it has been to know and fellowship with Paul and Dottie for over 40 years at Berean Baptist Church. He is greatly missed, as will be his private ministry to all whose lives he touched. Yet we know he is with the Lord he loved so much. Dottie and family, you will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    We have been blessed…..

    ~ Paul and Eileen VanderMeulen and family, Grand Rapids, MI,
  327. Paul lives on in the fabric of the lives of the people that he touched. I am proud to be included in that very long list.

    ~ Bob Sala,
  328. I met Paul in 1969 the day I was hired by Jim Smith. It was part of the first day training back then to walk down the hall and meet the Gordon’s. That same day I met John, Frank and Ben. I have always cherished that day. After that day I also had the good fortune to work with both his son’s when they were salesman. I work for GFS for 32 years and not a day goes by that I don’t God for that. he will be missed by so many. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon Family.

    ~ Bob Gilman,
  329. Paul Gordon knew what was important in life. His love of God, his family, and his dedication to building a very special company has inspired me. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul several times. He always had a good joke to tell or a funny story to make everyone laugh. Paul always put others first and was a true servant leader. He always knew my name which was very impressive given the size of GFS. Paul was a role model for many.

    ~ Matthew Tocco,
  330. I am not sure that Paul knew me from Adam, but he sure had an uncanny knack for making me feel special. I have been a part of the GFS family for a mere four years, and the impact Paul and his family have had on me is nearly immeasurable. He was a model Grandfather, Father, Friend, Boss, Visionary, Mentor, Role Model, Christian, Believer, Servant, and Brother. His memory will live on in my heart for years to come. He has inspired me to be a better man.

    “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’
    Matthew 25:21

    ~ someone touched by Paul's life,
  331. I’ve had the PRIVILEGE to meet Paul (I always called him Mr. Gordon) on a few occasions. He always seemed approachable and was always thankful for the work I was involved with within the GFS Marketplace Division. He demonstrated a true appreciation for our efforts servicing Customers via the GFS Marketplace Stores.

    14 years ago this coming September I was able to hitch my wagon (I’m borrowing the wagon from Mr. Gordon) to a legacy known as Gordon Food Service. I have learned more and have been provided more opportunities then I could have ever imaged. These opportunities are truly based on the Gordon Food Services philosophy that Paul was part of instilling within our company culture. There’s not may days that go by that I don’t thank God for providing me this challenge to provide for Him and my Family by being part of the Gordon Food Service Family.

    From the Sevic Family we will keep Paul and the Gordon Family in our nightly prays and thoughts.

    ~ Bill Sevic,
  332. Paul Gordon is a man who’s legacy’s will live on, he was a humble man that inspired all of us to do what is right. I had the privilage of working for GFS for 15 years, before choosing to stay home with my children. My husband still has the honor of being a GFS employee. I’ll never forget starting at GFS as an accounts payable clerk who had to hand deliver checks, and in my first days I had to bring one to Paul. I was nervous as I entered his office and said “Here is your check Mr. Gordon” - he looked at me and said call me Paul, asked me my name, and had a genuine interest in who I was. His wonderful smile and booming laugh is something that I will never forget. As many have mentioned he never forgot a name, and loved to hear about your family. His generousity and kindness will never be forgotten. I can still remember when my son was only 1 years old and Greg and I stopped in for a visit at GFS, and happened to be going past Paul’s office and he saw us and he brought Ryan into his office, talked with him and then he decided that Ryan really needed to bring home the GFS truck that was on his file cabinet. Paul Gordon was a man who truly cared about each and everyone of his employees and their families. Greg and I are very grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities GFS has provided for our family over the years. We are truly blessed to have known Paul, and we will continue to lift the rest of the Gordon Family up in prayer during your time of sorrow.

    ~ Renee and Greg Schab Family,
  333. The first time that I meet Mr. Gordon was at the 2002 annual meeting in Nashville he was on stage when i got my gold club ring and spoke with my wife and I. Jim, Dan and all the Gordon family i will say a prayer for you all.

    Paul Head
    Lexington, Ky. Sales Service

    ~ Anonymous,
  334. Just the thought of his laughter warms my heart. What a truly great man. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Dottie and the entire Gordon family. Paul will be greatly missed.

    ~ Anonymous,
  335. When my wife and I (and children) became missionaries, and before we were able to leave for the mission field, Paul and Dottie allowed us to stay in the basement of their home. Later they visited on the mission field. Over the years, whenever we visited our church in Grand Rapids (Berean Baptist), we looked forward to staying with Paul and Dottie. Sometimes we had the neat experience of seeing them in action at the GFS Food Shows. Paul has shown the way for those who want to glorify God in the business world. His testimony was always consistent, whether in public or in private. His family was also blessed by such a godly father and grampa. Our own ministry has been blessed by the generosity of the Gordons. Paul would give all the praise and glory for this to Jesus Christ. Paul lived with the goal that others would see the worthiness of Christ.

    ~ Phil Fields,
  336. We wanted you to know your family is in our prayers and we give our deepest sympathy. Gordon Food Service has provided my husband Jeff a very rewarding job, he has been employed for 10 years and has enjoyed every moment of it. We will keep the Gordon family in our prayers.

    God Bless,
    Jeff and Tracie Kagey

    ~ Anonymous,
  337. Back in 1979 I interviewed with Paul Gordon and completed a test that was necessary to detetermine what my interests were in the Food Service industry. Paul and I met to review those tests results and God had a different plan for me. It is funny that after 20 some years later, our paths would cross again, but this time I was one of his customers. I have worked for Creative Dining Services for the past 18 years and Paul has always been willing to listen and give necessary advice. He will be truly missed.
    My prayers and thoughts are with Paul and his family as they morun the loss of a husband, father and grand father. May you all find comfort through God’s grace and abundant love.

    ~ Paul Bakker, Creative Dining Services,
  338. I worked with the Gordon family for over twenty two years. Tammy and I are so greatful for the experience we were blessed to have because of the Gordon Family. The caring and generosity we were given is hard to put into words. I am a better person having had the pleasure of working at GFS and knowing Paul. He is a man that touched so many lives. I cherish the times I had with him.

    ~ Gordon and Tammy Wynn,
  339. We had the pleasure meeting Mr. Gordon at the EGRHS soccer games cheering on our son and his grandson, Tommy. I will never forget the time when I overheard Mr. Gordon placing a call to the florist ordering flowers for all the ladies in his life (wife, daughter and daughter-n-laws) for MOTHER’s DAY. Mr. Gordon always had a smile on his face and he was so very proud of his children and grandchildren. I am sure he and Mrs. Gordon have passed down a fine legacy onto the next Gordon generation. Until we meet again with our Heavenly Father, Love in Christ, The Martin Family

    ~ Rich & Chris Martin family,
  340. Paul Gordon showed me through his actions what kind of family and company I and my wife hitched our wagon to years ago. I have been blessed to watch Paul express his faith and personal support to many people and families in our company. Paul always intuitively knew what was important to obtain and retain customers. Years ago I made a visit with him to Lutheran Hospital in Ft Wayne, In. Paul wanted to meet with the recieiving team before he left that day. We went to the dock and Paul shared with the reciever that in his discussions with purchasing and management it appeared we were doing a good job. He looked at the reciever and asked directly “How are we really doing?” Are you getting what you ordered and how our we doing on errors, and time of delivery.

    That receiving person spread the conversation he had with Paul thoughout the hospital. Pauls contact and sincerity had an impact on the orginizaiton that lasted for years.

    I will miss you Paul–but like many others you are ingrained into my business and personal life. Thank You and God Bless.

    ~ Steve and Jan Hudson,
  341. My life was forever changed the day I came to work for Paul Gordon & Gordon Food Service. I did not know it was possible to live out Christ-like values while succeeding in business. Paul and the Gordon family showed me this was possible. He demonstrated honesty, integrity and a sincere heart for people. What an example he set for all of us! I’m so priveledged and blessed to have known Paul and work for this fine family for the past 15 years… it is an honor.

    ~ Brett Michel - Central States Division,
  342. We are extremely grateful for the passion, enjoyment and desire in which Paul possessed. We are truly blessed to not only work for Gordon Food Service, but also to be part of such a wonderful family and culture - instilled and passed down by Paul. It is through Paul and the Gordon family’s contributions that we share many values in our lives. The entire Gordon family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    ~ Jeff and Christie White,
  343. It was 1990, I had just begun my business at age 23, approx. 6 months after opening Paul Gordon walked into my door. I had no idea who this man was nor what GFS was. He wanted to see my shop at the time, and as we walked around it the conversation was not about business or what I could do for him, it was about my faith, family and goals in life. He was there for over 45 min. After our conversation he told me he would be in touch soon. A week later I started doing work for GFS which involved Paul quite often in the early years. Five minutes of discussion on the work, 20 minutes on our Lord Jesus. I hadn’t seen him for many years, went to make a drop off, he was at the front desk and greeted me by first name. I am honored to have known this man for as long as I did, his talking about life and faith were not just conversation but teaching in a soft gentle way that only Paul has ever been able to do to me.
    God Bless You Paul!

    ~ Jason Meyer Express Signs, Inc.,
  344. I started at GFS by working 2nd shift in the Clay Distribution Center. Within a few days, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul for the first time as he stopped by to visit us late one night in the warehouse. Ear plugs and all, he stopped to say hello to the members of our team. I remember asking Paul what brought him by our area at that hour, and he smiled, and replied “I just happened to be in the neighborhood”. It was that night when I realized the true colors of the company I had just joined.

    Years later, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was one of the few in the office working, and I heard someone say ‘Hi there, Jason’. I turned to find Paul, and he said “I just want to thank you for being here today”. I told him he was very welcome and added, “So, what brings you here on a holiday weekend?” He winked and said “I just happened to be in the neighborhood”.

    Regardless of the role you play, or the number of years you have served with GFS, Paul made sure to show you that ‘Everyone is Important’. He is one of the most caring, genuine, God-loving men I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

    Thank you for everything, Paul.

    ~ Jason DeBoer, GFS Canada (GR),
  345. About 8:00 one Sunday morning the phone rang. My wife answered and asked if she could say who was calling. She paused for a moment, handed me the phone, and said, “It’s Paul Gordon!” Now any time the Internal Audit Manager gets a call from Paul, half a dozen thoughts race through your mind in about two seconds, none of them good! As calmly and cheerfully as I could, I answered something like, “Hi Paul. If you’re calling on a Sunday morning it must be pretty serious!”

    It turned out that he was going to be gone for a few days and it was his only chance to invite me to join him in addressing a sales team about company culture and to introduce Internal Audit. The day of the meeting, as I listened to Paul talk I realized that nothing a manager with two years service could say about culture would express more eloquently or passionately what the GFS culture is all about than the real life examples and stories Paul told.

    When Paul walks into a room and sees friends old and new, he greets them and repeats the stories of then and now, and the good and the tough times they shared while growing the business. That’s the corporate culture. It’s friends and family working as a team to build a business to be proud of.

    Two things Paul said really hit home: “Our business is built on trust, honesty and integrity.” “Our people care enough when they see a wrong being done to take it upon themselves to fix it.” He reminded all of us in that meeting that every one of us needs to ask ourselves, “Am I treating my customer, or vendor, or coworker honestly and fairly, and the way I expect to be treated? Am I being a good steward of the company’s resources? Am I giving the best that I have to offer? Will I be at peace with myself when I go to sleep tonight?”

    I have no doubt Paul is at peace with himself, and that God has welcomed him home. No Code of Conduct, no books, no speeches can tell us about GFS culture as well as Paul’s life. It is a blessing to know Paul and the Gordon family, and to be a small part of that legacy. Well done Paul, well done…

    ~ Terry and Deb Merriman,
  346. I only met Paul once, it was my 2nd annual meeting with the company at the Ohio Valley Division Annual meeting, this past year in Columbus. He was our key note speaker, I’ve never seen someone so cheeful, so genuine, and so enthusisastic as he was, being in his position with a company. He does not act like someone who is a owner of a company, you would think talking to an owner of a huge company like ours that paul would be intimidating and might not listen and feel for us lower end guys of the company, but he is not like that he is just another guy who cares about others, a guy with passion, and a guy who has set great values and culture throughout this company. He feels that everyone in this company is important and without the success of all of us then the company wouldnt be a success. I remember going into the bathroom at the annual meeting and paul was in there, he said hi and shook my hand. He didnt have to take the time to say hi to me, just a little guy who works in the selection at the distribution center in springfield, but he did, and its actions like this, which makes GFS a great place to work. Thank you Paul for your passion and genuine efforts to make GFS what it is today. My thoughts and prayers are with the whole Gordon family, we will miss you Paul.

    ~ Matthew Keen, Springfield Selection,
  347. Paul, When we think of you all we can do is SMILE with memories of you here at work. I don’t think you have ever had a bad day, and even if you did you never let anybody know it. My family has been blessed since the day we became employee’s at GFS. We often wondered how you were able to remember everybody’s name when you passed them in the hallway. We will never forget you!! Our thought and prayers are with the family

    Gary Gibbs G.R. Transportation
    Theresa Gibbs Cash Management
    Eric Gibbs Payroll

    ~ The Gibbs Family,
  348. Dear Gordon Family:
    With deepest sympathy, please accept our condolences. I remember many happy times with the Gordon children, especially Dan and Connie, when we all lived in the Riverside neighborhood. Growing up, I remember Mr. Paul Gordon as a gentle man with a great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh. In addition, my parents, Mitzi and David Hertel are sending you their prayers. How fortunate we have been to share your friendship and generosity.
    Fondly, George and Debby (Hertel) Schankler, Okemos, Michigan

    ~ Anonymous,
  349. I worked for Mr. Gordon from 1972 to 1991. I will always remember his kindness and being a warm and humble person. My condolences to the entire Gordon family

    ~ Rog VanHouten,
  350. Paul hired me to work for this incredible company 27 years ago as a sales rep. My 2 hour interview in Dan Benders office w/Paul is something I will never forget. His interest in me as a person and my family took prescedence over anything else.
    I met my wife Kelly during my walk thru the G.R. facility. In fact our wedding (25 yrs ago) was much more special w/Paul and Dottie in attendance. They mingled with our families between the wedding and reception, fitting in as if they shared our same last name.
    We are so thankful for what Paul represented and know his incredible spirit will live on for many years to come.
    Gods Peace be with Paul and the Gordon family

    ~ Ron & Kelly Korson,
  351. In my 25 years with GFS, it was never about Paul but about others and who he could help. He will remain in all of our hearts as one of the most humble of men. Paul was a true servant leader as was evidenced by the way he earned the respect of everyone he came in contact with. Together, Paul and Dottie raised not only a family guided by Godly principles but a company that has been guided by Biblical principles as well. While we will miss you in body, we thank you for your Legacy that will continue on.

    Our thoughts and Prayers are with the family. Isaiah 40:31

    Dave & Vonda Biondo

    ~ Anonymous,
  352. My memories of Mr Paul,
    When Distal Québec, GFS Canada, went to the Winner Circle the first time in North Carolina, Mr Paul was there to greet each of us. Right away I realize he was a special person. He remenbered my name and always remenbered my name when we had the chance to meet. He took many pictures at the Winner Circle and later on sent us the picture here at Distal Québec. How did he know who we were ?How did he remember where we were from? He was an amazing man ! It’s my turn now to remember his name.
    Rest in peace Mr. Paul and to the Gordon family rest assured that he will always be remembered.

    ~ Josée Bussières-Distal Qc,
  353. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend some time with Paul at one of the GFS golf outings and ask him some specific questions about how he brought his sons up through the GFS business. The advice he gave me was priceless and to this day I use his wisdom to help me nuture my son through our business. May God Bless everyone in the Gordon Family!

    ~ Larry R. Mourey President/CEO Premiere Food Service,
  354. We want you to know we are praying for the family and also rejoicing of Paul Gordons home coming. I pray that Gordon Food Service will continue to grow and to not be ashamed of Jesus Christ.
    Love and Prayers Driver Larry Hendricks and Family

    ~ Larry Hendricks,
  355. Dear Gordon Family

    With deepest sympathies and condolences from our hearts.
    I only had the chance to meet Paul very briefly one time and knew I was in the presence of a great man.
    May you he rest in peace

    ~ Anonymous,
  356. I am so proud to say that I knew and worked for Paul Gordon. I started at GFS in 1996 when I was just 24 years old. It was a time in my life when I was looking for someone to be inspired by and look up too. Paul Gordon became that for me. I am a better father, husband and person because of Paul Gordon. My favorite memories of Paul will be at the Winner Circle trips that my wife and I got to share with Paul and Dottie. He always knew your name and made sure to find out how you and your family was doing. He was one of the greatest people that I have ever known in my life. I will never forget him.

    ~ Brian Larsen,
  357. I am and have always been so proud to be part of this wonderful company. I cherrish every minute that I have ever spoken with Paul. From when I first started with Gordon Food Service and having to hand deliver his mail to him so he could open it right away, I remeber him waveing me into his office taking the mail from me and he would always look me right in the eye to say good morning Terri. To a more recent time when I was traveling back from Florida and had the honor of sharing the flight back to GR with both Paul and Dottie. It was so inspirational for me to be able to sit and listen to Paul, and share ideas and thoughts with both him and Dottie, this was a time that I will never forget.

    Thank you Paul and Gordon family for all that you do for us at GFS.

    ~ Terri Martell,
  358. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Gordons and our partners within the Gordon Food Service family. As a family-owned operation ourselves, we share in your loss and offer our most heartfelt sympathies.
    -Wharf Seafoods, Inc. (Warwick, RI)

    ~ Anonymous,
  359. I am very sorry for the loss of the Gordon family with the passing away of Paul this week. He was very special to me and my family. When I was going through a hard time he was there for me. Paul made it possible for me and my family to be togather again. You see I came to America in 1983 and started working at Gordon Food service in 1991. The rest of my family was back in Ethiopia. I was having a difficult time getting the rest of my family here because of poitical reasons. Paul Gordon got involved and I was able to bring the rest of my family to the States. I will be forever gratefull to him. He was such a good man and we all have been blessed to have known him. God Bless All the Gordon Family

    ~ Mebrahtu Berhane and Family,
  360. Paul made every employee at GFS feel important and appreciated. Anytime you saw Paul he would bring a smile to your face. His attitude and way he treated people was just amazing. He will be missed greatly!

    ~ Anonymous,
  361. It’s been a priviledge to work for Paul and the Gordon family for the past 37 years. I was always impressed that Paul knew everyone by their first name, at least he did until the company grew so big that it was impossible for him to keep up with everyone. That’s probably one thing that disappointed him. We grieve at the loss of Paul, but not as those who have no hope. I thank God for the promise of resurrection and eternal life in Christ, that Paul is now enjoying. I thank the Gordon family for continuing the legacy which Paul received from his father and grandfather, and passed down to them.

    ~ Cal Bakker,
  362. My husband and I feel so very blessed that we got to share the last 29 years with Paul and this wonderful GFS family. It was always such a joy when Paul came to Brighton to visit and to get to listen to the stories and message he had for all of us. Such a wonderful man who truly knew what it meant to live each day to the fullest. His spirit and message will live on in all of us as we carry on the work that has been set before us.

    Our prayers are with all of you during this difficult time, may the lord bless and comfort you.

    ~ Mie & Sheri Sonnenberg,
  363. To: The Gordon’s

    Over the last 15 years of my husbands employment at the Clay Ave site, this company has taught my husband the meaning of family values, warmth and humbleness.

    May Good bless you and you will always been in the prayers of the Shamsiddeen”s

    ~ Raphael Shamsiddeen,
  364. Paul was a great man. He always had time for you and was always willing to listen. Paul step in and helped me out when I needed it and I will always be thankful for that

    ~ Anonymous,
  365. January 2nd 1990 my career at Gordon Food Service began. I knew at that point this was not your ordinary company. That December at my first annual meeting I had a chance encounter with Paul during a break from the meetings. After having the opportunity of talking with him I knew working for this company would be an opportunity to grow not only with my career, but as a human being as well. 18 years later, I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. That day changed the way I saw life and set the stage for my persuit of faith and growth as an individual. I have felt so blessed to have known Paul and the entire Gordon family, I know their are many people that feel the same as I do. My thoughts and prayers will continue for the entire Gordon family, and I know Paul has a special place in heaven. We should all feel blessed that our Lord and savior allowed us his presents on this earth and to have touched so many lives in such a wonderful way.

    ~ Anonymous,
  366. Not everybody’s life time allows to get so close to a Man who was a leader in his Industry, a Man whose legacy will be forever remembered, a Man whose vision created change in an evolving industry while maintaning his integrity; a Man who shared his passion while building not only an Industry benchmark but also a family of employees. I am glad to say that I was lucky enough to have been touched by this Man and his passion and I will be forever thankful that I was ever able to meet him and be part of his family.

    ~ Pascal Fruge (Non commercial Sales - Chicago),
  367. i first met paul when he came to shepherdsville,ky.he rode in a golf cart,i went up to him and said,THANK YOU FOR SIGNING MY PAYCHECK.he smiled and laugh and said welcome aboard. i met him twice.he was a nice man.peace with him and his family.GOD bless you and you’r family.david stover sr.

    ~ david stover sr.,
  368. I met Mr. Gordon one time. In that very brief moment I could tell this man was a quiet giant! An icon of his company and the industry he loved. When I met Mr. Gordon the one thing that will forever stand out in my memory is “he asked me for my produce business”. Rest in peace sir. Gordon family my thoughts and prayers are with all of you

    ~ David Tashman PF Changs,
  369. I had the oppurtunity a couple years ago to express my gratitude to Paul and the GFS family for the change he and this company made in my life. I came to GFS in 1989 after being in the restuarant business the first 8 years of my adult life, it had resulted in personal bankruptcy. My 8 years at GFS were filled with great learning experiences, not only business but in life that have helped me to get to were I am today.
    One of my fondest memories of Paul happened when he and Dottie were traveling to the Springfeild area prior to building there and they spent the night in Lima. He had called me and wanted me to make arrangments for him for lodging at one of our customers. The owner of the hotel knew Paul and wanted to pull a prank on him, when Paul and Dottie arrived he had placed a fruit basket in his room full of poor quality, old fruit and left a card that read. welcome to Lima, fruit basket product of Gordon Food Service.
    Paul laughed and chuckled and thought that was great, he continued to talk about it at breakfast the next morning.
    As you can imagine, Paul Gordon and many other graet people at GFS have made a huge impression on my life. As I grow my company, I can only try to touch people in a way Paul has. Thank you GFS

    John Heaphy, Lima, Ohio

    ~ Anonymous,
  370. Dear Dottie and family,

    Saying goodbye is so hard.I understand the pain you are feeling as I lost my dad a short time ago to cancer as well.
    Please take some comfort to know how much of an impact Paul had on the lives he touched.He showed true joy in the Lord and was always quick to extend that joy and love to others.
    I always enjoyed the time I had with Paul and looked forward to seeing him.
    I think of Paul when I read the verse from Colossians 3:23-24 “Whatever you do,work at it with all your heart,as working for the Lord,not for man, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward .It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

    Lifting you up in prayer.

    ~ Anonymous,
  371. As a packer at the 50th st. facility in the early 80’s, I would see Paul and Jim Smith enter through the employee entrance and walk through the warehouse greeting us young kids, all by name. We would turn to each other after they passed by and say ‘ You know it’s 5 below outside, snowing like there’s now tommorrow, and these guys, really don’t have to come in if they don’t want to ! ‘ Another time myself and my family happened upon Paul and Dottie, out of chance in Disneyworld. After taking time to talk to my family for quite some time, they walked off. My son looked at at me and said’ So dad there really is a MR. Gordon! We will always feel your presence, at GFS and with our and your families.

    ~ Anonymous,
  372. I had the pleasure of dinning one evening in Toronto with Paul and one of our valued customers. The stories shared by Paul of the old days in food service and where we are today, as well as his vision of where we are going, was truly amazing to hear. The customer to this day reminds me of the enjoyment we had that evening and has asked numerous times how Paul was doing. He as well as I will miss this (legend of a man ). My thoughts and prayers go out to the Gordon family.

    ~ Anonymous,
  373. The Gordon family has been a blessing to me and our community in the CSD. I remember the first time I met Paul Gordon was after I had presented my first Food Show breakout session and I look out in the audience for questions at the end and Paul is sitting very attentively in the back row! He was very complimentary and made me feel so glad to be a part of Gordon Food Service. Paul loved to tell stories and he was so proud of his family. His blessings and memories are many, he will be missed.

    ~ Rayona Baker, CSD,
  374. I never had the opportunity to meet Paul Gordon in person, but the legacy of who he is and what he stands for is evident in every part of his family and his business. Sir John Walter Wayland wrote a poem in 1899 called the “True Gentleman” and I believe it exemplifies what I learned about who Paul Gordon was as a person.

    “The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from goodwill and an acute sense of propriety
    and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humble if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power,
    or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others rather than his own; and who appears well in any company; a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.”

    Paul Gordon will be missed.

    ~ Anon,
  375. Kim and I will never forget the day Paul made a surprise appearance to our home. After a day of working with various sales people and visiting customers, I was to pick-up Paul in his van so he could head home. He asked how I was getting back to work (it was 6:30 P.M.) I said that I lived close by and I was hoping he would drop me off. He agreed, and thought it would be a good idea to say hello to Kim and see where we lived. A quick call home to prepare my wife that Paul was coming over and 5 minutes later we arrived. Paul was greeted by my youngest daughter (3 at the time) with a hug and a big “Hi Grandpa”! As was Paul’s humble nature he responed with a hug of his own. As she ran off to play, he smiled and said “I guess I do look a little like a Grandpa”. My daughter is 11 now and every time I saw Paul he would ask about her. He was loved for how he lived. We will miss him deeply and we are grateful for the memories.

    ~ Jim & Kim Fent,
  376. Spending time with Paul and Dottie in Halifax Nova Scotia for People of the Year 2004 trip, tied my heart to the GFS family.
    The whole trip was memorable, however, my favorite was eating lunch in the little red school house at Peggy’s cove, Paul looked over at me holding up a fork full of spring mix asked, “Janice, do you sell alot of this out west? I replied yes sir we do, he shot back with a mischievous smile, “well not enough, because I still have to eat it!”
    I believe his ability to see the light in each of us, gave us a simplistic faith in ourselves.
    To make business deals a win win, was very innovatative at the time he began the cultural revolution at GFS, and I am so very proud to have that foremost in my dealings with our customers, vendors and fellow employees at the Neptune division everyday. I wear my Gold Club ring with humble pride.
    Thank you Paul for being a true gentle man. I will always carry a piece of Mr. Gordon in my heart.

    ~ Janice Martin- GFS-Neptune,
  377. At the time I was working for Marketplace, and I had to give a presentation from a Powerpoint to the Culvers group describing the services to about 250 ppl. I could not have been more nervous to give a presentation that I had not created to a group of folks I knew very little about. I some how deliverd the presentation with out a flaw. As I walked back to my seat, Paul jumped up out of his seat (I didn’t even know he was there at the meeting) grabbed my hand and said ” YOUR A REAL FIRECRACKER”. I think of that moment always. As I believe Paul was a true FIRECRACKER.
    Thank you Paul for everything you have done and sacraficed for what you believed in. It has made me a better person because of it.

    ~ Kellie Kassela GLW Marketing,
  378. I just want to say thank you to the GFS family. Paul Gordon is my grandfather and I’ve been so blessed these past four months to live with him and my grandma. Our entire family has been overwhelmed by the love the company has for my grandparents. The kind notes and cards meant more to us then you can imagine. We read each one of the cards to grandpa and he was truly touched by all the kind words. He remembered each person that sent a card and had a story to tell about that person. He said a number of times…”I just wish I could write them all back”. Those times were really special for our family as we saw a different side of grandpa and were able to see how he really loved and cared for the employees of GFS. Thank you for your kind words and your commitment to GFS.

    ~ Courtney Williams, Granddaughter,
  379. I will never forget the Saturday morning in mid October, 1972 when I walked into GFS for my very first time and was introduced to Paul Gordon in what I soon learned was called the “Corner Office”. For serveral hours we drank lots and lots of coffee and discussed purchasing, material handling systems and God. I was looking to make a career change and I know the Lord lead me to 333 50th Street that day. I left with an urgent need to find the ladies room, a job offer and a directive that I needed to start my new job before October 31st, I didn’t know why at the time but he told me it was very important.
    Paul was one of the most influential people in my life. His leadership, strength, insight and fortitude are his legacy known to the world but his personal concern for others was perhaps not so well known. His love and support to me and my family during our time of loss are forever etched in my heart.

    I am so blessed to have been a part of his “team” for 28 years with many cherished memories, one of which that two of my children are still privileged to be working on behalf of GFS. We like so many, many others greatly mourn his loss but are comforted knowing he has been lifted up into the welcoming arms of our Lord.

    ~ Carol Brock and Family,
  380. Jim and I always looked forward to seeing Paul on a trip to Michigan and will always remember the way Paul had time to talk with us. A true gentleman and just a genuine person who made our business relationship as good as it gets. We will miss Paul but know the family he instilled his wonderful values in will contunue to make him proud.

    ~ Ian & Jim at Abbott,
  381. Like a lot of people I was lucky to know Paul Gordon for many years. From my first days in the Foodservice industry working at Redi-Bake a frozen bakery supplier just down the street from the GFS offices, to working with GFS as a cornerstone partner with Cargill Meat Solutions. Paul Gordon was always at the GFS food shows. Paul would walk up to your booth and ask you how sales were and what is new. He would know how your company was performing and let you know that you needed to step up or thank you for being a GFS partner because you had a high level of perfomance. It was kind, personal and direct. You always left looking forward to the next time Paul would walk up to you to talk.

    Paul knew the facts, the figures, his faith but more importnatly the people. He always had a kind word and time to say hello. His faith and values carried him forward with a mission and vision for faith, family and company. The leadership and values that he paased on by his example will be reaped for years to come. He made a difference, he made people better, he created value and he created a family that loves him.

    Paul will be missed. I was lucky to know and talk with him in my travels. I know he will be looking over us all and watching and waiting for us to join him with our heavenly Father.

    Thank you Paul for being who you are and what you have done to make the world better for so many. Your family is proud of what you have worked so hard to build and be. We all will miss you.

    God Bless you and keep you.

    To the Gordon Family - May God watch over you and comfort you during this time of grief. May you focus on the happy memories that you shared with your Husband, Brother, Father, Grand Father or Uncle.

    ~ Karl Hansen - John Morrell & Co.,
  382. To the Paul Gordon Family, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to all of you at this time in your life with the loss of your dear Husband, Father & Grandfather.
    I met Mr. Gordon when I worked for a CPA firm in Wyoming, MI & he was assisting someone with a project & working with on of our CPA’s. I will always remember Mr. Gordon always being on time or ahead of time with the other party usually coming in close to or shortly after the scheduled time & each time he made the following statement” this young people cannot tell time” & then he would chuckle.
    We had many conversations regarding not only his business but other business people we found we both knew during these conversations.
    Paul Gordon was always a happy, smiling person however he did say I can be stern if I have to be & we would laugh about that.
    Thanks to your legacy of great people & well loved service people - we all can put food in our cupboards & into our freezers.
    You wll will be remembered in my prayers,
    With Sympathy,
    June (Wozniak) Palasek
    Largo, Fl

    ~ Anonymous,
  383. When my husband Ron and I came to work in the summers for Gull Lake Bible Conference in 1973, little did we know what a wonderful friendship would be forged throughout the years with Paul and Dottie. We were on the inside track of this man’s love for others. He mentored both of us by example in how to love others first; to desire their best to be attained for God’s glory; to lead with strength, honesty and courage and to do a very hard day’s work, without expectations of honor. When we went into family ministry full-time, Paul remained a friend who encouraged Ron in leadership, brought comic relief when circumstances were sometimes hard, and remained the standard for what a generous leader, mentor and friend should be. At Ron’s death in 2004, he and Dottie were at his memorial service to encourage my children. What a blessing it has been to call them friends! What a legacy he left for all of us, but especially for his family. May the Lord bring you many precious times together as you see Paul in yourselves, your children and grandchildren and remember with tears and laughter, this very special man.

    ~ Francine Busch,
  384. Paul’s faith allowed him to face death with courage and dignity…what an inspiration for us all. I so enjoyed the laughs we shared and his stories of the “butter and egg” business. My favorite was when the truck was full and he had to tie the case of eggs to the bumper….only to have it fall off when he turned the corner. Great memories…I am so grateful that he provided the “wagon to hitch up to.” He touched so many lives with his ministry. May God bless his family at this time of need…

    ~ GaryGrosskaus, Chicago Non-Comm Sales,
  385. While attending special event days at Gull Lake Bible Conference, I have fond memories of Paul and his wife inviting a large group of us missionaries over to their home to enjoy an afternoon on the lake. Their hospitality and giving spirit have blessed my wife and I in many additional ways and we know that it has been because of their faith in and love for Christ. For all of the Gordon family, we extend our sincere sympathy.

    Thanks from a HCJB Global missionary couple.

    ~ Anonymous,
  386. I will certainly miss your presence! I litterly grew up knowing you working in the 333 building all these years! You will always be an icon in my lifetime! You never seemed to have a bad day, always upbeat and had a great sense of humor! I’ll never forget the times you sat on my desk and was interested to know how I was and my family!

    Thank you for all the great years of employment at GFS!
    Anonymous May8, 2008

    ~ Anonymous,
  387. I worked with Paul and Dottie on several occassions at their home and at the cottage. They both made me feel like I was one of the family members when I was there. From feeding me lunch to asking how my family was doing.

    Once I was married Paul learned to know my wife Angie. Since moving to our Central States division I would not see Paul as much as I did being in Grand Rapids. When I would see him at foodshows, he would be excited to see me, but would always ask me ” Where’s Angie!!”

    Thanks for giving us all such a wonderful place to work and such great memories. You will be missed dearly!

    ~ Chris and Angie Shipaila,
  388. A friendly smile, a caring touch, an infectious laugh, and a genuine spirit are a few of the qualities Paul shared with us. What a privilege to have known such a great leader. As a GFS employee, I never saw Paul as a boss, but more of as a Grandfather figure. His presence radiated love, generosity, and authenticity. I will always remember his performance in the Waz Up! video and delivering ice cream with his little cart around the office. I feel so blessed to have been touched by his life.

    ~ Alisha Domke, Guatemala,
  389. It feels as though an asteroid-sized light has gone out on this Earth, but oh, how much brighter it is in heaven today. We cannot imagine the grief that Dottie and the whole Gordon family must be feeling. Frank and I are deeply saddened and will carry Paul and the memories of him close to our heart. We distinctly remember when we were in London and about 26 of us were late for the Les Miserables performance; they were not going to let us in and the guy with the thick British accent was carrying on, saying: shhhh, this is a theatre not a cinema”, but Paul was so calm and sweet natured, how could anyone resist? We will miss his laugh and him saying: “hey Frank, what’s new?” What an amazingly humble and godly man whom has earned our deepest respect. We felt like we could say anything to Paul and he would not only remember our inside jokes, but would respond with a good-natured quip and a genuine chuckle. He was like that with everyone. Thank you Gordon family for sharing your dad, husband, brother and grandpa with us. We stand beside you and hold you up with our prayers.

    With deep sorrow and love,

    ~ Frank & Wendy Jenkins & Family,
  390. May the legacy of Paul’s deep faith and philosophy of living unselfishly continue to be at the centre of all we do at GFS. The Cornerstone values that we have adopted are a testament of his vision, and may we never lose the culture that he created. Paul’s quiet selflessness, contagious enthusiasm, and unwavering faith in God’s grace have had an impact on all who knew him.
    Peace be with Dottie, the Gordons, and the entire GFS family as we mourn the loss of Paul here on earth.
    Until we meet again…

    ~ Teresa Weller , Milton ON,
  391. I never got to meet Mr.Gordon but when GFS bought Henry Lee food service in Fla. where me and many others worked most of us were like here we go again.We were Smart and Final who bought us before GFS. It was a terribly run business with Smart and Final.Then GFS took over.I worked out of the Key West division and we had a marketplace in Key West.Well as most of you know Key West is a party town.The first thing the Gordons did was removed all the tobacco and alcohol.Im not sure but I would say that lost about 50% of sales for that store.When I heard this I was dumbfounded! I’m also a christian and when I found out the Gordons were also christians I put 2 and 2 together.Now from what I hear Key West is one of the best stores now!It shows what God can do when you love him and try your best to do what he wants you to do.That’s exactly what Paul did.I worked for the Gordons for about 5 years when they took over.8 years all together.I no longer work with GFS but I’m also battling brain cancer.It figures when a good family takes over I end up getting cancer.lol!!But I know that it was God’s plan for me and all things work out for good in God’s hands!Being a fellow christian even though Paul will be missed we will definitely see him again!My thoughts and prays go out to you and your family and when I get well I will be putting my application with GFS again for sure!! jason cadwell

    ~ Anonymous,
  392. I only met Paul and Dottie face-to-face once and that was at my recent orientation. Though he was not scheduled to speak, somehow it became necessary that he come on short notice. I cherish the memory of witnessing their dedication to one another and to this company. I was struck by their humor and their desire to know something about each one of us who had joined their GFS “family.” Thank you for your belief in our capabilities and our desire to take our turn in carrying the baton. Thank you Dottie, for continuing to share Paul with us until the end of his life here on earth, I know it may have been easier to have stayed at home that morning.

    Recently, I had a friend share that we have it all wrong, that what we are doing on this side of heaven is not living, but dying. The living takes place on the other side. I trust that you are comforted by the fact that Paul’s life is truly just beginning and one day you and all of us who know the Lord will join him.

    Paul, as witnessed here within the walls of these buildings and around the world you left a legacy, not only for your family, but to anyone who has come to know you. You have left this world a better place to have been here. May we all learn from the example you have set. Now rest in the Lord Paul!

    2 Timothy 4:7-8 (NIV) I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.

    To Dottie and your family,

    Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. May you know a peace that passes all understanding that you will join Paul once again someday. May God cover you with mercy and comfort during your time of longing for this man whom you love.

    Psalm 31:24 (NIV) Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for and hope for, and expect the Lord!

    Matthew 5:4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

    Jeremiah 31:13 (NIV) I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.

    ~ Anonymous,
  393. I share the same admiration of Paul as countless others and will fondly remember his genuine, caring spirit. I know I’ll never forget his booming laughter! Something personal for me to remember is how he always asked me to sing for him whenever I crossed his path, whether it was in the hallway or at a company event. I got a kick out of the fact that he referred to me as the ‘Ethel Merman of GFS’. And now, I raise my voice to the Lord in praise of the man we all loved and so admired.

    Sheri Ward-Proulx

    ~ Anonymous,
  394. I came to GFS 19 years ago and Paul came to our orientation class. You could tell immediately that there was something different about him. We had the opportunity to talk during lunch and he asked about my wife Robin. 6 months later at the annual meeting Paul came up to Robin, with no introduction, called her by name and talked with her like she was family. It was at that point that I knew I was part of something special, a GFS family.
    My wife’s family was a Christian family and guiding me towards the Lord. The culture of the Gordon Family and my wife’s family lead me to the Lord in 1995.
    I could never count the debt I owe, or measure the respect I have to the GFS family for the life they have guided us toward and provided for us.
    I know that Paul heard these words from God- “Well Done my Good and Faithful Servant”.
    Our Prayers, Praise, and Condolences for Paul and the Gordon Family.

    ~ Greg and Robin,
  395. After reading the memories of Mr Gordon that others have left before me, it only reconfirms my opinion that this was a man who cared about people.
    My brief encounters with him have left a lasting impression on me and makes it very easy to understand why GFS was founded on, and continues to operate within, the Cornerstone Values.
    While he is now gone, I’m sure we all realize that he will still be watching. Let’s continue to show him that we learned what he taught us all, and will operate in a way that will make him proud.

    ~ Anonymous,
  396. Paul was a very unique individual, one who had tremendous enthusiam and conviction to everything he did, whether it be business, or his personal life. When I came to GFS in January of 1986, Paul was the catalyst in setting up the Markon buying office in California. I can still remember the meetings we had in Denver with all the other independent operators, if it were not for Paul’s tremendous leadership abilities, the Markon initiative would have never got off the ground. In my 40 years in this Produce business I have never met another person like Paul, and the Gordon family. The man upstairs will have his hands full with Paul. Our prayers are with the Gordon family

    ~ Jack Bertagna,
  397. Paul was a very kind man and I feel honored to have known him. He will always be remembered.

    ~ Anonymous,
  398. A Great Man….A Great Leader…A Great Heart. We were blessed to have Paul in our lives here on earth teaching us, sharing with us, and laughing with us. Now, we’re even more fortunate that he is our guardian angel up in heaven. Keep watching over us Paul. We will continue your legacy with faith, honor, laughter, and love.

    ~ Carrie Shelton - Marketplace,
  399. Paul had a gift of making everyone around him feel important and valued. He truly “walked the walk. I will always remain grateful to have known him and continue to pray for the Gordon family…

    ~ Martha Appleton, Grand Rapids, Mi,
  400. Few people leave lasting impressions but Paul Gordon was certainly one of those exceptional people that will long be remembered. Paul reached out to all he encountered with a warm handshake and a kind word. His legacy will live on through his gift to others. My condolences to Paul’s family as they continue on through their own life’s journeys.

    ~ Lynnette Jones, Palos Community Hospital,
  401. Paul Gordon was truly an inspiration to so many people. He greeted everyone with kind words and a big smile. Although many people knew Paul as a great business man, he was an even greater person. Paul was a wonderful example of what being a Christian is all about. I am very blessed to have met him. May God bless Paul and his family.

    ~ Jeff LaLonde,
  402. I had only had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul Gordon once during my orientation over a year ago. One thing I do remember is his positive outlook in life and how he interacted with all the new employees in that conference room.Mr. Gordon will be missed by many, but never forgotten.He is an inspiration to many with his philosphy in life and his personable character and how he treated every person as a member of his family. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family,for he will be dearly missed.

    ~ MIke Schlosser, oregon marketplace,
  403. I will carry with me always the example Paul left for all of us. His boundless love for his God, his family, his employees, and all his neighbors on this earth were unmatched. I am deeply honored and a better person for knowing him, to have worked for him, and to have learned from him. “To see all people as equal, to look them in the eye, no matter how simple their job function,” a trait possessed by Paul’s father and grandfather, was exemplified in Paul. He conveyed real concern for all people, especially his employees. At any function he wanted to meet with them all, shake their hands and listen to their concerns.

    I first met Paul Gordon at 2:30am in his Clay Ave. Distribution Center where I was doing 3rd shift computer work. He was there, in a suit and tie, shaking hands and greeting all the employees by name. To be greeted by the Chairman of the Board, at 2:30am on the factory floor, showed me their was something special about Paul.

    He led through serving others, and his focus was always on the customers and employees. I would consider myself successful if I could accomplish 1/10th of what Paul did for this world in my lifetime. Who lived a more genuine full life?

    Although I miss Paul Gordon, I see him even now, in the helpful smiles and warm greetings of all of you… who miss him too.

    ~ Gerry Cooke - GFS GR,
  404. Thanks Paul for all that you gave to me personally and to this company. You are mentor to many and a true example of the way life should be lived.

    ~ Anonymous,
  405. Paul left a wonderful legacy. He touched so many lives, and continues to, and made such a difference. Paul always made me smile and cheered me up when I was recovering from breast cancer. My heart goes out to the Gordon family.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.

    ~ Kim Boldt-Moore, Cargill,
  406. I met Mr. Gordon at one of our divisional meetings last year and his sense of humor was tremendous. He asked me where my territory was, after I told him he said I don’t know where that is but I think I better find out because now that you mention that name I think that is where I’m staying while I’ here! I hope I have a ride there after the meeting.
    As a fellow Chrisitan, I applaud Mr. Gordon for writing that letter to all of the employess and challenging them to find Christ and live like Christ as much as possible. I will see Paul Gordon again and when we see each other again it will seem like only minutes since we last met. I know that many will miss him but pray that many will see him again in Glory.

    ~ Debra Williams, FL Division,
  407. I appreciate Paul’s faith the most. In business, it seems, we are to be Christians on Sunday and business people the other days of the week. Paul, and the Gordon family, give thanks to God every day of the week and show it. His example in business (as well in life) gives courage to others to talk about and show their faith. It is not an either/or and Paul lived it to its fullest. The other think I think about is that Paul was a servant manager. I have heard countless stories of where Paul rolled up his sleves to help someone. I think he delighted to be in that position to assist and serve. He touched more lives then he realized.
    I think GFS just signed up a new account in Heaven and have a very good sales person managing the customer.

    ~ Rod Van Wyngarden,
  408. I have only been with the company for 3 and half years but I had the honor to meet Paul Gordon on many events. My parents did too. Paul is a great man and he will be missed. Paul to my parents and me is a very humble and kind man with a heart that is so large that you can see him from miles away. When Paul is around, he brings so much joy and brightness into a room. I am sorry for the loss to the Gordon Family.

    ~ Steve Huang FLA,
  409. What a life, What a legacy. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to ‘hitch my wagon’ to his!

    ~ Anonymous,
  410. I love this picture of Paul on this website. The picture of a joyous and happy man, because that is the man that will stay in my memories for all time. A man who reflected the love of his Savior and Lord. Who lived life with great humility. Always the first to give up his seat, or sit in the back of the bus so others could be first. A role model. A humanitarian. A servant leader. Now when thunder rolls over head, I will think of Paul’s deep baritone voice resonating in the sky.

    ~ Mark Amsler,
  411. I will always remember Paul for his great sense of humor and his unbelievable memory. I recall my first food show standing with a couple of customers and relishing the opportunity to introduce them to Paul. I made the introductions and told Paul they were from Kishwaukee Hospital and before I could say another word he says, “That’s out there in DeKalb, IL ” The three of us stood there with our mouths open amazed he knew where we were from. Flash forward twelve years later and I’m at a sales meeting in the Chicago Loop office and the question is raised about a potential distribution center west of Chicago, Paul doesn’t miss a beat and says, “You know when you get out there west near DeKalb the folks are a little simpler…” He had to know I was sitting right behind him.

    ~ Rob McMillion,
  412. I will never forget my encounters with Paul from the many food shows to the olive groves in Spain. Your values and caring have truely helped to shape me into a better person today. I feel very fortunate to have known you and been able to work for this great FAMILY company. God Bless!

    ~ barry vasher,
  413. In January of this year I was in Grand Rapids for Assistant Managers Orientation the training was very good but the high light of the trip was meeting Paul Gordon and his wife . For GFS being such a big company when meeting Paul I can understand our Cornerstone Values more . They were both very down to earth people. Thank-You Mr. Paul Gordon for sharing your life’s dream with us. God Bless Mrs. Gordon and the Gordon Family.

    ~ Cheryl Aguilar Marketplace 5/08/2008,
  414. I didn’t know Paul personally , although I did meet him and spoke casually a few times with him. I will say what a wonderful testimony to Christ and his faith and family he shared. I am hoping when my time comes, I can be as kind and spiritually moved as he was. What an inspriation! God Bless Paul and the family.

    ~ Anonymous,
  415. He has lived a good life with god at his side, and now the lord has called him, for his faith in the lord has givin him the lords promises, that he will deliver the righteous. No one is ever gone as long as we keep them in our hearts for ever. All we can say is, till we meet agin. Pete Espinosa ( GFS ) Miami Fla. From the Espinosa Family to yours our hearts are with at this difficult bridge in time that we must all cross. God Bless……

    ~ Anonymous,
  416. Paul Gordon is GFS to me. And he will be missed deeply. He will go on in spirit in each and everyone of us. Listening to all the stories of his life bring’s a smile to me and others. My daughter, when she first met Paul was only about 8yrs old and she came right out and said “I wish he was my grandpa”. Paul being such a genuine soul. My condolence’s to the family. Live each day to the fulliest. God Bless

    ~ L. Hacker,
  417. Paul made being a part of GFS very personal. My wife and I were so surprised at our first GFS Christmas party that Paul knew both of our names and made a point to shake our hands and welcome us to GFS.
    Thanks Paul.

    ~ Ron Porritt,
  418. I left GFS after 14 GREAT years about 6 months ago, but I will NEVER forget Paul. As a group of 31, I was introuduced to him during orientation, and more than a year later he approached me at a food show in Novi, and said “hey Aaron how’s it going out there?” I was so impressed that he remembered me, let alone my name, that always stuck with me. I never won Gold Club(although nominated twice), or went on a trip with him, but he always new my name and my wife Chris, I will always feel apart of the Gordon family because of Paul. We should all be able to go out on our own terms, and the fact he was able to come in say goodbye to everyone is a testament to Paul in business, and his personal connection to all of us. For those of you that never met Paul, at this point, I can only say, I am better for ever having met/ worked for Paul, and we should all strive to be like him.

    ~ Aaron Bailey, GLE previously,
  419. I thank Paul for the day he came to Cleveland 22 years ago and helped me deliver my route,as I was running 3 hours late. Its something I have never seen the president of a company do, and .probably will never again. He will be missed very much. I am glad I was able to know him and work for(with) him

    ~ Gerry Linder,
  420. I unfortunatly never had the opportunity to meet Paul, he did attend our Neptune Christmas party one year, and I remember he was very warm and engaging with everyone. I hope that one day I am lucky enough to meet and marry a strong Christian man like Paul.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful influence to so many people!

    ~ Anonymous,
  421. Paul has always been a person that I have aspired to most of my life. He was a man that stood for
    honesty, integrity, humility, apprciation, godliness and an overall inspiration for anyone who had the privilage of knowing him. He will always be remembered as a person who did so much for so many. I’m sure we will all miss him at Gordon Food Service but we can all take comfort in knowing we knew a truly great man who’s time had come to join our father in heaven and he is happy.

    Tim White

    ~ Anonymous,
  422. During my brief 9 years with GFS, I have made it a regular habit to thank “Uncle Paul” for all that I have received from the BEST company in the world….my salary, my benefits, my friends, my future. We all feel like we are more than employees for the Gordon family. We truly feel like members of the family. We are all better people for having known Paul. It is our charge to continue to fight the good fight and to celebrate your life each day. God Bless you, Mr. Paul Gordon.

    ~ Fred Hedin,
  423. We have been truly blessed to have known Paul for more than 20 years. He was such a source of inspiration to us and all that knew him. He lived his life to serve our Lord and to serve all those around him. May we never forget how he taught us to love one another and treat each other as though we are all first class citizens, regardless of our title or position. He truly epitomized the life of a servant leader.

    We thank him for the gift his living has brought to each of us. We thank him and the Gordon family for their courage and commitment to keeping Gordon Food Service a Christian-based company. What a beautiful life he lived and shared with us. When we think of him we will smile.

    Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Gordon family. May you find comfort in the Lord.

    ~ Greg and Susie Spleet (Great Lakes East Division),
  424. Above all I will remember Paul as a man that “let his light so shine before men” so that they could see the love that he had for Jesus. Paul always remembered the names of people that he met. I also loved his sense of humor. I always hoped that I would have the chance to be called on stage to be greeted by a warm smile and handshake from Paul Gordon. He will be missed

    ~ Steve Levi GLW,
  425. “Many of us are, at this point, turning over the reins to the next group of family or managers. It has been a learning experience. The future looks great with these young people taking charge. ”

    “Please keep on doing what you are doing. It’s worthwhile, it’s critical, and its value can do nothing but increase. ”

    Only a few of the many words he left with us.

    The future is indeed great, as we stand on the shoulders of giants such as Paul Gordon.

    ~ CMcQ,
  426. My favorite personal memory was Winner Circle 1996 when Paul spent a few moments talking to Casey and I at the bow of a paddle wheel boat moving by Nashville TN. He talked and laughed, making an already special evening even more memorable. Thank you Paul, for helping build a company culture where I could learn to serve others and provide many great opportunities for my family.

    ~ Mike Van Horn,
  427. I will miss you very much and what you stood for. I want to thankyou for always giving God the glory for our success with GFS. I want to thankyou for giving me the opportunity to work for such a great company. I have only met two level 5 leaders in my life. My father John Myers and Paul Gordon. Thankyou, Melinda and I will keep Dottie and your family in our prayers.

    ~ Bob Myers, Marketplace,
  428. First I want to extend to the Gordon Family my deepest sympathy on the loss of your father. I am sure God has a place set a side for a true man who has shown a genuine concern for his fellow man and women.

    A fond memory I have is when I was hired and came to GR for orientation, we did a bingo game having to get names on our card. A distinguished gentleman was walking down the hall into the room and I rushed up and asked him to sign my bingo card. Not knowing I had just asked Paul Gordon to become part of the bingo game. Not only did he sign my card, but he engaged me in conversation asking my name, the department I would be working in, and my thoughts of GFS. During the week I had the opportunity to run into Paul Gordon several times and not only did he know who I was, he asked me if GFS and the managment team was taking care of me. If not he wanted to know and he was sincere with this statement. Where else can you have gone and have the Chariman of GFS sign a bingo card, remember your name and ask if you are being taken care of by management. You could feel in his voice that he was truly concerned about the well being of not just me but the group as a whole. He practiced what he preached, a true gentleman with a heart for his employees.

    I can only thank Paul Gordon for touching my life for those few days, his concern for my well being as a new employee, and showing me that Grodon Food Services was and is truly a company built upon Christian values.

    He can be proud of the legacy he has left behind and will continue to be built upon for years to come. He will be missed by all. May God bless him and grant him eternal peace and my God provide his healing grace to the Gordon Family in this time of need.

    ~ Tom Krebs F/C 5-7-08,
  429. Paul was an amazing person. The few times I had the chance to talk with Paul, he always looked right in my eye and always gave his 100% attention to me. God Bless Paul and the Gordon Family.

    ~ Anonymous,
  430. Almost 29 years ago, I was fortunate enough to become an employee of Gordon Food Service. From day one you are not just recognized as an employee but as a member of the Gordon Family. From my days in the warehouse, I’ll always remember Paul walking the aisles and making a point to greet each person along the way. While in procurement, Paul was always willing to give his opinion and had a memory like a steel trap. If an error was made, he found a way to bring it up in only his style. Sometimes this was 2 years later….Again the memory bank. I’ve always admired the humbleness of the Gordon Family. About 8 years ago I ran into Paul in the hallway. He asked how I was getting to the Ft. Wayne meeting that evening. I asked If he needed a ride and 2 hours later he jumped in the car with myself and two other employees. We had the most enjoyable conversation for the next two hours. Paul has left us with many fond memories and while I know he’s in a better place, his legacy and humbleness will be carried on by his cherished family members and his faithful employees. We’ll miss you Paul….

    ~ Gordy Mouw, May 7th, 2008,
  431. MR GORDON you will be missed more than words can say you new all our names and were always such a nice person to me it was always GO BLUE and a nice word so i hope you and BO have a great life you will be so missed.

    ~ john l hubert clay ave,
  432. I was honored to meet Paul during my two years working the graphics department when we took a team-building retreat at Gull Lake Ministries. He was such a caring and sincere man. I was very impressed by him. It was refreshing to meet a man who had “made it” and still truly remembered how he got there. He was also so much fun to be around, joking around with us. He took us all for ice cream across the lake. We all got on a pontoon boat and headed across the lake. It started to rain a little but we continued on. While we were getting ice cream the rain really started coming down. We were about ready to have people come and pick us up in vans when the rain stopped. We all gathered back onto the boat and as we were heading back Paul looked up and saw the canvas above us had filled with water, he raised his cane and pushed up on the water bulge causing the water to pour over one of my coworkers who was sitting next to him. He got such a kick out of it and we all had a good laugh, even the one who got the water poured over her. I thank the Lord for blessing my life with my brief time with Paul. Although I only met him the one time, I was very impressed by his sincerity, how humble he was, and how much he loved the Lord.

    ~ ~ Thom Adams, DPC, May 7th, 2008,
  433. I celebrated 12 yrs of working for GFS yesterday, I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful family and only wish I could have been with them for the last 40 yrs. It has been an amazing ride with this great company. My wife and I were honored to be on the Alaska trip with Paul and Dottie in 2005 and to share a fantastic time with all. We were also pleased that Paul and Dottie came to Columbus to speak with us this past December. It has been a such a pleasure to help share the values of this company with so many in WV and Ohio and to see this company grow and yet remain true to its beliefs, roots and principals. He will be missed! We can only hope to use all that he taught us in life and work. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this great group.

    ~ Mike and Terri Strimer,
  434. Having met Paul on a several occasions and witnessing how he interacted with others was truly amazing. Paul, in words, thoughts, and deeds sincerley loved his fellow man. I hesitate to say “Goodbye”, but instead, ” See you later”.

    ~ Anonymous,
  435. Paul always took the time to stop in the hallway just to say hello and to see how I and my family were doing. He asked not to be polite but because he truly wanted to know how everyone was doing. He made me feel like I was home from the the day I started with the company.

    One trip I happen to be coming back to the Kent County airport at the same time as Paul and Dottie. He had parked his car else where or was dropped off. (most likely to save on the parking expense) Our plane was very late coming back to GR. I over heard Paul calling different people to see about a late night ride home. I told him he could take my car (a GFS car) he told me no, and to get home to my family. I offered them a ride home he again said no, and to hurry up and get home to my family. I’m not sure how he and Dottie ended up getting home, but he was more concerned with me getting home to my family, and less concerned with how they would get home.

    I will always remember Paul his sense of homor, his love for our Lord, and his genuine caring heart.

    ~ Chuck Jones-Grand Rapids,
  436. As I come before the Lord in prayer, I pray for the Gordon Family.I am thankful that Paul Gordon trusted in Jesus Christ as his Savior and someday we will rejoice together in Heaven. What a day that will be.

    ~ Burdell Gilley,
  437. I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Gordon personally, but I respect his acheivements. I would like to give my condolences to his family.

  438. Were does one begin…………having been apart of the Gordon Family now for 27 years, I had the opportunity to interview with Paul, actually he sat down at a food show and interviewed both Sharon and me. What an honest treat that was that he had enough interest in my spouse to ask her to be a part of the process. I knew right away this is the place I wanted to serve.
    We have had the opportunity to share business times and pleasure times with Paul and Dottie, what a treat to share in those moments and we are so thankful. Paul would always ask about the kids by name and was always interested in there lives and activities also.
    When I think of Paul, I think of his generosity and his heart to serve the Lord worldwide. He has blessed so many and surely blessed our home with his love.

    Thank you for your love and all the memories.

    ~ Tom Snivley,
  439. My wife Jan and I were fortunate to attend the Olympics in 1996 with Paul and Dottie. We have great memories and feel very blessed just to spend time with such a godly man and his wife. Paul was the last to bed, the first to rise and was full of energy. He wore us younger people to a frazzle! Paul was a champion in his own right. He served us well modeling compassion, humility and taught us by example how to serve others. We feel blessed to have known Paul Gordon! As Paul left this earth I am sure he heard the words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!” Look around my child great is your reward. Paul, thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed!!

    Until we meet again!

    ~ Keith Griffin,
  440. The first time I met Mr. Paul was in Grand Rapids, following a business transaction that brought Distal(Canadian based company) into the GFS family.
    It was around noon and Mr. Paul came in to the board room,shook hand and welcomed us to Grand Rapids and we immediatly left for lunch.As I was taking place into the minivan en route to the restaurant, Mr. Paul turned to me and the first question he asked was: ”Talk to me about the Distal charitable foundation”I remember thinking to myself: ”we have just concluded a financial transaction worth a fairly great amount of dollars and he does’nt seem to be worried about his investment, but he rather he wants to know more about our charitable foundation.Genuine,charitable,interested in the well being of people.With Mr.Paul,people came first everywhere and everytime.

    ~ Richard Auger / Distal,
  441. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul a few times at the food shows in Grand Rapids. His smile lit up the whole auditorium. The first time I met him he spoke to me as if we had know each other all of our lives. I truly felt embraced buy his genuine love. Men like him are one in a million and the way he touched my life will never be forgotten. I will miss you Paul.

    ~ Jeff Graczyk, CDS Lansing, Ill.,
  442. I always admired Paul’s genuineness and sincerity of who he was and his respect for others. He helped build this company with the interests of others at the forefront while maintaining God as his guide. He always managed to proclaim God’s word whether it be in GFS, his missionary work, church or family and friends. He has positively touched many, many people during his years here on earth, with many, many more yet to come. He has that rippling effect. I thank him for touching mine!

    ~ Mike Garr,
  443. Paul Gordon is an icon in the foodservice industry not only for his accomplishments, but for how he accomplished things. His caring and compassionate nature were unparalleled. He sought out new-hires to ease their minds during their first days with GFS, giving us each condifence and the understanding of how different GFS is. He molded and recreated a culture begun over 100 years ago.

    If he told us once he told each of us thousands of times: “This is a people business. Get to know our customers and what they need. Above all listen to the customer.”

    Godspeed and rest easy; you have laid the foundation for what will continue to be built in your honor.

    ~ robert call-chicago sales,
  444. I never personally met Paul but a few things he wrote and said have stuck with me. When he read a passage out of his book of prayers last year during his speech at the OHV division annual meeting it really gave an insight to the man he is. It takes strength and courage to live the christian life outwardly. The other thing that really jerked at my heart was his final letter he wrote to all of us. When he said that though his time here on earth seemed to be uncertain, that we could be assured that his eternity is already taken care of. Praise God, that really put a lump in my throat. As sad as it is for us to be without Paul, i just remember that he went home to be with the Lord. I’m sure that was what he lived for.

    ~ Brandon H. OHV,
  445. My wife and I were some of the very fortunate few to spend a week with Paul and Dottie in Cabo St Lucas Mexico last year. Every time I would thank Paul he would say “No thank you”. But if you knew the man you would not be suprised. He is absolutely the Greatest! Thanks again for the memories Paul!
    Pam and I have you in our prayers.

    ~ Jim Tufts Jr.,
  446. When I remember Paul Gordon, I remember a man who lived for his Lord and shared his beliefs openly. His warmth for others and genuine care for people is legendary. My life is blessed to have known him and his family and to be able to work for a company led by a man with such integrity. My prayers are with his family as they mourn the loss of such a great example for us all.

    ~ Tom Alphenaar,
  447. I feel blessed to know a man like Paul Gordon. Everytime I seen Paul, which was only a handful of times, he had a smile on his face, and was the “life of the crowd”. May we all emulate such a joyous, successful and family oriented person like Paul Gordon.

    ~ Mike Cave,
  448. I first met Paul at the age of 17 after being with GFS for only a few months. Even thought I didn’t understand much about the company, I knew instantly that he was different…he had a glow in his eye and was so warm and positive. From that moment I knew I was working for someone and something very special. He said after introduction “If he’s a good worker, we’ll find a place for him”. Little did I know then it was his promise to me that he never broke. Even at 17, those words struck me very deeply as I really needed an opportunity to feel a part of something better…that I could contribute, learn and provide some sense of value. From that day, I held on and never looked back. He’s still speaking those words to me today - 25 years later.

    His legacy will continue teaching and comforting us all.

    ~ Jon Zimmerlee,
  449. We simply smile when we think of Paul and the blessings he has added to our lives. His humor and love of people are why we call Gordon Food Service home. The culture he not only spoke of but actually lived each day will be with us forever and the legacy he has left will live on in his family.

    ~ Jerry and Teri Mercier,
  450. I had started in the Springfield plant, and I was a new packer at the time and Paul did not hesitate to enter my trailer and give me a hand. I had since transferred to the Shepherdsville plant. On his first visit to Shepherdsville, Ron Maxim stopped to introduce us, but there would be no “new introduction” Paul had already knew who I was.

    Paul was a great person and will dearly be missed. May the Lord welcome you home Paul.

    ~ Gary Shinkle,
  451. Galatians 5 vs 7: The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.
    Paul Gordon lived these words.

    ~ Anonymous,
  452. I remember once Mr. Paul Gordon came in my store when I first started as a sales associate, I walked up to him and asked if I could help him with anything. He smiled and said no, I’m Paul Gordon. He stood there and talked to me for about 15 minutes. I felt like he was just another member of my family. He will be missed dearly.

    ~ Jake Mannon, MP OH,
  453. Just wanted to send my condolences to the Gordon Family and share an experience I had with Paul Gordon. I joined the company 6 years ago and was very excited at joining this company that was growing quickly. In my first couple of weeks of starting with the company I was honoured to have lunch with Paul Gordon and was amazed at what a kind man this was. He was always concerned about the employees and there family. I had never come across a man in that position that truly cared alot about people as Paul did. To this day I try to keep that feeling that he sends out there with people and truly love what the day brings you and enjoy everthing around you. For that reason I have so much respect for him and will always be thankfull for that simple lesson in life. You will be missed Paul but your legend will live on through all of us.

    ~ Michael D. GLE,
  454. I’ve been with GFS for about 3 years and never had the opportunity to meet Paul, I’ve heard a lot about him from people that have. I would just like to add my condolences to the Gordon family.

    ~ Mike M,
  455. The very first time I met Paul Gordon, I was a young “know it all” attending Taylor University with a guy named Dan Gordon. I’ll never forget thinking that he treated me like he had known me all of my life and that he was so genuinely pleased to meet me……..wow. I am grateful to be connected with the Paul Gordon family. It is amazing to think of the people that he has influenced in his life - What a race he has run -

    ~ JMess from Ashland, Ohio,
  456. When Paul would visit Springfield and I would see him walking towards me, I could feel that love and caring that he had for people. My heart would always be happy after a conversation with Paul. What better legacy could you leave than a family that loves God and mankind. I’m striving to one day be in heaven too (not soon) - but I want see Paul and hear him say “Well hi Maxine!”
    God Bless you Gordon family!!

    ~ Maxine Brydie,
  457. Many have heard me say this for over 30 years, “Next to my own family, I love the Gordon’s the most”! Paul and Dottie have been beacons for all of us to really know how to treat people, and how to raise a wonderful family trusting in our Lord.

    ~ Dan and Karen Robertson,
  458. When I came to work for GFS and learned the story of the family and heritage that is this great company I soon relized that Paul Gordon was one of the true reason that made it so wonderful to be a part of GFS. He was a truely insperational figure in my life, a lesson learned from Paul Gordon is that achievements and success are great things to have in ones life, but to achive personal intergrity, generosity and understanding are much greater rewards that one can hold on to

    Thanks Paul, you will be missed

    ~ Ryan Paturalski, Central States,
  459. My husband always described Paul Gordon as a sincere, honest and caring person. One in a million. It always amazed us that he knew everyone’s name when he shook their hand at the annual meetings. The company kept growing and growing and yet, Paul still knew everyone’s name. He truly cared about his employees and he proved that to me with his many personal phone calls and ultimately when he and his wife drove from Grand Rapids to Jackson to attend my husband’s funeral service. I know Tim thanked Paul when he greeted him in heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gordon family.

    ~ Debbie Naylor,
  460. Paul,
    A man who lived what he preached and whose preaching will live on through others. Thank you for being this role model.

    ~ Mark B.,
  461. Paul has touched me in many ways and what a great man of God and he lived his life as a testimony of Jesus Christ livivng in him.I can’t wait to meet him in again in heaven!!!!!! My prayers go out to the Gordon Family as they grieve the loss of a great man!!!!!!!

    ~ Anonymous,
  462. Paul would always greet me with a smile and handshake, I will miss his laughter.

    God opened his arms and said “Well Done my good and Faithful Servant”!!

    May the Lord comfort you in this time of sorrow.

    ~ Beth Wyn,
  463. My favorite thing about Paul Gordon was his approachability. I twice had the chance to talk with him about some work I was doing with my church and in the mission field, and he was so genuinely interested and supportive. Even before he knew why I was coming to see him, he welcomed me into his office and made it seem like he had nothing more important to do than spend a few minutes talking with me. I’ve since left GFS to work in higher education, but I will always remember my time there with fondness, especially when I think about the Gordons in particular. I look forward to seeing what Paul is in charge of and how it is thriving when I join him in Our Father’s Kingdom.

    ~ Dean Thayer (GFS empl. 1998-2005),
  464. The first experience I had with Paul was at our first Annual Meeting and we had just gotten our nametags. Paul introduced himself and we did the same. Everyone went along and the evening was great. One year later we arrived and Paul was around. He came over to us and knew our names. I thought that was so neat that he was able to remember that. It meant a ton to us. Thank you Paul for making a difference in so many ways.

    ~ Anonymous,
  465. My favorite memory of Paul was when he addressed my orientation class and shared some of his memories of the fun, exciting and touching experiences he had as a member of the Gordon Family. He just sat and spoke with us as if we were simply sitting in his living room talking about good times. His warmth, caring and generous spirit were evident that day and are truly evident in his children. While Paul has left this earth, his legacy will live on within his family and the extended Gordon Family. I’m truly proud to work for GFS and am honored to have met Paul.

    ~ Chris Dukes,
  466. Mr. Paul was a wonderful person. I always enjoyed seeing him at meetings and food shows and listening to him tell stories of how GFS became the company it is today. He was a very special person and will remain in our hearts forever. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

    ~ Claudia Beam (Central States),
  467. I met paul the first time in GR taking a break at orientation paul started talking to us in hallway. he was attending a meeting and they were telling lets go, and his response was I will be there when I am done talking. that memory continued many years as paul always was there with a hello and great conversation. thank you

    ~ big jon toledo maumee,
  468. I first met Paul at orientation in GR 4 years ago. My first impression of Paul was of a man of the people. He sat on the edge of a table and spoke to all of us in the orientation like we were all old friends. I thought wow, this man has his name on the front of a building I work in and you’d never guess it was him. No suit. Just a person talking to other people. He’s leaving a legacy of people…….
    I only hope we all can continue to be great steward’s of Paul’s legacy.
    To the Gordon Family, I offer comfort in knowing that Paul is with his Lord and Savior. To Paul I say thank you.

    ~ Terri Hiser - Lima MP Mgr.,
  469. Although I’ve seen Paul many times over my 8 years here, last Summer at the Annual Picnic held in Grand Rapids I took the time, with another co-worker, to sit and talk with him. I think we talked for 30 minutes or so, maybe more, while he ate. We didn’t just talk about work, but anything - he treated us like we were his Granddaughters. When he was done eating, we both walked him back to his car, and like my own Grandfather, he gave me a hug goodbye. I will always remember that moment, because not only was I really impressed with the way he treated me, I was more than an employee in this large company - I was a person who mattered, but it was also the last time I got to see him. Paul made an impact on every life he chose to touch - and it was a lot, and I know for sure that I will miss him.

    ~ Virginia (Grand Rapids),
  470. According to the my church, a saint is one who is sanctified, as it translates in the Authorised King James Version (1611) II Chronicles VI:41

    “Now therefore arise, O LORD God, into thy resting place, thou, and the ark of thy strength: let thy priests, O LORD God, be clothed with salvation, and let thy saints rejoice in goodness.”

    Mr. Gordon was as saintly as anyone I knew and set a wonderful example of how life should be lived. He will be truly missed.

    ~ Tim Butler,
  471. I will always remember the speech he gave at the 2007 Ohio Valley Division’s annual meeting.
    He was such an awsome example to all of us. Life on Earth is short, Eternity is forever.
    He took every opportunity to share his faith boldly, in action and in word.

    I am confident the words: “Well done, my good and faithful servant”
    were spoken to him today.

    ~ Brad House,
  472. Uncle Paul had a way of making any one that he came in contact with, feel very special to him. Whenever I would see him I always got a big hug! He always had a funny comment and that deep throaty laugh of his…I can still hear it! One of a kind. I’ll miss him for now, but we will see him later!

    ~ Suzette (Grand Rapids),
  473. Whenever I think of Paul Gordon it brings a smile to my face. I was lucky enough to be given the honor to go on the people of the year trip with Paul and Dottie. Not only was it an amazing trip, but the experience with Paul was incredible. It was great to see how much he truly cares about a person not just as an employee, but as an individual. The trip included so many different adventures that kept us going from morning to night. I was amazed with Paul’s energy and excitement throughout the entire trip. I believe Paul was 80 years old at the time and sometimes I felt he was moving along faster then I was. Paul and his family should be very proud of the life he lived. He will be missed.

    ~ Amy Mix,
  474. I only met Paul Gordon a few times, but the light that shined out from him impacted everyone in his presence. No thing, situation or disease can ever take his expression away. This is why he remains with us in our hearts. Paul Gordon is a true exemplificatoin of the expression of the Christ.

    ~ Scott Bennett,
  475. Paul Gordon had a way of making anyone feel at ease in his presence. He was a wonderful example of God’s love and grace no matter where he went. He truely lived by the Word. I will always be greatful to him for the beautiful way he displayed the influence of the Holy Spirit in his life, and that I am free to do the same here at GFS. I will miss him a great deal.
    May the family feel the assurance he felt as he went home!

    ~ Theresa Cheyne,
  476. To the Gordon Family and the GFS family - my condolences to all of you. Paul was such an influence on any of us who worked with and for him. He made such a difference in my life by always displaying his care for customers and employees, and his business and personal integrity. If anyone lived his Faith, it was Paul. I have always been touched by the mission trips he took with his grandchildren. What a legacy and example for all of us.

    Thank you God for sharing him with us. We are better people for knowing him.

    ~ Linda Miller,
  477. Year after Year Paul would always remember my family and each of there names, and thank both them and myself for all the effort. A true man of his word and belief, you will be missed but not forgotten, THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING.

    ~ Jeff Dew,
  478. I am personally blessed to work with this amazing company. The Gordon family is just that, family. Your commitment to your faith, the foundation in which you have built Gordon Food Service and the fact that you never wavier from either stands apart. I had the privilege of speaking to Paul a couple of times and also have my picture taken with him dressed like a king at our 2006 FFS in Grand Rapids. Thank you for allowing me to hitch my wagon to yours. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Enjoy eternity with Jesus, Paul. You will be missed.

    ~ Deb Daniels, Grand Rapids, MI,
  479. Though I’m sure he would not admit it, I owe much of my life and successes to Paul Gordon and his family. After all, we are very lucky to be working for such a great organization embodied by the pholosophies and values of the Gordon family. God Bless them and Paul, and thank you

    ~ Mike H. (GLE),
  480. My condolences go out to the entire Gordon Family. I had the honor of meeting Paul at my orientation. I could tell right away he was a wise man with a good sense of humor. I am truly blessed that I had the opportunity to meet him. He will be missed. Blessed Be Paul! May you rise to the heavens and the gods bring you back down.

    ~ Cassandra P (GR, MI),
  481. I met Mr. Gordon 11yrs ago while I was working at Clay Ave. warehouse. It just happened to be my first day when he was going through the warehouse. I was selecting cases in the cooler and he came up and introduced himself and talked with me for 30 minutes. It really impressed me that the owner of the company would take that much time to talk to someone in 35 degrees. 9years later I had the chance to shake his hand at the annual meeting and he still remebers that day. He was an amazing man and he will truly be missed.

    ~ Jim Gustavsen-CAD-Ocala,
  482. My heartfelt prayers go out to you and the entire Gordon family. May he rest in the Peace of Christ, and the peace of Christ rest upon you all, especially during this time of loss.

    ~ Ralph C,
  483. For over 20 years now I always found myself looking forward to seeing Paul at the food shows, and other company gatherings. His “Hi Rick” and warm smile always made me feel a part of the Gordon family. Pauls devotion to serving the customer has, and will always inspire me to do the same.

    ~ Rick Miller Fort Wayne,
  484. Paul was a prime example of the concept of servant leadership.

    I work on the second floor of the 333 building in Grand Rapids. I remember one summer day about five or six years ago. It was mid-afternoon, and I was working at my desk when I heard bells coming down the hallway. Paul Gordon was making the rounds with an old fashioned ice cream vendor’s push cart - complete with bells. Even though we were working in an air conditioned environment, he wanted to make sure that everyone enjoyed some ice cream on a hot summer day.
    That was just one small example of how he treated everyone like they were important. He truly appreciated his employees, and he treated us all like people deserving of common courtesy and respect - not just a nameless, faceless tool to be used up and discarded like so many other businesses today. He led by example, and if we learned anything from him, then we are all better for having known him.

    ~ Bart Johnson,
  485. My wife and I were blessed to have known such a man as Paul. He was a great peron who practiced what he preached. We admired that quality in him. We will never forget the night he and Mrs. Gordon shared our table at the beach party in Florida. He was the life of the party. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family through this time of loss.

    ~ Ray McMillen,
  486. A wonderful person to work for. But even a more wonderful humanitarian. God bless you Paul!! You will be missed.

    ~ Matt Yardley,
  487. To me, Paul was someone who always spoke from the heart. When he would say that the people at GFS were like part of his family, I think that was much more than words.

    ~ Anonymous,
  488. My prayers are with you and the Gordon family. May God bless and keep each and everyone of you is my prayers. The angels in heaven are dancing and singing to have such a great man in their present.

    ~ Betty Cook-Miami Division,
  489. Thank you for your servant leadership, your humble sincerity, and your Christian example to all of us. Your legacy is truly your greatest gift to us all.

    ~ Jay F (GR, MI),